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  • Who bite mosquitoes
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  • Who bite mosquitoes

    Means of combating mosquitoes at homeNeither doctors nor scientists for sure do not certainly know why some people mosquitoes do not bite at all, and on others they fly down the buzz. There are only a few assumptions the theory about what the cause of the appetizing of individual representatives of human clan for mosquitoes.

    • Information scientifically not proven, but people with a third group of blood, according to observations, bite more often.
    • They say that «bad blood» attracts bloodsowing insects. This is, of course, some disease. Mosquitoes react to heat and fly on it. Choosing a part of the body for a bite, they, if there is a choice, will prefer more warm. Since the body sends more blood to the sick organ, the place where it is located, has a higher temperature.
    • Comers have the sense of smell, and more attractive for them people with high secretion of sweat and sebaceous glands. Although why mosquitoes like some children like some children who lose little and almost do not smell, still remains a mystery.
    • Like any insects, mosquitoes fly to light. As a man in the dark sees bad, he highly illuminates the space around himself. The result is predictable.

    Means of combating mosquitoes at home

    Mosquito Community - FumigatorsFumigators. The shelves of the supermarket of the supermarket today are broken from all sorts of money, scaring mosquitoes. These are electrofumors — Liquid and with plates, and flue spirals, and even ultrasound dischargers. It would seem that the easiest way to combat mosquitoes — weighing exactly. However, when used, it is necessary to comply with certain security measures. The room should be rather big on the area and ventilate well. It happens that on some aggressive components you may be allergic, then from the fumigators will have to refuse.

    In addition to fumigators, there are beautiful colorful candles that scare insects. They smell nice, look tempting. The only minus them — The need to use candlesticks — For sustainability, especially if there are small children and animals in the house.

    If you are a supporter of only natural mosquito scareware, on your side essential oils and herbs. Essential oils can be used in two ways. First, lit the aromalamp — And smells are pleasant, and mosquitoes will fly off you by the side. Secondly, you can make an essential alcohol mixture and spray the curtains. One spraying should be enough for the whole night. For spraying on a liter of water, you need to take 50 ml of vodka (or 30–40% alcohol) and 15–20 drops of essential oil. Mosquitoes do not like smells of wormwood oils, pies, tea tree, campaign oil, sage, citronella, lemon and lemon wood. The herbs are good lavender, basil and eucalyptus. Basil can be grown in pots on the windowsill, and all three herbs in a dry form are well stored in a rag bags in the headboard.

    Mosquito attracts light, so your illuminated window is at night — Light for them: «There is food here!». If you keep the windows open, use the anti-moskit network. If for some reason you can not find it, you can do the cut of the old Tulle or a piece of organza. Attach the grid from the outside of the window or window by conventional stationery buttons, and you will not need additional tools to scare away the flying blood.

    Methods of combating mosquitoes in nature

    Methods of combating mosquitoes in natureAt the cottage or in the campaign to fight off the mosquitoes more complicated than in a closed room. And if you can simply kill all mosquitoes in the tent, and then keep the lightning tightly closed, then on the street of assistants less. But here there will be an effective means of combating mosquitoes.

    First, smoke. Any — from the fire, mangala or fumigator. Even smoke from a cigarette or tube scares flying insects. Although no, we did not say that: smoking — the fight!

    Secondly, the same flavored candles. If you sit on the veranda at the table, two or three will be quite enough.

    Thirdly, of course, all sorts of sprays and insect creams. Unfortunately, there are few smell like perfume, but they are quite effective. Just do not forget to apply them again every hour and a half — They disappear quickly.

    Fourth, dense loose clothing. Jeans or jacket mosquito do not connect. But if you love exclusively clothes from thin fabrics, and even prefer tight things — Only the first three means will save you.

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