Stinging from fibroids


  • Trap on tumor
  • Homeopathy to the rescue
  • Cyclical problems
  • Attack from the outside
  • Iron deficiency
  • Diet against fibroids

  • Trap on tumor

    Uterine fibroids - a benign tumor. And it rarely turns into cancer. Nevertheless, the basic group natural products useful in this diagnosis, - a plant is an antineoplastic. They are appointed in all tumors, including uterine fibroids.

    This category includes fighters and JungarBaikal, hemlock, Potentilla marsh, mistletoe and Amanita muscaria. Better use of alcoholic extracts of these plants. Dosing they must drop depending on the type of grass. But remember that all these plants, with the exception of cinquefoil, are poisonous. The use of these herbs should be very careful.

    Stinging from fibroids Another type of antineoplastic plantwhich find application in the treatment of uterine fibroids, and is called - "queen cells". The name could not be better characterize the data and grass area of ​​their application. Among such plants should be mentioned Marrubium vulgare, upland uterus lycopus Europe. These herbs have two significant advantages over the first group of anticancer plants.

    Firstly, they are in most cases not poisonous and is therefore well suited for self-medication. Secondly, these plants are precisely focused on the uterine tumor.

    As another group of herbs for uterine fibroidsapply the so-called regulators trophism of the connective tissue. It knotweed, or knot-grass, horsetail, Pulmonaria officinalis. They prevent the appearance of scars and adhesions. And in the event that such problems could not be avoided, these herbs help to make spikes more soft, elastic, so that they do not interfere with the body work properly.

    These plants have another important role. They were the first found harmful microorganisms and tumor cells. As a result, run all the mechanisms of the immune system to eliminate the problem.

    Homeopathy to the rescue

    Homeopathy can not artificially addbody missing hormone or to liquidate its excess. But it is able to increase its own production to normal levels. Will establish the hormonal status - will begin to decline and myoma.

    When uterine fibroids is used a lot of homeopathicdrugs. For example, Aurum yodatum 12, Aurum muriaticum 12, 12 Kalkareja silicate, potassium karbonikum 12, Lilium tigrinum 6 Nufar 6. The drug would do better if it prescribed by a doctor after the test. This will take into account not only the physiological characteristics of the patient, but also the nature of its warehouse.

    To speed recovery, parallelWe need to strengthen the immunity of the basic treatment. Here are the best herbal remedies - is Eleutherococcus senticosus, Rhodiola rosea and four-part, RHAPONTICUM CARTHAMOIDES, Manchurian Aralia and Hedysarum tea. However, these plants should not be taken for hypertension and increased nervous excitability.

    Cyclical problems

    When uterine fibroids are very often lead to abnormalities in the menstrual cycle. To cope with them will also help medicinal plants. Their choice depends on what kind of breach concerned a woman.

    If you delay menstruation take infusionaristolohii, decoction of tansy flowers. When painful menstruation -, cuff drug, chamomile, hops ordinary. In early menstruation fit pulsatilla vulgaris, known as sleep-grass. If cyclic bleeding accompanied by swelling, it helps woodruff.

    If fibroids cause heavy bleeding, thestop their help to see grass - nettle, shepherd's purse, yarrow, barberry Amur. The mechanism of hemostatic action they twofold. Yarrow and shepherd's purse enhance blood clotting. Nettle also has this effect. But apart from this nettle, as barberry, as it compresses the uterine vessels. As a result of the bleeding stops spasm.

    Attack from the outside

    Stinging from fibroids To enhance the action of herbs taken in,well used local treatment - douching, tampons and poultices. The anti-tumor effect is douching with a decoction of the root of sorrel or bedstraw tenacious. To reduce the pain used chamomile.

    Poultices used externally by applying them tounderbelly. The basis of poultices comprise any substance, long keeps warm and does not prevent the absorption of the drug. The people taken as a basis to use baked onions, undercooked barley porridge, corn porridge, teas slizesoderzhaschih plants. It may be flax seed, marshmallow root, Prosvirnyak Forestry, malva, warm infusion thallus Iceland Moss.

    The finished basis poultices added infusions and decoctions of medicinal plants, such as clover or chernokornya drug, ordinary bruise.

    For the preparation of tampons using the same herbs as decoctions, ointments and oils.

    Iron deficiency

    When uterine fibroids due to the large loss of blood oftendecreases in hemoglobin level. To normalize the condition, you need to take one of the many pharmaceutical preparations with iron. You also need to eat more iron-containing foods: liver, beets, pomegranates, green apple, in small amounts to drink cognac and Cahors.

    In addition, it is necessary to take care of replenishinglack of vitamins and minerals. In the treatment of uterine fibroids are particularly important B vitamins, vitamins A and E, ascorbic and folic acid, iodine, silicon. Good use is also iodine-containing plants - series, walnut, kelp. With that said, you can pick up and one of the chemist's vitamin-mineral complexes.

    Diet against fibroids

    The correct way of life - a necessary termsuccess. The emergence and growth of fibroids are often associated with an excess of the female hormone estrogen, which tend to accumulate in fatty tissue. Therefore, women with excess weight need to adjust your diet: to minimize fat intake, limit the carbohydrates in the diet and increase the proportion of protein products. Included in the daily menu, vegetable and fruit juices. Get regular exercise. They will help reduce the proportion of body fat and estrogen levels in your body. From this may be reduced and fibroids.

    On the growth of fibroids can affect stress, chronic fatigue, lack of sleep. Construct the correct mode of the day and try to follow it for the sake of their own health.

    One last tip for those who prefer to be treatedfibroids herbs. Do not forget that you need to monitor, and regularly for the "behavior" of fibroids. Even if you do not feel the deterioration of health, be sure to come to the planned survey. At least once in six months, do an ultrasound.

    Keep in mind: often precede the appearance of uterine fibroids hormonal disorders, inflammation of the uterus and appendages, ovarian cysts. All of these diseases it is necessary to treat in time. When combined with fibroid cyst, endometriosis cure such a serious bunch of problems solely by natural means hard. It is beyond the power of even the modern hormonal preparations, and then have to resort to surgery.

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