How to quit smoking


How to quit smoking
Smoking has become a real plague of our century.
about the dangers of cigarettes is public information and visibility, are even laws
prohibiting smoking in public places, but smoking is only a "younger". Although
Fines for smoking in the wrong place all the smokers have reduced the ranks.
Despite the enormity of this bad habit is quite treatable, and even
smokers regularly may stop harming their health.
The most important thing in the fight against smoking - it's your own desire to do away with
cigarettes. Without him cope with this bad habit will not help either
patches, no gum, no herbal teas.

The main cause of harm to health from smoking is in effect resins cigarette smoke. Resin deposited in the lungs and in the blood
disperse throughout the body, causing a negative impact on the performance of its systems.
It is important that a complete tightening is deposited in the lungs of 70% resin and exhausts
only 30%. Smoking contributes to the development of cancer
respiratory system disease provokes the appearance of the cardiovascular system,
impotence and early atherosclerosis. On the aesthetic side - bad breath
mouth, bad teeth and unhealthy skin. Smokers are not always ready
I agree that they are dependent on cigarettes and can not abandon them.
The desire to take a cigarette appears when the concentration of nicotine in
body smoker decreases. The need for smoking in the early stages
It is psychological in nature, and later developed into a physical relationship.

Effective ways to quit smoking

First, you need to want to quit smoking, it is
the first and most important step in solving this problem. Girls and women are often
afraid to quit smoking because of the generally accepted view that after giving up cigarettes
People gain weight quickly. This is not true: if properly planned treatment
nicotine addiction such problems do not arise. If you decide to fight
attachment to nicotine, do not be afraid to seek professional help to
narcologist and psychologist. They competently plan the treatment and help
cope with stress during the treatment. Psychologists can help group
methods of treatment and support, as well as hypnosis. Wide application received
aversive therapy aimed at evoking unpleasant sensations from

How to quit smoking
nicotine addiction specialists with therapy
mainly prescribed:

  • NRT
    - Nicotine replacement therapy;
  • special
    drugs (varenicline, for example);
  • psychotropic
  • reflexology;
  • acupuncture;
  • millimeter
    wave therapy, aimed at strengthening regenerative cell function.

By holding nicotine replacement therapy
there are contraindications if the patient of myocardial infarction,
unstable angina, cardiac arrhythmia, ulcerative and aggravation
others. It is therefore important before treatment consult with your
specialist. Among the drugs in the treatment of tobacco use widespread
received special patches, gum and inhalers.

The benefits of getting rid of nicotine addiction

From the treatment of smoking can be seen,
therapy itself can be quite an enjoyable pastime. topical
advantage in connection with rising prices will tabakoproduktsiyu money
saving. Life without cigarettes makes it possible to get rid of the daily
poisoning own body and reduce the risk of heart disease
and respiratory system.

Cigarettes cause shortness of breath, which is already apparent from the
young smokers in the elementary climbing stairs. Together with
disappearance of cigarettes will disappear from the life of halitosis. If you
can control his desire and not be dependent on cigarettes, then you have
truly iron willpower.

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