• Strengths acupuncture
  • When the effectiveness of acupuncture
  • whether the results depend on the skill of the acupuncturist treatment
  • Weaknesses acupuncture
  • The mechanism of action of acupuncture

  • Acupuncture On the one hand, acupuncture is totallyindependent kind of healing. On the other, it can also be attributed to the Bioenergy and physiotherapy. In the end, it does not matter on what shelf it is located - all conventional classification.

    As you know, acupuncture - a treatment bystabbing the body of special needles. These needles are thinner than those with which you sew up holes in clothing, and therefore discomfort during the procedure are minimized.

    You also know that the needles are not stuck anywhere,and in place, called the body acupressure points. These points are not haphazardly, but systematically - on the meridians. As chakra nor nor their meridians have no point of the material structure. This means that no matter how hard you try, no eye or under a microscope can not see any difference between what is in the "magic" zone points, and that is it - or clusters of nerve endings, or some special cells, or still something original. But unlike chakras devices to determine the point it is still possible - their electrical resistance is different from the resistance of other skin areas.

    Strengths acupuncture

    Acupuncture - an effective method of treatment. Not so rare "instant cure". Especially in acute pain, the result is there, as they say, "on the tip of the needle." And another plus - as a rule, sessions acupuncturist, are cheaper than sessions of the healers of other areas.

    When the effectiveness of acupuncture

    It is best to acupuncture helps in controlling pain. It works great with radiculitis, neuritis, muscular pains in the back and neck, sprains, while getting rid of addiction to alcohol, tobacco or drugs. There is nothing more effective than acupuncture for acute pain in the spine and joints. Limp man after the procedure can go dancing. Excellent advertising healer! But the cure for one session infrequently. Usually the patient goes to the end and not getting rid of the pain. Do not be scared, you need several sessions. And when, finally, the pain disappeared, most likely it will not soon reappear.

    In acute cases, the treatment is carried out every dayor every other day in the chronic 1-2 times a week. The course - 7-15 sessions. If after the fifth visit did not improve, continue to acupuncture meaningless. So your body on this method does not respond.

    The longer you are treated, the less chance of recovery.

    But in acute cases. If you're a few years, and also requires recovery time.

    Help young patients more easily than older, as the young quickly triggered self-regulation.

    It lends itself well to the treatment of headache, toothache,cramps - biliary tract, ureter, uterus. Acupuncture is sometimes reduce the size of uterine fibroids, relieves asthma, it helps with insomnia, accelerates recovery from stroke. A little worse but still treatable gastritis, cholecystitis, eczema, angina, chronic inflammation, hypertension. It is not possible to achieve substantial improvements in childhood autism, flaccid paralysis, diabetes, serious hormonal disorders.

    Acupuncture is contraindicated for cancer, extreme exhaustion associated with old age or some illness and when the patient is too excited.

    whether the results depend on the skill of the acupuncturist treatment

    The most experienced reflexologist will save you about 7 out of 10 diseases and midlevel professionals rarely cope with anything but pain. Why?

    acupuncture treatment for complicated philosophya full understanding of it "not a Chinese." You have to remember a bunch of points - where they are, at what depth, what indications and contraindications for each of them. However, the vast majority of the acupuncturist are only ready recipes described in the literature.

    On the other hand it is not necessary to believe in the myth that the Chinese know something incomprehensible to us. Most Chinese colleagues are treated in the same way as we do - from a template.

    Weaknesses acupuncture

    Patients often do not agree on treatment duefear of needles. Light pain during insertion of the needle should be mandatory. According to him, we define the first, correctly found point, and secondly, that the point has responded to the needle. Without this reaction should not hope for a good result. For acute pain to get to the point easily. In chronic sometimes you have to look for it a bit by moving the tip of the needle to the right, left, up and down. This procedure is unpleasant, but in the end, the needle is not a dental drill.

    Acupuncture If there is inaccuracy in the treatment, thepossible complications. Sometimes, after insertion of the needle around it occurs reflex spasm of muscles. It's not scary. After a light massage leaves the needle free.

    If the needle has a roughness that often happens after frequent sterilization, when removing it are wound on the muscle fibrils. In this case, pull out the needle scrolling through her back.

    In the acupuncture session, you will not always be convenienthalf an hour to sit or lie in one position. When you will try to change it, it may cause the needle to break. Chip needle often manage to remove with tweezers. If not - you need a surgeon.

