Uneasy questions for the beautiful half of humanity


  • Can this be avoided?

  • WUneasy questions for the beautiful half of humanityDo you now what:
    • Every sixth woman refuses intimacy because of vaginal discharge and odor?1
    • Every third woman at least once in a life turned to the doctor with pelvic inflammatory disease?2
    • One in five pregnancies ends miscarriage?3

    One reason for all these troubles and complications can be vaginal dysbiosis, which begins with a subtle discharge with an unpleasant odor.

    The vaginal dysbiosis, or as they call itstate-gynecologists, bacterial vaginosis - a violation of the microflora of the vagina, a condition in which the conditionally pathogenic flora normally present in the genital tract of women in the minimum amount starts to actively proliferate.

    Uneasy questions for the beautiful half of humanityOne of the most common causes isthe use of intravaginal antimicrobial agents (suppositories, tablets), which not only kill the pathogenic flora, but also have a detrimental effect on beneficial lactobacilli.

    Other causes of vaginal dysbiosis2,4,5:

    • hormonal changes during puberty, abortion, childbirth, disorders of menstrual function;
    • decreased immunity;
    • Climate change, acute and chronic stress;
    • use of oral contraceptives, intrauterine devices;
    • frequent and excessive vaginal douching, use of hygiene antibacterial soaps, antiseptic solutions;
    • the use of spermicides (substances that kill sperm - are part of the contraceptive suppositories and vaginal tablets), menstrual tampons;
    • intestinal dysbiosis.

    Can this be avoided?

    Uneasy questions for the beautiful half of humanityToday everyone knows that after the courseAntibiotics need to take drugs to restore the intestinal microflora. But not many people know that after the treatment of diseases of female genital sphere antimicrobial candles or tablets are also necessary remedial measures.

    The acidic vaginal environment - this is a natural factor protecting women's health! The acidic environment promotes the growth of normal lactoflora and prevents the growth of a variety of opportunistic bacteria that can get into the female genital organs from the intestines.
    When the acidic environment changes to alkaline, usefulLactobacilli are killed, and in an alkaline medium begins to actively grow and multiply conditionally pathogenic flora. As a result, the woman faces a lot of unpleasant symptoms: discharge, odor, discomfort, a burning sensation.
    In this situation, gynecologists often recommendcandles and tablets with antimicrobial action, that kill harmful bacteria, but the environment in the vagina is still alkaline. In an alkaline environment again begin to grow and develop opportunistic bacteria. The result - the return of symptoms within a short period of time.

    Uneasy questions for the beautiful half of humanityvaginal dysbiosis be able to cause quite serious female ailments4: It is a small organ inflammatory diseasespelvis, endometritis, chronic pelvic pain syndrome, sexual dysfunction, and during pregnancy, spontaneous miscarriage, preterm delivery, intrauterine infection of the fetus and others.

    Therefore it is important to remember that the use of only antimicrobial suppositories and tablets only for a while6 relieve symptoms of dysbiosis, but will not affect the cause of the problem - an alkaline vaginal environment.

    To avoid unpleasant symptoms return,you need to take care of their own breeding of lactic acid bacteria - that is, to make an acidic environment. This acidic environment of the vagina - is a natural mechanism to protect women from harmful bacteria. In the days of our grandmothers, many women, when faced with a similar problem, use a slice of lemon.

    Fortunately, today there is a faster and more convenient, and most importantly - a modern way to restore a normal acidic vaginal environment - this is a drug "Vaginorm-S".

    Uneasy questions for the beautiful half of humanity

    Uneasy questions for the beautiful half of humanity"Vaginorm-S" It can be used after each course of antimicrobial vaginal suppositories.

    Today "Vaginorm-S":

    • It restores the natural acidic environment of the vagina.
    • It has no analogues in the Russian market.
    • Prolonged action during the day.
    • It contributes to the preservation of the normal vaginal flora.
    • Approved for pregnant women and nursing mothers.

    Uneasy questions for the beautiful half of humanityConvenient tablet inserted deep into the vagina 1 time a day at bedtime, just 6 days. As a result of drug treatment "Vaginorm-S" acidic environment is restored and normal vaginal flora, which reduces the risk of unpleasant symptoms return and retains women's health.

    The diagnosis of "dysbiosis vagina" can put a gynecologist, so you need to consult with a specialist.


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    There are contraindications. It is necessary to consult with a specialist.

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