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  • «Other of them asked watermelon, other salted cucumbers»
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    Word about brineMeanwhile, brine really facilitates the state of victim from an excess of alcohol and products of its transformations. And among them some (for example, acetaldehyde) are many times superior to toxicity alcohol. Excess alcohol dehydrates the body, disrupts the acid-alkaline balance, the level of potassium and magnesium decreases in the blood... And there is no need to describe the health of the sufferer...

    «What, from what, from what...»

    What is brine? We have contributed salt - sodium ions help water to hold in the body. Vegetables and fruits enriched with potassium and magnesium ions, and the rapid penetration into the body of alkaline orientation compounds just helps to restore acid-alkaline equilibrium. (By the way, the acidic taste of the brine should not be embarrassing: known hygienist to.WITH.Petrovsky emphasized that «No matter how to taste fruits and vegetables with acidic, they still determine alkaline food orientation».)

    And that is not all. It is known that alcohol in our organism is destroyed by a special enzyme - alcohol dehydrogenase. A rather high level makes it easier and speeds up the struggle with the consequences of the unlimited feast. And it turns out, «inspire» The liver on active enzyme production helps the minimum amounts of alcohol (there is something from homeopathy: «Treatment of such similar»...). And these tiny doses of the famous C2HfiveOh is certainly present in the salting.

    «Other of them asked watermelon, other salted cucumbers»

    Some Russian Recipes Solutions are just included in the formulation a small amount of vodka - 100-150 g per 10 liters of brine for cucumbers, retaining due to this, for long months, especially elastic consistency, attractive color and, as we see, specific healing properties! And it is also good if fructose is present in the brine - it increases the speed of oxidation of alcohol and at the same time prevents the accumulation of ketone bodies that can cause complications from the heart. Most fructose in watermelons, seed fruits and berries. So it will be by the way not only cucumber or cabbage brine, but also a liquid from salty watermelons or pouring from uroin apples, especially if it was prepared for honey. From here and went: «Other of them asked watermelon, other salted cucumbers» (AND.BUT.Wings).

    «Brush» Started century

    All this was well known to many literary characters, and therefore - and the creators of popular books. «Here you see, Peter Andreevich, what is going to walk. And the head is hard, and I don't want to eat. Man drinking for nothing... Pour the cucumber brine with honey...» - persuaded the ward concerned Savelich from «Captain's daughter».

    Alexey Nikolaevich Tolstoy in his «Chrome Barine» recalls used for the same specific goals «Brush» - Blend of cabbage, horseradish, grated radish and all the same cucumber brine. «Calculating meat dishes, it is impossible not to mention one original dish, called a hangover. This Kushana consisted of a cold matched mutton, mixed with fine cucumbers, cucumber brine, vinegar and pepper. He was used on a hangover». Recipe 1880!

    And American David Auterbridge told about the drug from his own bar in a small town of the distant Nebraska state. They solve the problem there, drinking a mixture of a seashest of juice sauerkraut, three teaspoons of olive oil and pepper, after which they snack it with a piece of smoked bacon...

    Truly, the brine is not only nationwide, but also an internationally recognized means!

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