    Two or three hundred of the patients during the firstsession a state of shock lung, poluobmoroke; It appears dizziness, paleness, cold sweats, nausea. Sometimes even loss of consciousness, collapse. Death is not described after such a shock. If this happens to you - do not be afraid. After 3-4 minutes, let it be, especially if the acupuncturist will recall that in that case you need to strongly press the fingernail under the nasal septum or the autonomic point of the ear.

    Continue to next session or not? If you are not scared to death, it is best to continue, but after removing the needles reflexologist should let you go only when there is confidence that is really all went and you're not falls into a swoon in the streets, God forbid, more and being at the wheel car.

    Quite often, after withdrawal of the needle due toaccidentally hurt the vessel there is a slight bleeding. However, since the points are located away from major blood vessels, bleeding should not be long. It's easy to stop pressing the place cotton wool.

    It is unpleasant for the patient if the needle touched a nerve - you feel that you would like an electric shock.

    And if the needle has pierced the pleura or the intestine, it isis no joke. In this case, need urgent hospitalization in a surgical ward. Therefore, in most countries the law says that the acupuncturist can only be a doctor. Not because no doctor will not be able to master this discipline, and because of the fact that the doctor will not allow complications. While in the US there are states in which to engage in acupuncture is enough to have the proper license, but a doctor's education is not required. In Hungary, no medical training can only deal with the ear acupuncture - in the ear no vital organs and complications are minimized.

    And of course, to the category of the largesttrouble relates infected with AIDS or, more likely, viral hepatitis. The probability of contracting AIDS less as it will kill the virus at 80 ° C degrees - enough light to sterilize boiling needles. But HCV to die, you need to 120 ° C degrees - simply boil is not enough. To avoid this complication, in rich countries use only disposable needles, and in poorer countries every patient buys a set of needles, which will only be used for its treatment.

    The mechanism of action of acupuncture

    I'm not at all sure that the natives of the Old Guinea imagine mechanism boomerang flight. But ignorance lyuftdinamiki laws do not prevent them from practical use is the flying weapon.

    So in acupuncture. The only honest answer to the question what is the mechanism of its action "is not defined." But we are not natives, we definitely need to understand what's going on with you. No theory? So it is necessary to come up with. And they come up with. I'll try to explain it.

    Acupuncture is a way to influenceenergy processes in the body. The internal energy of each one of us takes place in a circle through the twelve main meridians, each of which is associated with some internal organs. This range is as follows: light - the large intestine - the stomach - spleen - heart - small intestine - bladder - kidney - the pericardium - triple heater - gall bladder - liver - and light again. The circle is closed.

    Several strange, is not it, to know that the light of the energy goes directly into the small intestine, Acupuncture and from the heart to some triple heater. But it is strange to you and me, and for the Chinese, who invented it, is perfectly normal. Indeed, in a non-traditional treatment of its own logic. So nothing surprised.

    Each of the twelve meridians have"Gentleman's set" points. The most clear of these toning and soothing (sedative). Thus, on the body of each of us, speaking schematically, is 12 tonic and soothing 12 points. As the name implies, an injection needle, moxibustion, massage or other impacts on the toning point increase energy levels in the corresponding meridian and related bodies, and the manipulation of the sedative points, on the contrary, this energy is removed. Where? In another meridian. When the bioenergetic treatment of missing energy is added from the outside, and the excess is simply thrown out or burned the candles, then - when exposed to the energy of the needles can only redistribute, harmonize. If in a certain meridian revealed its excess, excess energy needs to be translated to the place where it is not enough. And vice versa.

    To enhance the effect of exposure to the tonicor soothing points on the meridians there are points amplifiers - sympathetic (as if sympathetic) and helper (like posoblyaet). Consequently to the previous 24 added 12 + 12. For forty-eight plus 12 diagnostic points. Total sixty. This is a small gentleman's set of acupuncture points.

    And for the curious only to announce thatthere are still 12 points analgesic, 12 stabilizing, binding together two meridians, there vnemeridiannye points and a lot of other used acupuncturist moderately the erudition and desire.

    And another mechanism that explains whyAcupuncture is effective in pain syndromes. It has an impact on acupuncture points causes the release of the body's internal pharmacy special polunarkoticheskih similar to morphine, substances - endorphins. Therefore, after properly performed acupuncture can be done without anesthesia operation.

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