The benefits of wine: 3 factors that you did not know


The data of the American Association of Cardiologists suggest that any alcohol is useful, but only if you drink moderately (no more than a glass of 150 ml — Wine or beer, no more glasses in 30 ml — spirits). A moderate amount of alcohol protects the cells of the heart and blood vessels from damage to free radicals — This is all known information. But wine has others, non-obvious, advantages over all other alcohol-containing drinks.

one. Wine can improve skin condition

The benefits of wine: 3 factors that you did not knowAny fault contains antioxidant resveratrol. They are rich in grapes from which high-quality wines are obtained. (Speech, of course, does not go about cheap drinks like port wine, in which only flavoring remained from grapes.)

According to the studies of the last decade, resveratrol reduces the level «Poor» cholesterol prevents vessel damage. But today's discoveries add: Resveratrol works wonders with skin. Published in the journal «Dermatology and therapy» The study found that resveratrol brakes the growth of bacteria causing acne. This antioxidant acts better and faster than the habitual peroxide benzoyl — Standard component of any acne treatment. Previously, it turned out that resveratrol brakes skin aging well.

Some cosmetic companies, having learned about the study, immediately settled the release of creams and tonic with resveratrol, advertising new funds as defeating acne. However, scientists are still concerning only the oral use of resveratrol — in the form of grapes, grape juice and wine. How will the resveratrol, applied directly on the acne region, is unknown.

2. Wine can save healthy teeth

If you get a small glass of wine every day (100 ml), your teeth and gums will be fine. At least, so approved in the study published in the American scientific journal of agricultural and food chemistry. Scientists say that red wine has a unique antimicrobial property, namely: destroys bacteria causing periodontitis, rotting and loss of teeth.

The study was carried out on the fault of the grade Pino Noir, both containing alcohol and non-alcoholic. Both types of wine turned out to be much more efficient than a 12% alcohol solution (water plus alcohol). Suspect that the case is in polyphenols — group of phytochemical compounds that, again, contain resveratrol.

Scientists have not yet urge to replace teeth cleaning with a glass of wine. Especially in the morning. Especially sweet.

3. Wine can protect against cold

The benefits of wine: 3 factors that you did not knowA little wine every evening — and you can get rid of seasonal diseases. So consider scientists who have placed data on a new study in the American journal epidemiology. Alcohol addiction has been studied more than 4,000 students of five Spanish universities.

For a whole year, participants recorded all cases of their colds — from banal snot to ORVI with cough, temperature and weakness. A year later, the picture was drawn: those students who preferred red wine with all alcoholic beverages, sick less often and sickness was transferred easier than all other students — Non-drinking at all or lovers of beer, cocktails or strong alcoholic beverages.

The conclusion is obvious: the case in the properties of red wine. Researchers believe that it was not without antioxidants again (in particular, resveratrol), which reduce the risk of inflammation and strengthen the immune system, not allowing a person to stick.

Looks like a resveratrol worth a drink. Red wine, of course.

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