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  • rabies virus

    Rabies - an acute infectious disease
    animals and humans caused by a virus. Manifested increased nervous excitability, hydrophobia (fear of water), aerophobia (fear of air), paralysis, ends

    Pathogen - a virus acting on the nervous system,
    that little stable in the environment. When he is killed by boiling
    2 min, rapidly inactivated solution of Lysol, chloramine, carbolic and
    hydrochloric acid. The corpses of animals is maintained up to 4

    Rabies refers to a group of diseases, pathogens which are in the process of evolution adapted to parasitism in the body. Suffer all warm-blooded animals. The main source and
    reservoir of the virus are wild carnivores (foxes and wolves) and
    Pets (dogs, cats) are allowed. Infection of animals and humans
    It comes in contact with saliva on broken skin or mucous membranes
    shell and bites rabid animals. The causative agent of rabies
    accumulates and is excreted through the salivary gland not only during
    disease, but also in the incubation period of 24-72 hours, and sometimes for 7-8 days
    until the first signs of the disease.

    are Atrium
    damaged skin and mucous membranes. The wound along nerve virus
    fibers penetrate into the central nervous system, and concentrated in
    certain parts of the brain and spinal cord, causing them to defeat.
    Selectively affects the nerve cells of the hippocampus, medulla oblongata,
    cranial nerves, the lumbar portion of the spinal cord and major components of autonomic plexus. From the central nervous system by the virus spreads
    nerve trunks throughout the body, including in the salivary gland.

    As a result, virus propagation occur inflammatory and necrotic changes in the nervous system.

    Symptoms of rabies

    The incubation period lasts from 8 to 90
    days, at least 1 year, more often 20-30 days. Short incubation notes
    the bite of the head, face and hands, the longer - the bite lower

    Manifestation of rabies
    The disease begins with the precursors. First, there is
    anxiety, depression, desire to be alone, sick masters
    yearning. Body temperature sometimes rises to low grade (37-37.5). In area
    bite appear discomfort, pain. The scar healed wounds sometimes
    inflamed, it becomes painful. Appears increased reflex
    anxiety, fear, anxiety, hallucinations often. After 1-3 days
    begins a period expressed excitement, anxiety increases,
    spasms of the respiratory muscles and swallowing with symptoms
    function disorders. Trying to make a breath causes a spasm
    muscles, sick with fear pushes glass. Later develops
    hydrophobia at the sight, and the splash of water. There are seizures by
    air traffic management (aerophobia), loud speech, bright light. Attack
    It begins anxiety and fear, motor excitation and spasm
    muscles of the pharynx, respiratory disorder. Painful spasms distorted face.
    It becomes bluish. Spasmodic state combined with
    psychomotor agitation and aggressiveness, auditory and visual
    hallucinations. The attack lasts a few seconds, after which the
    consciousness is restored.

    However, muscle spasms are reiterated,
    follow one another at the slightest irritation. Under excitation
    the temperature rises to 40-41 ° C. The voice becomes hoarse, appear
    profuse salivation, sweating. As the disease advancing
    paralysis. Psychomotor agitation and convulsions subside, the patient
    calms down. He can eat and drink water. develops
    weakness, paralysis of limbs appear, impaired function of the pelvic
    authorities, the temperature rose to 42 ° C, death occurs from paralysis
    heart or respiratory center. The blood is determined by neutrophilic
    leukocytosis (increase in the number of neutrophils in the blood), Aneozinofiliya (the absence of eosinophils in the blood)In urine - a protein, sugar, acetone.

    Sometimes there are atypical forms of rabies: bulbar, paralysis, cerebral, cerebellar. at
    atypical forms of agitation and mild disease hydrophobia
    or absent. Death occurs 6-8 day illness, and sometimes
    During the 1st day.

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