Medicine for the liver


Medicine for the liver
Hepatoprotectors - drugs that help treat and
repair damaged liver. By means of such drugs
It applies to cases of violation of the liver, hepatitis (viral, alcoholic
or toxic) or liver failure as a result of taking certain medications.
Action antitumor, anti-tuberculosis, analgesics, contraceptives
and broad-spectrum antibiotics have a negative impact on the state of the liver.
The liver refers to the vital organs, so it's extremely important to follow
for its normal functioning. Hepatoprotectors help the liver
to deal with congestion and successfully act as its prevention

The negative effect on the liver has an excessive
fatty foods, alcohol, failure to comply with personal hygiene, poor environment
and overweight. On the heavy workload of the liver speak of pain in the right upper quadrant,
some fever, bitter taste in the mouth yellowing of the sclera and the deterioration
complexion, yellow plaque in the mouth. Heaviness in the right side, rashes on
face and dandruff can also indicate problems with the liver. If you find
at these symptoms, consult a hepatologist. Speaking about
Hepatoprotectors, mention must be made of:

  • amino acid derivatives;
  • phospholipids;
  • animal drugs;
  • preparations of plant origin;
  • dietary supplements;
  • bile acids;
  • homeopathic remedies.


Let us examine the characteristics of different types of drugs,
normalizes the liver:

  1. Amino acids help to restore
    liver active substances by synthesis (including phospholipids).
    Representatives of this group are Geptral, Geptor and Hepa-Merz. Geptral and
    Geptor performed well in the treatment of fatty liver, chronic and
    toxic hepatitis. These drugs are effective at an intravenous infusion. Means
    Hepa-Merz provides short-term elimination of hepatic coma.
  2. Action based phospholipids,
    according to the instructions on the penetration into the lipid layer of damaged cells and
    normalization of their activity. These funds are aimed at reducing energy
    liver costs. Studies conducted with phospholipids, have different
    results, so their intake should be agreed with the hepatologist.
  3. Medicine for the liverFor drugs of animal origin
    include Syrepar and Hepatosan. They are widely used in the treatment of cirrhosis of the liver, hepatitis and fatty liver. Hepatosan made from liver
    pigs, and the basis is Syrepar liver hydrolyzate cattle.
  4. hepatoprotectors plant
    Origin protect the liver from damage and contribute to the development of new
    healthy cells. The basis of herbal preparations, is typically
    thistle (milk thistle) or artichoke. The representatives of this group include
    Legalon, Kars, Hofitol.
  5. Among the dietary supplements
    should be allocated Gepatotronzit, Gepatrin, Ovesol Milo and 10. The action of dietary supplements
    It helps cleanse the liver and reduce toxicity. often, biologically
    Supplements have choleretic influence and acts as a source
  6. The use of bile acid - ursodeoxycholic acid - therapy practiced in the liver and biliary tract. These
    acid possess choleretic effect and lower the level of cholesterol in the bile.
    They influence immunological reactions in the liver.
  7. Homeopathic remedies are chosen
    homeopath and accepted for a long time. For drugs that
    groups are Hepel and Galstena. They have a supporting effect on the

hepatic, like other drugs, requires approval
with the doctor-hepatologist.

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