What is listeriosis


  • Listeriosis, ways of infection
  • Diagnosis and treatment of listeriosis

  • Listeriosis, ways of infection

    Listeriosis - an infectious disease caused by a bacillus called Listeria. The natural "reservoir" of infection are rodents and some pets.

    Basic ways of infection are two:

    • What is listeriosisnutritional (ie, germs enter the body with food, contaminated by them);
    • intrauterine (congenital listeriosis).

    The development of infection plays an important role state of the human immune system. Importantly, however, that among the various forms of listeriosis
    specially isolated "listeriosis pregnant." Examination of a large number of
    Women - mothers of children with congenital listeriosis has shown, first,
    that most of them were not typical during pregnancy
    listerioznoy manifestations of infection, and secondly that
    not every bacteriocarrier leads to intrauterine
    infection of the fetus.

    Upon infection of the fetus during pregnancy, as the
    usually develop acute chorioamnionitis, leading to stillbirth
    or premature delivery, infection of many organs and
    fetal systems. Upon infection of the newborn during birth signs
    congenital listeriosis occur in 1-2 weeks
    after childbirth. The disease often occurs quite hard, Listeria can
    determine bronchopneumonia, enlargement of the liver, jaundice, and other
    serious diseases and symptoms.

    Diagnosis and treatment of listeriosis

    Therefore, early diagnosis is extremely important that sufficient
    insidious disease. In some cases, the expectant mother is
    guard? When repetitive tonsillitis, inflammation of the ovaries,
    cervical, if in the past several miscarriages or
    stillbirths. If a woman is pregnant, the listed indications
    You can add and pathological course of pregnancy.

    In acute forms of listeriosis prescribe antibiotics
    tetracyclines (tetracycline 0,250,4 g of 6 hours) for
    all febrile period and another 5-7 days, penicillin (000 IU 400
    after 4 hours), erythromycin (0.25 g after 6 hours). More effective
    the combination of ampicillin plus gentamicin or tobramycin with penicillin
    (Gentamicin and tobramycin almost do not penetrate the blood-brain
    barrier, so the neural forms of listeriosis theirnot indicated). In severe forms of listeriosis causal treatment is continued until the 1421 days of normal temperature. When listeriosis pregnant tetracyclines is not indicated (risk of teratogenic effect), it is recommended penicillin.

    Prognosis is poor in children under 1 year and adults older than 60
    years, as well as in patients with severe concomitant diseases (cancer, AIDS,
    et al.). Pregnant listeriosis can lead to serious
    Fetus. After listerioznyh meningoencephalitis can be
    persistent residual effects from the CNS (central nervous system).

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