Vaginismus, Causes and Treatment


  • What is vaginismus
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  • What is vaginismus

    As well as what you sincerely want youable to fulfill. And how terrible the situation is reversed. Especially when it is linked with the most secret desires. With desires sexual intimacy. And imagine the confusion of a young woman when she brings her own body at the crucial moment - in the arms of the man she loved. When the attempt sexual intercourse turns into pain. Terrible. Engrossing.

    This pain is caused by spasmodic contraction of musclespelvic floor and vaginal: its entrance and the bottom third and preventing the introduction into the vagina of the penis. In principle, such a reduction has the character of a protective reflex against various traumatic agents, but as a phenomenon that prevents sexual intercourse - is a disease. This disease gets its name from the Latin word for female genitalia - vaginismus.

    Vaginismus, Causes and Treatment
    Vaginismus phenomenon and not so rare. Approximately 2-5% of women experience them during sexual debut. Vaginismus usually occurs with the onset of sexual activity. Twitch muscles precedes the fear of pain during defloration, but in some cases it occurs suddenly, unexpectedly for a girl at the time of painful defloration. In some cases, vaginismus occurs as a result of violence, rude behavior of the partner when trying defloration. And sometimes vice versa - man enough energetic and insistent, and then the woman subconsciously considers insufficiently courageous partner, and also unconsciously pulls defloration. In addition, the majority of women are marked with a variety of childhood fears (fear of pain, darkness, water, heights, and so on. N.). Fear of pain often becomes obsessive, and is combined with emotional intensity.

    Vaginismus is possible for women of all ages andIt is expressed in very different degrees. In extreme form, the vagina is compressed so much that it is impossible to introduce not only the penis, but even a finger. In a milder form of vaginismus, any attempt to have sexual intercourse, whatever it was tactful, calm and tender, causing pain in the pelvic area. In very mild cases, a woman is able to copulate, but at the cost of discomfort. And in any case, sex seems a woman something of a bogey, or punishment is not quite a normal thing that is very different from the scenes of romance novels. Later, the security, the girl begins to reflect, can not find the real reasons for their behavior, but next time you apply for more than wary. Therefore, fear and panic occur earlier, even more manifest. After that, everything develops in a spiral.

    Causes of vaginismus

    As you know, the main reason for the truevaginismus is in the head. And doctors have long noticed that vaginismus is more common in urban girls from educated families. Here truly: many knowledge - a lot of grief! However, vaginismus is to be distinguished from psevdovaginizma when the pain when you try to introjection, convulsive spasms and defensive reaction of women are secondary, caused by developmental defects, obesity (inflammation of the external female genitals and vaginal mucosa), Adhesive process, and other gynecologicaldiseases that make sexual intercourse painful sharply. In addition, vaginismus is to be distinguished from koitofobii - fear of pain during intercourse, preventing its implementation and is not accompanied by spasmodic contraction of vaginal muscles. But the real vaginismus - a manifestation of psychological problems of women.

    Vaginismus and marriage - is quite compatible things,although usually no defloration heavily experienced by both spouses. So runs the marriage: the wife is not pleased that 3 years ago, allowed herself to show any fear, and my husband continues to keep her virginity, fear of pain. But this situation is no longer vaginismus in a pure form, and called virgogamiey - virgin marriage. In some cases, the partner of women suffering from vaginismus, is completely bewildered, not understanding the reason for the difficulties. he has no idea of ​​the often involuntary muscle spasms and begins to think that he ever something hurts his partner, or that it was "tense" deliberately to avoid intercourse. If he thinks that is causing her pain, it may make it more and more passive in sexual terms. He may be erectile dysfunction, especially if he blames himself for the situation. If he thinks his partner guilty, then after some time, he may lose patience and start to get irritated and look for other partners. Especially deep disappointment vaginismus causes couples wishing to have children, and often that is what causes them to seek medical attention.

    Treatment of vaginismus

    Unfortunately, the percentage uptake specialistsWomen suffering from diseases sekologicheskimi small. This is connected with the lack of sexual literacy of our population, and the fact that the experts in this area is not enough, and false notions that for the cure will take years or surgery. Fortunately, the situation can be corrected in just a few weeks. Doctors in any case is not carried out painful procedures. Only in some cases, surgery may be indicated deflowering at too thick hymen.

    It is best to see a specialist at the firstsymptoms of vaginismus. Vaginismus may be suspected if a woman has difficulties with the use of tampons or the introduction of the diaphragm, but in order to make a diagnosis of this disorder, it is necessary to conduct a thorough examination. Unfortunately, not all doctors are qualified to identify the sexual problems, and sometimes the woman say, "everything is fine", she undoubtedly suffered from vaginismus. But a good specialist immediately identify the problem and prescribe treatment, which is to solve the psychological problems, psychoanalysis, with the selection of poses during intercourse, the gradual reduction of hyperalgesia and psychological readiness. But when the disease is eliminated, along with it takes place and neurosis, and the complex of inferiority of women. And this leads to a radical change in my life!

    Prognosis is usually favorable, besides,Most women with sexual arousal disorder occurs quite easily, or just easy. Vaginal Moisturizing occurs normally, foreplay can be enjoyable and give satisfaction, ability to orgasm is usually preserved.

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