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  • What is a food allergy
  • Emergency treatment of food allergies in adults

  • alimentary allergyFood allergies - one of the most common diseases of our time.
    The worst factor is that its mechanisms and causes of formation
    We are still not fully understood. However, the picture is quite typical
    food allergies, especially in situations when you need emergency assistance.
    We'll talk more about how
    It looks like a food allergy.

    What is a food allergy

    Such manifestations of food allergy as a rash or itching deliver a lot of unpleasant moments, but still
    They are relatively safe for life and often do not even require
    symptomatic treatment. Do not lose sight of your state of health in
    If skin symptoms has been steadily growing, because they can be replaced and
    more dangerous conditions.

    there are three
    situations which require quick response and treatment of food allergies in adults and children,
    immediate challenge physicians and possible provision of support activities
    on its own - it is angioedema, bronchial asthma attack and anaphylactic

    Learn angioedema is not difficult. This asymmetrical soft tissue swelling
    face and neck, rarely - upper extremities, sometimes with symptoms of hives on the skin.
    As a result, the person "swims", which in itself is not dangerous. However, if the edema
    Angioedema appears rattling, wheezing
    breathing or coughing, then we are talking about the compression of the swollen throat
    tissue that carries a risk of a complete overlap of the respiratory tract. So
    how to provide assistance at the stage of complete obstruction is difficult even to physicians, the start time
    Action is of paramount importance.

    shock outwardly looks like
    food allergy, but rather as all other known shocks and
    recognize its allergic nature is often difficult. Hint can give the use of
    obviously allergic food immediately prior to the event, pairing
    status with other allergic symptoms - angioedema, urticaria,
    asthma attacks. The essence of the shock is a sudden drop in pressure,
    accompanied by disturbances of cardiac activity (from the fast surface
    "Filamentous" pulse to severe
    arrhythmia), loss of consciousness, respiratory depression secondary. Algorithm
    assistance for all kinds of shock is similar, but it is important and correct the root cause of it.

    The attack of bronchial
    Asthma is characterized by a no less vivid manifestations - is wheezing on
    expiratory chest meow like a cat and it is audible even at a distance, the patient
    sits tilted forward and the whole body is trying to alleviate shortness of breath,
    may develop cyanosis of the lips.

    treatment of food allergies in adults

    What is a food allergy

    • The first and decisive action
      emergency care in the treatment of
      food allergies in adults should be the removal of allergens and
      reduction of its content in the body. To cause an artificial vomiting is not necessary,
      If the person is unconscious or with severe breathing difficulties, but it should be
      give plenty of water
    • The second step should be to stop
      the release of histamine by the introduction of the antihistamine, suit
      any of the antihistamine diphenhydramine to last generations
    • If angioedema would not be harmful
      know and think of the basics procedure notched section of the larynx - konikotomii,
      which is held as a desperation measure with full overlapping of the respiratory
    • If anaphylactic shock, which
      is relatively rare with food allergies should be given to the patient
      horizontal position with his head and raised his feet to
      improve the blood supply to the brain, to fix the head and neck in the event of
      cramps, turn your head to the side and follow the airway to
      arrival of ambulance crews
    • Asthma attacks
      alone is almost impossible to stop without a special
      drugs - aminophylline, beroduala, any inhalers, which have suffered
      probably uses. It is necessary to examine his bag if he is unable to
      to get medication because of asthma attack is likely not the first
      in life
    • For all allergic conditions
      nature can provide invaluable assistance to the introduction of half a milliliter of solution
      adrenaline, subcutaneously, intramuscularly, or sublingually.

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