If you have a rash ...


  • Hives
  • How to ease the condition

  • Hives

    Hives is a rash on the large
    skin. They spread from one area to another without breaking
    general state of health. It is convex, reddish and causing a feeling
    itching education, which remain on the skin less than a day (more often they
    tested a few hours). However, blisters usually appear again
    in other places.

    They arise from the release of histamine.
    Histamine - chemical which enters the tissue of
    blood vessels under the skin, and accumulated.

    It can be acute (short-term rash) or chronic (rash
    It passes in a few weeks, and sometimes people are affected by it over the years)
    character. Any person may receive this disorder. Often
    urticaria is seen in several members of one family. More likely
    the appearance of hives in people who are predisposed to allergies, to
    occurrence of hay fever, allergic reactions to dust and

    If you have a rash ...
    Acute urticaria usually develop
    It is an allergic reaction to what you eat or what
    touch. Artificial substances added to food for flavor,
    dyes and preservatives, for example, are the most frequent causes
    occurrence of a rash hives. Hives may occur after
    bee stings. This is also acute reactions that take place in a few

    In some people, the hands covered with blisters, when they
    touch to certain products - such as tomatoes and certain
    Variety meat. It is noteworthy that these people can often eat these foods
    without any consequences.

    It is associated with "nerves" or stressful situations. Often
    We have to observe students with urticaria during graduation

    Other serious
    causes of hives
    include: viral and diseases such as lupus, drugs -
    antibiotics and aspirin, sunlight, heat, cold, pressure
    (For example, the pressure from the seat back or belt taut), physical
    exercise and sweat. But, in reality, it turns out that the hives
    may arise from anything.

    Causes of acute urticaria reactions are very clear.
    You ate strawberries and soon covered with a rash. Chronic cases
    hives seem to be more mysterious. But they rarely causes
    remain unsolved by experienced specialists. Fortunately, both types
    urticaria susceptible to various treatments.

    How to ease the condition

    Use cold.
    When the skin appears profuse rash, can prevent the development of
    red blisters, take a cold shower. But it should be just
    cold shower. Hot water stimulates the formation of histamine, and under its
    the influence you can happen very rapid spread of the large

    Go to the pharmacy. Urticaria and histamine go hand in hand.

    Therefore, to eliminate these red blisters justified use
    inside antihistamines, such as Benadryl or
    chloro-trimeton. But if you are concerned with the appearance of sleepiness
    the use of these drugs, consult a dermatologist so that he
    I wrote you such drugs, which will not have a similar
    side effects - and gismanal seldan. Use drugs
    dispensed by prescription only in chronic urticaria.

    Sometimes it is better to sleep at a time until you have marked symptoms. AT
    this way you can take the usual antigisgamin-WIDE drugs
    before bedtime. They will help you fall asleep and may save you from morning

    When the rash is associated with stress, are often prescribed dokspepin. it
    agent is a combination of antihistamine and
    antidepressant medications and helps to achieve remarkable
    results in the treatment of scars and at the same time relax.

    Do not eat and do not touch that causes a rash. If
    you notice that after consuming any food or use
    any products you have a rash, try not to deal with them
    case. If this malicious agent remains unknown to you, then
    Use the following tips. Avoid drinks and
    with plenty of food supplements. Avoid staying in
    dusty places (places and insect habitats). discontinue use
    chemicals which can cause allergic reactions to
    skin side. Possible allergens include: cosmetics,
    colognes, shampoos and soaps. You can try them once and see
    if they cause urticaria.

    Handle with clothes. Protect
    themselves from the actions of chemicals contained in clothing fabrics.
    Before you put on new things, wash them. In addition, try to
    use a soft, odorless detergents and stop
    use special means for drying clothes in the closet.

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