Symptoms of food allergies in adults


  • Food and drug allergy - Symptoms
  • Food allergies - medication cross-reaction

  • Symptoms of food allergies in adults

    Food and drug allergies in adults differs for reasons
    the development of such children. If the latter often allergic to milk proteins
    products and eggs, with a great chance to get rid of these reactions as
    growing up and maturing intestinal tissue and the immune system, the symptoms of food allergy in adults often stay with the person for life in the absence of specific treatment.

    Rare monoallergiya, that is an allergy to a single food
    product. In most cases, due to the similarity of many natural antigens
    develop an allergic reaction to several kinds of products, as well as
    crosswise - on certain medications and pollen of flowering

    Food and drug allergy - Symptoms

    Symptoms of food and drug allergies, and similar often appear in the form:

    • Skin changes - rash, urticaria
      (Which is a swelling of the surface layer of the skin), pruritus, scaly
      elements, eczema
    • Changes subcutaneous fat
      - Swelling on the type of angioedema
    • Changes of the respiratory system -
      cough, bronchospasm, bronchial asthma attack, laryngitis
    • Changes in the cardiovascular system
      - anaphylactic shock
    • Changes of internal organs -
      dyspepsia, intestinal mucosa edema, nephropathy

    Note that drugs injected directly into the blood
    channel, can cause the immediate allergic reaction "at the tip of the needle," in
    whereas the received response to the food may be considerably delayed or even
    develop in waves with the increase in the severity of the symptoms of food allergy in adults. At the same time
    It is a phenomenon of sensitization. It consists in the fact that during the initial introduction of
    drug allergic reactions can not be, but there is sensitization
    to him - produced readiness to respond rapidly to the next administration.

    allergies - medication cross-reaction

    Symptoms of food allergies in adultsSome
    medical supplies drugs can cause yourself
    allergic reactions, does not correlate in any way with food. how
    Typically, the drug is a non-prescription and are in wide
    use - the means of temperature and pain, and even antibiotics often
    appointed by the patient themselves, a variety of
    ointments, medicines based on natural herbal ingredients. At the dentist
    you may encounter with allergies to common anesthetics - lidocaine,
    procaine, articaine. High Allergenic medicines have made
    based on human or animal proteins - albumin, which is used for the purpose of
    correction protein of blood plasma and is used in intensive care units,
    blood products - packed red blood cells, plasma, platelet slurry. Therefore
    , if there is food
    allergies - medication should be of protein nature of Woody with caution.

    When a food allergy to proteins
    milk and eggs should be aware that cross-reaction is allergic to
    common nowadays drug
    anesthetic - propofol, which is often used as in full
    surgical procedures, and in a short outpatient curettage
    uterus, bronchoscopy, colonoscopy and other invasive studies.

    response to the first use of penicillin is usually explained by the presence of
    sensitization with the use of products containing small amounts of it. If allergy to penicillin are excluded from
    use of drugs and cephalosporin.

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