Well forgotten old - camphor oil


Well forgotten old & mdash; camphor oilThe abilities of camphor oil for some reason are a little known to a wide circle of the population, but this substance with a sharp characteristic smell knows how much and undesidesfully stands aside. Component — camphor — obtain from camphoring tree by peatting wood to the state of fine powder, after which it is treated with water ferry. It is possible only after the tree has stepped over the fifty-year-old frontier. As a result, camphor oil is obtained, from which the crystal camphor is later produced: it is colorless, but has a specific smell. Camphor trees grow in the countries of the East: Japan, China, Taiwan. Here, the oil is often used as a medicine. In countries in Africa, Europe, America and the Caucasus, the plant is bred solely as decorative. There is a view of camphor oil that is obtained from fir oil, but it is considered synthetic.

There is a white camphor oil, which is produced from wood powder camphor. Properties of this camphor consider more healing. In the production process, camphor oil of three different color shades is obtained: white, brown and yellow. Medicinal properties exhibits only white oil, the remaining two contains a substance provoking the development of oncology.

Application of camphor oil

How old is China, so many years know that camphor oil can be used as a drug. Already in antiquity they understood that the oil was able to provide an exciting effect on vascular and respiratory centers of the brain.

We list all the scope of camphor oil:

  • In the diseases of the upper respiratory tract: Rinit, sinusitis, sinusitis, tonsillitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis;
  • camphor oil, like camphor, beautiful analeptic;
  • enhances the metabolic processes of the body;
  • very effective during mastopathy;
  • strengthens and stimulates the work of the heart muscle;
  • softens and dilutes the sputum, contributes to its better disbursement;
  • Good vasoconstrictor, removes the swelling of the nasopharynx;
  • sedative and soothing (often used in aromatherapy in conjunction with chamomile, patchouli, incense and basil);
  • anti-face;
  • Inside is used in the injections of the solvent of the oil camphor for stimulation of cardiovascular activities;
  • externally used to prevent the formation of bedsores, diaper disposals, maceration;
  • used during massage;
  • Beautiful flourishing agent (in inhalations);
  • Well cleanses skin cover, rejuvenates, tones, whitens;
  • cares for hair and scalp, especially in combination with castor oil;
  • It has a warming effect in rubbers and compresses (for the same purpose they use camphor alcohol), it helps well with ear inflammation;
  • Effectively struggles with serous and junk rashes by means of cavity;
  • helps with the decline of forces;
  • Good tool from insects when applying a thin layer on open skin — It is necessary to mix with other oil or cosmetic cream;
  • treats urological diseases;
  • In cosmetology, it is recommended by the owners of oily, problem skin.

White camphor oil — Also an excellent means that boasts a whole arsenal of healing properties:

  • good antiseptic;
  • annoying local action;
  • anti-inflammatory;
  • anti-allergic;
  • cardiotonic;
  • warming;
  • reduces sweating, deodoric;
  • White camphor oil — antidepressant;
  • immunomodulatory;
  • antispasmodic;
  • removes pain in the joints and muscles in arthritis, rheumatism;
  • Improves mental processes: memory, attention;
  • lowers fatigue, removes weakness;
  • used in aromatherapy;
  • Used in respiratory diseases, smoker cough;
  • Locally treated various kinds of wounds, burns, frostbite.

Camphor oil — Contraindications to use

Camphor oil & mdash; Contraindications to useAny means has its own «per» and «against». Camphor oil also has contraindications, it cannot be used:

  • in individual intolerance;
  • pregnant women;
  • Children;
  • People who have bronchial asthma;
  • Those who are subject to frequent attacks with the development of convulsion, or those who are sick epilepsy;
  • Due to the possible irritation of the skin, it is impossible to use those who have skin pathologies;
  • With homeopathotherapy — Possible skin irritation of various intensity.

In case of treatment with camphor oil, overdose is worthwhile. If the norm is exceeded, then the following reactions are possible: the state of excitation and motor activity, the appearance of convulsion and delusional state.

The number of side effects includes the following manifestations:

  • Redness of the skin;
  • headache;
  • Dizziness.

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