What to do if you get the flu?


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    What to do if you get the flu?

    virus hosts

    Influenza - the disease has long been known for severe epidemics.

    From the moment of getting the virus in the body until the first signs
    disease is just 1.5-2 days. Once ingested, the influenza virus through
    one to two minutes is being introduced into the mucosal cells and multiplies
    very fast. At the same time produce toxins (poisons), literally poisons
    the entire body.

    Flu Spread occurs through airborne droplets. source
    influenza infection is a sick person who is coughing, sneezing,
    talk dispels infection with tiny droplets of saliva.

    appropriate to say that the lungs of an adult per day passes
    about 15 cubic meters of air. Viruses spread from patient
    person during a normal conversation at one meter, when you cough - on two
    meters, with sneezing - up to three meters.

    The hands of the patient is also an important factor in the spread of influenza.
    If patients with sneezing and coughing cover her mouth with his hand, viruses
    remain in the hands of everyday objects, which touched the patient that
    can infect healthy individuals. Door handles, handrails in
    public transport are the ideal ways to deliver viruses.

    A sick person contributes to the spread of disease, and therefore,
    should show awareness and minimize contact with
    other people think about their safety, otherwise
    population as a sore, sick, and would hurt more.

    The population density in the city has specific requirements for the culture
    life, which we unfortunately do not. And during the epidemic dense us
    ring surrounded by sneezing and coughing. Can you imagine how much
    people will infect a person who carries flu "on his feet" before
    than he keepeth his bed.

    American scientists have calculated that to recover from influenza
    body spends so much energy that it cost him a year of life. From poison influenza virus affects the walls of blood vessels and
    capillaries. Permeability of increases, and they become like

    How not to get sick?

    Protect yourself from the flu can be, doing physical exercise and sports,
    hardening, walks in the fresh air, organizing a reasonable mode
    work and rest, vitamin-rich food, using food
    Natural volatile killing influenza viruses (onion, garlic).

    For prophylaxis can be used multivitamins, ascorbic
    acid. But the most effective protection - annual vaccination
    influenza vaccine.

    If you caught the flu

    But if you are sick, you should be aware of the clinical signs of influenza:
    disease occurs suddenly, the patient feels chill, increases
    temperature, a headache, general malaise, a feeling of
    weakness, aches throughout the body and severe weakness.

    • At the first sign of the disease, call the doctor at home, to comply with bed rest.What to do if you get the flu?
      • The patient was isolated from the others, to provide him a separate bowl, which is necessary after eating boiled.
      • Feed the patient should be light food.
      • patient Linen should be washed separately.
      • The room where the patient is regularly aired and damp mopping.
      • Without a doctor's prescription to take any medicine can not. All
        medicines prescribed by the doctor, should be taken in a strictly
        established order.
      • If you are caring for a sick person to a healthy should be worn
        four-layer gauze bandage covering his nose and mouth, which
        often need to wash and iron hot iron.
      • During the flu, avoid lifting whenever possible places significant crowds.
      • In the period of the disease refuse traditional handkerchiefs made of fabric.
        There viruses heat, damp and cozy - that inexhaustible source of infection.
        It is better to use disposable paper handkerchiefs or napkins. If
        all of you - the adherent of traditional handkerchiefs, it is advisable when
        rhinitis put these scarves in small plastic bags and only
        then put them in bags and pockets.
      • Avoid hypothermia. Dress appropriately weather.
      • More to eat foods rich in vitamins.
      • Maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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