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  • What is Aspergillez

    Aspergillosis - not at allAspergillosis - an infectious disease caused by the fungus aspergillo, at which the lungs are most often affected. The culprit of the disease is a widespread mold mushroom (fungus) of the kind of Aspergillus. This fungus is usually present in the compost pile, around housing, in food and in the human body.

    In the human body, fungi can settle in the oral cavity, on the skin, and falling into the respiratory tract, as a rule, affect the lungs, trachea and bronchi. However, if the body is healthy, it occurs only, the so-called, temporary carrier. In some people, Aspergillas, present on the skin, cause an allergic reaction, even if they are not introduced into the tissue and do not cause disease. In the case of reduced resistance (after excess or long-term intake of antibiotics, the strong impact of radiation and especially often when transplanting a heart or liver), a person may be sick aspergillosis «seriously».

    Aspergillosis occurs when the mushroom hitting the surface of the body invades the deeper tissues, such as ear canals or lungs, especially in a person patient with tuberculosis or bronchitis. In the lungs there can be a ball consisting of a mass of fibers of mushroom, fibrin and leukocyte fibers. It gradually increases, destroying lung fabric. In people with depressed protection mechanisms, the most overwhelmed transplantation of the heart or liver, mushrooms can spread with blood to the brain and kidney. In the risk group, also people with immunodeficiency, aspergillosis - a rare complication in patients with AIDS.

    Aspergillosis is different

    Incubation period of the disease - from several days to several weeks, symptoms depends on the form of the disease.

    Most often there are such basic forms of illness: superficial infections (aspergillosis of the ear canal, aspergillosis of the eyes), aspergilloma lung and disseminated aspergillosis (deeper infection).

    Aspergillosis of the ear canal (frequently received for outdoor otitis) is accompanied by itching and sometimes pain, as well as insignificant discharge. At the same time, the liquid flowing from the ear at night can leave stains on the pillow.

    Less often observed aspergillosis of the eyes - allergic conjunctivitis caused by mushroom disputes. Patients tend to experience heavy itching, sometimes with abundant tears, the eye conjunctiva blues and swells, not rare and the appearance of purulent discharge.

    Aspergilloma in the lungs can occur without symptoms and be detected only with the x-ray studies of the chest. However, it can cause repeated hemoptysis and in rare cases heavy and even leading to death bleeding.

    Disseminated aspergillosis or deeper tissue infection - very difficult condition. The disease is manifested by an increase in body temperature, chills, shock, delirium and the formation of thromboms. Renal and liver failure (accompanied by jaundice), breathing difficulty. This form of the disease may also lead to a heart attack, the appearance of blood in the urine, impassability of urinary tract. The most dangerous is what can quickly come to death that alas are not uncommon.

    Fighting aspergillosis or how to identify and destroy fungus

    To establish a diagnosis with aspergillosis, it is often enough to carefully analyze the symptoms of the disease. If possible, take a sample of an infected material and sent to the laboratory for sowing. The determination of a type of mushroom may take several days, but the treatment still needs to start immediately, since in some forms of this disease (as we have already found out before) can quickly come death.

    The treatment of aspergilleze depends, above all, on the form of its manifestation.

    Thus, the treatment of the aspergillez of the ear canal is carried out by washing with antifungal solutions, such as drowy liquid.

    With aspergillosis of the eyes, it helps to decrease irritation 0.65% sodium chloride solution (very careful), receiving antihistamine advocacy, in severe cases, eye suspensions with corticosteroids are used. During the treatment of the eye, contact lenses should not be worn and be sure to check intraocular pressure.

    Aspergillomed lung usually remove surgically.

    Although it is a fungal disease, aspergillosis does not require the insulation of the patient. On the recommendation of the doctor within two or three weeks, antifungal drugs, such as amphotericin in. Ketoconazole and itraconazole - alternative preparations that take inside (in the form of tablets or capsules) with the defeat of deep tissues. Some Strains Aspergill, however, are resistant and to these medicines.

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