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  • Eye fatigue syndrome (asthenopia)Century rampant computerization not only facilitatedPeople work, but also added an extra line in the list of occupational diseases. Asthenopia - so called in medical jargon visual fatigue, which occurs after prolonged work at the computer. In recent years it began to increase asthenopia downright exponentially. Therefore, there is a reason to look closely at his tired eyes.

    The first over his eyes panicked ladies. They excited the loss of attraction. Indeed, swollen and reddened eyelids, dull and watery eyes can hardly add beauty to women. If in the morning, thoroughly washed and skillfully dyed, spot female eyes razyat all nearby masculine individuals, then in the afternoon, after many hours of work on the computer, they are already fit to hide under the veil.

    Most of business ladies and young ladiesreferentsko-secretarial staff correctly identified the nature of the problem: they tire the eyes. However, the means of struggle, according to the experts, all the same, most choose completely wrong. For some reason, all eyes are beginning to bury all kinds of drops. The more ads that touted the people these drugs. Actually, however, the drop is not only saved from asthenopia, but on the contrary, enhance it. As a result of an eye problem is only getting worse.

    Who manifested asthenopia

    Asthenopia usually appears in women, ashowever, and in men who have a long work on the computer, it is very much to read all kinds of books, brochures or documents. But not only. The second indispensable condition for the occurrence of eyestrain - various abnormalities in vision: hyperopia, myopia, astigmatism, or age-related changes, due to which the eye loses the ability to focus on nearby objects. Typically, these changes begin to occur after 40 years.

    In men, tired of there not less thanin women, but the stronger sex more patient, pay less attention to their appearance, and therefore does not go to the doctors. And for good reason. Because asthenopia - is not yet the disease. This is just a borderline state. However, if asthenopia not pay attention, then based on it may appear a variety of more serious disease. Therefore, there is a reason to tackle this problem and fix it.

    The causes of eyestrain

    Experts have counted five major causes of the harmful effects of computer eye.

    Firstly, the so-called image pixel structure. The computer image is not served in the form of continuous lines as well as microscopic spots. And eye to such figures overreacting.

    Secondly, permanent harm to eyesfeedforward screen glow. The reflected light, which we usually see in the lit room, the eyes look more natural. When light rays from the computer hit straight in the eye, they are harmful to the brain because of fatigue - it is the brain fatigue.

    Third, the computer has a low contrast that our eyes do not like. Because of her eye strain and tire quickly.

    Fourth, the impact on our vision and HRscan. Who at least once I stared at the flashing lamp, noticed, perhaps, as it begins to beat on the nerves. The same effect has and the computer.

    Fifth, vision deteriorates glare on the monitor. They appear as a reflection of other luminous objects.

    These reasons are the main culpritsindestructibility eyestrain. Unfortunately, not all of them are removable. But to do something is still possible to at least mitigate the harmful effects of computer eye. For example, put the monitor so that no objects in it are not reflected as in a mirror. Choose a hue that is not irritating to the eyes. Be sure to adjust the brightness of the screen. So often distracted from work, for example, on the same computer games.

    To suspect asthenopia

    Suspected at asthenopia simple. First you need to analyze their condition after a busy day. If a headache and dizziness, redden the eyes, swollen eyelids, tear accumulates, there is a heaviness and cramps in her eyes, - then there is eye fatigue. Against this background, and can develop complications such as conjunctivitis and blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelids so called).

    By the way, often conjunctivitis playsa fatal role in the fate of computer. If the symptoms of the disease, many believe that they are simply "blown", it was the so-called catarrhal virus into the eye. And begin to be treated drops from the common cold, again, without consulting with doctors, and thus more "planted" tired eyes. And all because few people suggest that the cause of conjunctivitis can be not only in the virus, but in eye fatigue. So be alert. If there are typical signs of the disease - redness, swelling and pus in the eyes - first determine the cause, of course, your doctor. Only he will be able to understand the causes of conjunctivitis.

    If you have symptoms of eyestrain found at -go to an ophthalmologist. Alone or on the advice of friends and no drop of lotion in the eye do not pour, because it still does not help. We need to pick up points. Even if you do not want. And many ladies that just do not want to. Alas - it is necessary. You can be comforted by the fact that they do not necessarily go all day. Only during operation. And yet one consolation - Now you can easily choose a frame, which not only spoil the appearance, but also give it something unique. And, you can pick up lenses instead of glasses - they are also now no shortage.

    Naturally, the doctor will prescribe glasses with a minus orplus, depending on what you are suffering - nearsightedness or farsightedness. There are times when you might need a few points - to see near or far. But again, the problem should be solved only with a doctor.

    School stress

    Eye fatigue syndrome (asthenopia)By the way, ladies, pay attention to theirchildren. It is possible that they have, you will notice the same problem. It turns out, asthenopia often appears in children from school age, and holds it up to 18 years. The reason is easy to guess - the school load is too large. Constant reading and writing incapacitate accommodation. This special unit, which is located inside the eye and helps him to focus on objects up close. Unable to withstand the huge loads, once it is exhausted, and the child appears tired of.

    Most often it occurs in the winter when daylight hours shorten. At the same time, fewer children are walking and lack of vitamins. These factors also influence the occurrence of fatigue.

    The child should also be sure to see a doctor. And that's why. If the doctor finds it has a tendency to myopia, you have to reduce the load - less read, write, sit at the computer or watching television. With hyperopia tendency to the contrary, the load is not reduced. In this case they are even useful. Pay attention to it and remember - not every doctor in the district hospital is aware of the latest achievements of scientific thought.

    But a healthy lifestyle with the obligatory walks and taking vitamins, of course, can be given to all indiscriminately.

    As outrageous visual loadchild is experiencing quite a long time, it is literally a 1-2 class all students, it is desirable to show an ophthalmologist to determine who has a predisposition to eyestrain, and a more lenient schedule of study for him.

    How to prevent eye fatigue

    From the first days of work at the computer, orbooks and documents necessary to begin to take care of your eyes. First prepare the workplace. It should be well-lit. Sit at the table with the maximum comfort you need to posture was relaxed, not tense. Every 30-40 minutes of work to be done at least a 5 minute break. It can be done again for the benefit of the eye. For example, to do special exercises that strengthen the eye muscles. To do this, you need to alternately look up and down, and then side to side. To select the next exercise away some object (a flower pot on a wall, doghouse on the street), place before our eyes at a distance of 15-20 centimeters of your finger so that it is in line with the selected object, and now start looking from , adjoining fingers on a distant object and back. Do these exercises several times. And do not forget about vitamins, especially since winter is coming, and the daylight is reduced.

    Asthenopia can happen to anyone. And in any place, by the way. In the Arctic, where not only the short daylight hours, but in general the whole year almost flies in the night, a huge number of people suffering from asthenopia against the background of short-sightedness. However, southerners are not easier. There ethnic characteristics of people are weak. Doctors do not know for sure why the Caucasus region, most people suffering long-sighted, maybe it has something to do with a genetic predisposition, but the fact remains - a fact that in the South, sorry, written on his face. In general, though for different reasons, but suffer from eye fatigue all - large and small, round and narrow, almond-shaped and slanted - and in all parts of the world.

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