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  • The dangerous allergic to dust mites?
    Dust is all around us. It is necessary to clean the furniture and dust particles in an hour even layer again lie on the floor, on couches and carpets, dust in our bed and in the indoor air. It not only indicates the disorder, but also presents a danger to health because it contains mites that can cause sensitization and development of allergy. For example, in 80% of cases of child asthma doctors associate it with an allergy to dust mites.

    Know the enemy in the face

    Dust mites - microscopicarachnids, ranging in size from 0.1 to 0.5 mm, live in colonies of 100-10,000 individuals. Lifespan mite is an average of 80 days, the number of eggs laid by the female, about 60 pieces.

    Scientists have found that 1 gram of house dust inIt contains an average of 100 ticks, which are representatives of the 150-200 species, with most of the shows and Dermatophagoidic piroglifidnymi mites feed on dead skin flakes of the human epidermis.

    Daily from human skin peels to 500 million dead epidermal cells. In a year this amounts to about 2 kg dry weight, so that the nutritional base of ticks is very rich.

    What is the danger of dust mites?

    They do not bite, do not suck blood, but at the same time can cause serious illness in humans allergic nature such as:

    • asthma and respiratory allergies;
    • atopic dermatitis;
    • atopic rhinitis and conjunctivitis;
    • Angioedema and other diseases.

    In 1972 Mulvey proposed hypothesis about the connectionsudden infant death syndrome are allergic to dust mites. According to some data associated with it the emergence of such dangerous diseases such as Kawasaki syndrome.

    To confirm or refute the diagnosis of "dust allergies" can only be a doctor, but the presence of coughing, wheezing, nasal congestion, watery eyes should get to think about the problem.

    The threat to humans are not even themselvesinsects and their excrement containing a substance capable of destroying the human skin cells and increase its sensitivity to allergens of various kinds. Chitin shells of dead animals entering the airway, irritate them, facilitating the penetration of the mucosal pathogens.

    Sleeping with the Enemy

    Dust mite refers to synanthrope,he can only live with the people, he loves the heat, humidity and moderate hates sunlight. Ticks can be found, first of all, on upholstered furniture, rugs, bookshelves, they love to get in slippers hosts, plaids and cloaks. But the favorite habitat is the bed. It is downright resort area, where the temperature does not fall below 22 0C, humidity maintained at no lower than 55%, and most importantly, in food is always abundant.

    Double bed with the hosts can"Relax" 300-400 million dust mites. Pillows, mattresses, blankets, bedding, pajamas, all that is infested with small, endlessly chewing, defecating and breeding insects. Dryness, irritation and itching of the skin - is the first manifestation of adverse cohabitation.

    How to get rid of dust mites?

    A few tips on how to get rid of dust mitesGet rid of them is not possible and not necessary. After all, in nature everything is arranged so that the "holy place is never empty", which means that niche ticks immediately take someone else and not the fact that it will be "good" people. In addition, scientists believe that if house dust contains less than 100 ticks, can be quiet, no harm to health does not exist. If the number of insects reaches 500 pieces per gram of dust, there is a risk of exacerbation of allergic diseases. At present, a person is considered dangerous to the dose of 1000 and even 2000 individuals per gram. With so many insects likely to develop allergies in people prone to the disease.

    What is the conclusion? The fight against ticks should be aimed at to keep their numbers under control.

    • It is necessary to get rid of a pile of soft furniture upholstery, if possible, replace with leather or imitation leather.
    • Replace curtains and blinds on a weekly basis to wipe them from the dust.
    • Interior items that can not be washed, should be handled acaricide.
    • It is necessary to remove the carpets to get rid of soft toys.
    • It is better to replace the down and feather bedding for products with synthetic fillers, using waterproof mattress covers and pillows, do not forget to clean them once a month.
    • Wash bedding is recommended in high-temperature mode and after drying with a hot iron to iron with steam.
    • Reduce the number of ticks helps daily wet cleaning with brine (10 tablespoons of salt to a bucket of water) or special hypoallergenic acaricidal detergents.
    • Books should be stored in closed shelves and be cleaned regularly with a vacuum cleaner.
    • For room cleaning, only use a vacuum cleaner with the HEPA filter (not below grade 12) or an aqua filter. Old vacuum cleaner dust bags - it is allergenic bomb in the house and a hotbed of infection.
    • Control the humidity in the room with the help of dehumidifiers.
    • Maintain the cleanliness of the air conditioner and a special help ionic purifier.

    New clean bed, perfectly clean, well-kept house, no dust deposits - about ticks and allergies can be forgotten forever.

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