We defeat the spring cold and avitaminosis


    Spring salads

    We defeat the spring cold and avitaminosisEvery spring our body is experiencing a shortage of vitamins and feels fatigue caused by cold and dark, short winter days. With the onset of spring, we have the opportunity «kill two hares at once»: Collect medicinal plants in the fresh, clean air and fill them with subsequent use of the lack of their forces.

    Use the collected plants, if possible, fresh. Of these, you can prepare all sorts of salads, and too spicy or bitter plants to use as additives to various dishes. Collect plants away from roads, places of accumulation of garbage and settlements.

    To prepare vitamin spring salads, you can use delicate herbaceous pieces of dandelions, flowers and leaves of daisies, the leaves of the village (not to be confused with the poisonous leaves of the valley!), plantain, sorrel, hormour, mother and machem, yarrow. The young leaves and shoots of nettle are very useful: refilled by oil or liquid salad dressing, they lose their burning properties. Before there are such salads in large quantities, make sure that you do not have an allergic reaction to their components.

    Spring juices and salads

    We defeat the spring cold and avitaminosisEven more efficient fresh herbal juices. Especially good action has juice from a young nettle, which can even be used in baby food (for children after a year). Neptelo juice is an effective means to eliminate harmful substances from the liver. The nettle is shown in the treatment of rheumatism, with maintenance therapy in cancer and many chronic diseases. No wonder, in the old times, the nettle was used, almost from all diseases: even against dental pain.

    Useful herbal juices can be prepared from sick, meduse, reure, hip, hop shoots.

    Collect plants for cooking juice better every day, but you can freeze the juice in the freezer in the form of ice cubes. Store such cubes are recommended for 3-4 days. Melted cubes to use boiling.

    Attention! Fresh herbal juices need to breed. For dilution of juices, clean water from the source, mineral water, fermented milk products are suitable: kefir, prostrip, yogurt, plow. Milk Acid, which is contained in them, is an additional favorable factor that prevents the development of fermentation processes in the intestine.

    In the first week of reception of herbal juices, their number should not exceed more than 2 tablespoons per day divorced in half a glass of water or other liquid. Every week you can increase the amount of drinking juice on 1-2 tablespoons, but not more than 5 spoons per day.

    In case of the appearance of urticaria or temporary stomach disorder (these phenomena may be a consequence of the intensive process of removal of toxic substances from the body) the amount of juice should be reduced to the disappearance of symptoms.

    Herbal juices usually take 3 times a day before meals or by a throat during the day. People with sensitive stomach Reception of fresh juices can be recommended after meals and in a lesser concentration. Treatment of fresh juices of medicinal plants should be continued between 2 weeks to several months.

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