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  • Can I avoid this?

  • ZNon-easy questions for the beautiful half of humanityDo you need:
    • Each sixth woman refuses intimate proximity due to vaginal discharge and unpleasant odor?one
    • Each third woman at least once in his life appealed to the doctor with inflammatory diseases of female genital organs?2
    • Each fifth pregnancy ends with spontaneous miscarriage?3

    One of the reasons for all these troubles and complications may be vaginal dysbioma, which begins with unauthorized discharge with an unpleasant odor.

    Vaginal dysbiosis, or as it is called this condition of gynecologists, bacterial vaginosis - this is a violation of the vaginal microflora, a condition in which a conditional pathogenic flora, usually present in the genital woman in a minimum amount, begins to actively multiply.

    Non-easy questions for the beautiful half of humanityOne of the most frequent reasons is the use of intravaginal antimicrobial means (candles, tablets), which not only kill the pathogenic flora, but also actual on useful lactobacillics.

    Other causes of vaginal dysbiosis2,4,5:

    • hormonal changes in sex ripening, after abortion, delivery, with impairment of menstrual function;
    • decrease in immunity;
    • climate change, acute and chronic stress;
    • the use of oral contraceptives, intrauterine spirals;
    • frequent and excessive vaginal sinking, use for hygiene of antibacterial soap, antiseptic solutions;
    • Application of spermicides (substances that kill spermatozoa — included in contraceptive candles and vaginal tablets), menstrual tampons;
    • Intestinal dysbiosis.

    Can I avoid this?

    Non-easy questions for the beautiful half of humanityToday, everyone knows that after the course of antibiotics it is necessary to take preparations for the restoration of intestinal microflora of the body. But not many know that after the treatment of female sexual areas, antimicrobial candles or tablets also need restoration measures.

    Sour vaginal medium – This is a natural female health factor! An acidic environment contributes to the growth of normal lactoflora and prevents the reproduction of various conditionally pathogenic bacteria that can fall into the female genital organs from the intestine.
    When the acidic medium changes to alkaline, useful lactobacilli die, and in an alkaline medium begins to actively grow and multiply a conditionally pathogenic flora. As a result, a woman faces a mass of unpleasant symptoms: highlighting, unpleasant smell, discomfort, burning.
    In this situation, gynecologists most often recommend candles and tablets with antimicrobial effects that destroy harmful bacteria, but the medium in the vagina still remains alkaline. And in the alkaline medium, conditionally pathogenic bacteria begin to grow and develop. Result – Returning all the symptoms after a short period of time.

    Non-easy questions for the beautiful half of humanityDysbiosis Vagina is able to be the cause of sufficiently serious female ailments4: These are inflammatory diseases of the organs of the small pelvis, endometritis, chronic pelvic pain syndrome, violations of the sexual function, and during pregnancy, spontaneous miscarriage, premature birth, intrauterine fetal infection, etc.

    Therefore, it is important to remember that the use of only antimicrobial candles and tablets only for a while6 will save from the symptoms of dysbiosis, but will not affect the cause of problems – Alkali vaginal medium.

    To avoid returning unpleasant symptoms, it is necessary to take care of the reproduction of own lactobacilli – that is, make an acidic environment. It is the acidic medium of the vagina – This is a natural mechanism that protects a woman from pathogenic bacteria. At the time of our grandmothers, many women, facing a similar problem, used lemon slices.

    Fortunately, today there is faster and convenient, and most importantly – Modern way to restore a normal acid vaginal environment – This is a medicinal preparation «Vaginorm-S».

    Non-easy questions for the beautiful half of humanity

    Non-easy questions for the beautiful half of humanity«Vaginorm-S» can be applied after each course of antimicrobial vaginal candles.

    To date «Vaginorm-S»:

    • Restores the natural acid medium in the vagina.
    • Has no analogues on the Russian market.
    • Provides prolonged action during the day.
    • Contributes to the preservation of a normal vaginal flora.
    • Allowed pregnant women and nursing mothers.

    Non-easy questions for the beautiful half of humanityComfortable tablets are introduced deep into the vagina 1 time per day before bedtime, only 6 days in a row. As a result of treatment with drug «Vaginorm-S» Restores the acidic medium and the normal microflora of the vagina, which reduces the risk of returning unpleasant symptoms and retains women's health.

    Diagnosis «Vaginal dysbiosis» can put a gynecologist, so you need to consult with a specialist.


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    There are contraindications. You must consult with a specialist.

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