Cerebral palsy


  • Symptoms of cerebral paralysis
  • Causes of children's cerebral paralysis
  • Treatment of cerebral paralysis

  • Over time, cerebral palsy does not exacerbate because it is not progressive
    disease. Although muscles are amazed at children's cerebral paralysis, by no means
    muscles and no nerves cause this disease.

    Cerebral paralysis is usually caused by the defeat or injury of the head
    brain controlling muscle movement, to childbirth, during childbirth or
    Immediately after them, research has proven,
    that the natives of Asia, in particular, southern India and Sri Lanka, especially prone to cerebral palsy.
    High level of pigment of melanin in the skin contributes to the generation of genes,
    Accelerating the beginning of the disease. Learn about the symptoms, possible reasons and
    methods of treating cerebral palsy.

    Symptoms of cerebral paralysis

    Cerebral paralysis is usually easy to diagnose early at an early age,
    when the child has not yet been fulfilled and three years. In particularly severe cases
    The disease can be diagnosed in infancy (up to 3 months).
    Symptoms and manifestations of cerebral palsy.

    However, you can allocate a series of typical
    Symptoms of this disease:

    • Ataxia - work coordination disorder
      muscles when performing elementary movementsCerebral palsy
    • Muscular spasticity - spasm or
      Tension muscles and overpriced reflexes
    • Advancing when walking not on the whole stop, but on
    • Lacking legs
    • Inability to preserve balance
    • Uneven, staggering gait
    • Too tense or relaxed
      Tone muscle
    • Some children have a centers develop due
      suffered at the early age of the infectious disease of the brain, for example,
      Bacterial meningitis.
    • In children with congenital cerebral palsy in severe unopened
      posture, their body is too relaxed or, on the contrary, intensively. Curvature
      spine, undeveloped lower jaw, small head and pr. - here
      Congenital defects associated with this disease.
    • These symptoms as children are growing
      reinforce or stay unchanged.
    • Diseases and disorders like spasms,
      cramps, epilepsy, speech disorders, sensory
      disorders, delay in mental development, intact, etc., same
      called secondary symptoms, very common.
    • Child cerebral
      Paralysis also arises as a result of the brain or strongest
      Psychological trauma.

    Causes of children's cerebral paralysis

    Accurate cause of cerebral cerebral
    paralysis has not yet been established, and although doctors discuss this issue throughout
    several decades, to a certain conclusion they did not come. This defect
    It is customary to bind not with one single disease, but with a whole near

    The most common causes of cerebral paralysis:

    • The likelihood of cerebral palsy
      premature babies are much higher than full-fledged.
    • This disease is especially subject to
      Children, during childbirth, asphyxia or having generic injury.
    • If after birth, the child will not shout in
      the course of the first five minutes of life or if it remains in the incubator for four
      and more weeks, or if hemorrhage in the brain happened, probability
      Increased infection increases, and therefore rises and the risk of cerebral palsy.
    • Twins or triples have low weight when
      Birth, which makes them vulnerable to the development of cerebral palsy.
    • Certain type infection can pass
      from mother child during and after delivery, which can also lead to cerebral palsy.
    • The probability of a cerebral palsy increases in
      The time of delivery in the pelvic preservation of the fetus, as a result of the use of analgesics
      or breaking the airborne membrane (this can lead to infection).
    • The likelihood of cerebral palsy in children,
      Moved to the cranial injury, meningitis or blood hemorrhage.
    • Accurate cause of cerebral palsy in each
      Specifable case it is impossible to install.


    cerebral Paralych

    Unfortunately, it is impossible to completely
    cure, but therapy will improve the child's condition. Treatment
    Palsy is carried out primarily by training physical and mental
    functions to reduce the severity of the neurological defect. For
    Improvements of muscle function use physiotherapy and labor therapy. Treatment
    In the early stages of the disease, it helps to partially overcome development defects,
    Helps learn how to perform the necessary actions and tasks. With proper treatment
    PRS Child can learn to lead almost normal life.

    Here are the possible options
    Treatment of children's cerebral paralysis:

    • Speech therapy (Classes from the speech therapist) - helps
      learn how to manage the muscles in the mouth, cope with problems with chewing
      food and articulation of sounds.
    • Physiotherapy and labor therapy - helps
      Maximize the functions of the body and take individual restrictions imposed
      the disease so that in the further patient could lead more or less independent
      a life.
    • Medicinal treatment helps
      Control convulsions, remove muscle spasms and pain
    • Use of orthopedic devices,
      For example, bracket
    • Use of wheelchairs
    • Surgical intervention
      Correction of anatomical deformations and relaxation of tense muscles
    • Use of communications tools,
      For example, computers and speech synthesizers.

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