Ichthyosis, Symptoms and Treatment


  • What is ichthyosis, symptoms and course
  • What is congenital ichthyosis
  • The treatment of ichthyosis

  • What is ichthyosis, symptoms and course

    Ichthyosis - a hereditary disease characterized by generalized violation of skin keratinization.

    The etiology is unknown. There are several clinical forms,
    due to the different groups of mutant genes, the biochemical
    defect which is not completely deciphered. Attaches great importance to
    vitamin A deficiency, endocrinopathies (hypothyroidism
    gland, gonads).

    Average (vulgar) ichthyosis
    - The most common form. Inherited in an autosomal dominant manner (inheritance is passed on to children
    parents with congenital form
    It manifests itself in early childhood and is characterized by dryness of the skin,
    formation of scales on its surface whitish or grayish color
    in severe cases, take the form of brown plates and rough boards,
    dense to the touch. Leather large skin folds and folds remains
    unaffected. On the face peeling is usually negligible, on the palms and
    soles underlined drawing
    skin lines. Sweating is reduced, it is possible nail dystrophy
    plates and hair. Ordinary ichthyosis often combined with atopic
    dermatitis, seborrheic dermatitis, bronchial asthma.

    What is congenital ichthyosis

    Ichthyosis, Symptoms and Treatment
    Congenital ichthyosis is expressed at birth of the child,
    divided into fetal ichthyosis and ichthyosiform erythroderma. ichthyosis
    the fetus is rare, inherited in an autosomal recessive manner (possibly birth
    a sick child from healthy
    develops on the III-V month of pregnancy. At birth, the baby's skin
    covered with thick layers of horn, reminiscent of tortoise shell
    or crocodile skin. Mouth stretched, sedentary, or
    on the contrary, sharply narrowed. Children often preterm and unviable.

    ichthyosiform erythroderma (a group of human diseases manifested mainly inflammatory reaction in all of the skin) the skin at birth
    thin dry film of yellowish, resembling collodion, after
    which revealed persistent rejection of all diffuse hyperemia
    skin (including skin folds) and lamellar desquamation,
    the severity of which is enhanced with age, and erythroderma
    weakens. There are also a variety of congenital bullous
    ichthyosiform erythroderma - epidermolitichesky ichthyosis, characterized
    more severe with the formation of bubbles. In congenital
    ichthyosiform erythroderma possible eye damage (ectropion,
    blepharitis), nail dystrophy, hair and keratosis of palms and soles, lesions
    nervous and endocrine systems. The disease lasts a lifetime.

    The treatment of ichthyosis

    Vitamin A inside drops of 2 to 30 times
    day for repeated long courses Aevitum / m or
    capsules tigazon, B6 and B12 vitamins / m, iron preparations, arsenic,
    tireoidin (under control of the thyroid gland). In severe cases,
    ichthyosiform erythroderma - corticosteroids inside.
    Showing as ultraviolet radiation, sea bathing, bath
    adding borax, soda, starch, sea salt. Outer: fat creams
    addition of vitamin A, 10% cream
    sodium chloride, urea, lard.

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