Immunity and nutrition


  • Garlic
  • Carrot
  • Yogurt
  • oysters

  • These products contribute to activation of protective forces of immune
    system and to strengthen it, so the body copes better and faster


    Garlic contains allicin, and ahoin
    thiosulfates - three powerful compounds that help protect the body from
    infection and deal with it. The action of these substances is so strong that the raw
    garlic juice performance can be compared with Neosporin, which perfectly
    disinfect small wounds. As a topical antibacterial
    means garlic performance surpasses even such well-known creams as
    tinaktin other antifungal agents (for example, in the treatment of fungal
    Foot diseases). There is evidence that the consumption of garlic in
    large numbers in the early stages of colds help
    juiceImmunity and nutritionratit time course of the disease and reduce its symptoms.

    How to use: add
    some garlic in spaghetti sauce or stew. Try to incorporate garlic into
    daily menu, every week, eat a few cloves of garlic, but not
    overboard - because garlic has a strong specific smell. Important
    remember that in the crushed garlic healthier state (and has a stronger


    Carrots contain a huge
    the amount of beta-carotene - the strongest of phytonutrients, which stimulates the production of
    immune system natural killer cells, which fight infection, and
    cytotoxic T-lymphocytes.
    These healthy cells, "attack" on a bacteria-carriers of the disease and destroy

    Furthermore, as carrots
    It contains falkarinol - super-compound, which is considered to be very promising
    treatment of cancer. Scientists of the Faculty of Agriculture and Agricultural
    of Newcastle University have recently discovered that rats, which during
    some time fed raw carrots, three times less exposed
    danger of colorectal cancer. So the next time
    go to the store, do not forget to include in the list of mandatory purchases
    carrot. Then you never have to wait for their turn at the doctor's office -
    you will have no reason to visit the clinic.

    How to use: to
    make the most of the beneficial properties of carrot, e need to eat raw.
    Cooked carrots (boiled or fried) is also useful for health,
    but it lost during the heat treatment beta carotene and some of
    falkarinola. How many carrots should be eaten to feel the tangible
    improve health? Well, replace cookies and fast food that you normally
    eat between meals, carrots. Try to eat in a day
    less cup grated carrots.


    Can eating live bacteria
    be beneficial to health? Nevertheless, it is. Our body needs
    certain microorganisms, which ensure proper operation. Acidophilic lactobacilli
    - One example of beneficial microorganisms, in which the body needs. These
    bacteria stimulates the production of lactic acid, improves digestion and
    accelerating the decomposition of complex compounds into useful substances.Immunity and nutrition

    Without acidophilus lactic acid and
    some other "good" bacteria our bodies would
    unable to absorb many of the nutrients that would inevitably lead to frustration
    immune system. Additionally, acidophilus actively struggling with
    pathogens such as salmonella and shigella bacteria
    (Causative agent of dysentery). They help in the treatment of various types of dysentery and
    even certain viral infections.

    Other useful micro-organisms -
    dairy bifidobacteria - strengthens the immune system and stimulate its reactions in
    old people. New Zealand scientists have found that people's blood regularly
    taking these bacteria contain more of immune T-lymphocytes,
    helper cells (helper cells) and natural killer cells that fight
    bad bacteria in the body.

    How to use: yogurt
    with live bacterial cultures - a fantastic source of acidophilus
    Bifidobacterium bacteria and milk. Try to eat yogurt every day, it is desirable
    choose low-calorie yogurt with a little sugar (fruit and vanilla
    Yogurt is too high in calories). A standard serving of yoghurt should not exceed
    one cup. When buying yogurt carefully read the information on the packaging,
    to ensure that the product does contain live microorganisms
    particularly acidophilus.


    Oysters are not only useful for
    stimulation of libido and sexual function. These gelatinous mollusks - the richest
    source of zinc, one of the best-known stimulant of the immune system. Zinc
    It promotes the growth of white blood cells and other antibodies which makes them
    more aggressive and better prepared to counter the infection. Zinc
    vital to the functioning of cells and also stimulates
    I work about 100 different enzymes responsible for the chemical reaction in

    Even if these arguments will not make
    you take by mouth slippery molluscs, know that zinc is also directly
    It prevents the growth of bacteria and viruses in the body, poisoning or pathogenic
    microorganisms or stimulating an immune response in the area dissemination

    Even a small zinc deficiency
    can suppress immune system function. Strong zinc deficiency can lead
    to the complete failure of the immune system, so if you've never
    ever tasted oysters, it's time to start.

    How to use: one
    serving of oysters (about six medium-sized oysters) contains about 76 milligrams
    zinc. According to doctors, the daily requirement for zinc is 15 - 25 grams, but if
    approximation feel cold, feel free to lean on oysters. consumption of all
    few oysters a week can dramatically increase the level of zinc content. But
    Be careful: too high content of zinc can be toxic.
    An excess of this element slows the absorption of iron and copper, which may cause
    anemia. So before you go sharply to the oysters, consult

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