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    The effect of 25th frame "

    Several years ago the media told readers
    the "CIA and KGB secret technique". The gist of it is that, say,
    video every twenty four frames "glued" to an extra frame any text or visual.
    A person watching a movie, suspecting nothing, and the information from the twenty
    Fifth frame is fixed in his subconscious. Then the man
    installs, ie performs an action, and he
    It wonders how it has managed it. Recently, this
    unmasked the effect began to find all the new application - advertising
    purposes for learning foreign languages. We use it for
    of treatment.

    Some children suffer from the disease, which is called amblyopia,
    or lazy eye. Its cause may be astigmatism, nearsightedness
    or farsightedness. It often happens that one eye sees better and
    child reading a book or watching a TV show, the main uses
    way they and the other, as it were unemployed, the eye becomes more
    detrenirovannym. Over time, parents are discovering that a child
    reduced vision, lead him to the eye doctor, but would have no glasses
    picked up, one hundred percent of you can not even get.

    Treatment method

    The main forced treatment, forcing lazy eye
    work and restoring vision in children such training is
    eye images using mesh. However, a child - being
    restless, long time to sit and look at the sheet of cells bored. AND
    videotrenazher we came up with: a cassette children's game console,
    such as "Dandy", an adapter is attached, by which to
    screen every fifty frames for a split second there
    checkered field. Watching the action on the screen, the kid does not pay
    attention to this flickering, but it nevertheless makes it eye
    muscles to work optimally. When myopia effectively
    are red grille, with farsightedness - blue. Through
    Lattice frames of devices you can do less or more vivid.

    Play for myopic
    To combat the progressive myopia, we used another
    interesting effect. Different colors are fixed on the retina
    differently, such as red as it is fifty centimeters
    more than blue. This effect allows you to train the ability of the eye
    to refocus on the near horizon. The child looks at the screen in the center
    which - bright ring the size of a wedding. Background color
    sequentially changes from red to blue, and his eyes automatically
    changing focus, and this gradual change reaches one
    diopters. Usually, we use ten sessions of training, through
    one or two days, then we make a two-week break and look,
    Are counters the effect of treatment is sufficient.

    "The effect of 25th frame" proved to be very useful for programmers,
    adherents of the Internet and generally anyone who works with large quantities
    computer. After hours of sitting in front of the display screen
    there is visual fatigue - asthenopia. It can manifest itself either
    in the form of headaches, or that all eyes before starting
    see double or blurry. And so it turned out that the checkered fields that
    we use to treat, as it is removed in a remarkable way

    our center engineers have developed special programs, which can be
    to use when working with both professional and household
    computers. In this case, it works better blue farsighted
    color, on the myopic - red, as if the vision is normal, cells can
    be black and white. Unloading the twenty-fifth frames are starting to flicker
    on the screen at the end of the day, when your eyes get tired, and allow
    calmly proceed.

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