The seven "no" for a flu patient


  • Do not leave home
  • Do not turn an apartment in the infirmary
  • Do not self-medicate
  • Do not rush to drink antibiotics
  • Do not force down temperature
  • Do not climb into a hot bath
  • Do not tear at work

    The seven "no" for a flu patientDo not leave home

    Very often people find at firstsigns of an impending flu - fever, headache and muscle aches, sore throat - swallow duty set of drugs and sent on urgent business to finish them, until I finally started to hurt. Better not to leave the house! Firstly, the first hours of the disease - the most unpredictable. Coming out of the house with a temperature of 37 degrees, you will find that two hours later it had risen to forty - and you still have to come back. Secondly, the mercy of others. It has been proved that one citizen flu, sneezing on the subway, infects the whole car, which certainly there are pregnant women, asthmatics and cores, and to them the flu is particularly ruthless.

    Do not turn an apartment in the infirmary

    If it is possible - in the place of the sicka separate room or at least block off his bed screen, scroll to it a separate bowl and place it in a separate toothbrush glass. Observe measures Personal precautions: Before you go to the sick, wear a mask, ventilate the room more often, wash your hands, gargle disinfectant solutions and take antiviral drugs. This allows you to not get sick themselves.

    Do not self-medicate

    Predict for influenza is not possible, as well asand the complications that it may have "reward." And they can be very different - from the banal sinusitis, otitis media and bronchitis to pneumonia, myocarditis, and pyelonephritis. In time to detect the onset of complications and prescribe treatment can only physician!

    Do not rush to drink antibiotics

    Influenza viruses are insensitive to antibiotics. Moreover, antibiotics killing microbes useful protecting body. If the start of the flu, do not delay, "treat" antibiotics, you can earn at least dysbiosis.

    Do not force down temperature

    Fever - a protective reactionthe body fighting off viruses. Some radical doctors are advised not to bring down the temperature, if it is not above 38 degrees, even in young children, unless they have a "seizure." At elevated temperature the dehydration. Therefore it is useful to drink a lot - at least 100 ml of fluid per kilogram of body weight. Thus, you kill two birds - help the body recover and bring the body of its toxins overwhelming.

    Do not climb into a hot bath

    At elevated temperatures contraindicated all thermal procedures - baths, mustard, hot-water bottles. These funds will be "a great success" for the elimination of the consequences otbushevavshego flu.

    Do not tear at work

    In recovering from the flu is usually longsaved "asthenic syndrome" - in other words, lack of energy. Therefore, productivity is still not out, but the "second wave" of the disease may rise. Viruses incapacitate-macrophage cells, which opens the door for other infections.

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