Women's happiness in people's superstitions


  • Signs of love and marriage
  • Signs of Pregnancy
  • Signs of prosperity in the family

  • Women's happiness in people's superstitionsWhat it is - true happiness? According to the results of a poll in major Russian cities, it turned out that everything is simple. Secrets of female happiness lie in the family. Favorite male, marriage, children, comfort, and prosperity at home, and eventually grandchildren ... How to predict this is the woman's happiness? People's memory is preserved signs, tells you how to watch out for his supportive own destiny.

    Signs of love and marriage

    • Start the Hibiscus House. This rose, if properly care for it, lure the woman to the house a lot of love.
    • The obtained ring home (long-lost) says that a lot of love on the threshold.
    • If going on a first date, you accidentally stumble on level ground, then your relationship is destined to a bright future.
    • Meet and kiss at the meeting should be on a flat surface. Steps promise fail in relationships.
    • Avoid knit favorite things before the wedding, or big chance that he will go to another.
    • True happiness is impossible without loyaltyspouse. To the marriage was strong to save the family from the change, before the church or registry office bride and groom must bring each other vow of faithfulness by the river, spring or well. It is believed that the oath uttered over the water - the most durable.
    • The bride should cry before registration of marriage - then she and her husband will be very happy life.
    • Marriage will be a long and happy marriage if the time scheduled for the afternoon hours.

    Signs of Pregnancy

    • At a time when there is a desire to have a child, a woman needs to buy a little baby thing. It will help the child come into the world.
    • If it is impossible to conceive a child, you need to visit the places of power: the holy place and the energy-rich. First of all, it's monasteries, sacred springs and mountains.
    • The house is let grow ficus he lure conception.
    • Among female happiness secrets are important onesassociated with someone's already become pregnant. For example, to measure things pregnant, have a drink of water from her glass, sit where it is heated a sofa or chair with your body.
    • The signal that it's time to conception - unexpectedly rapid growth and flowering of the plurality of indoor plants.
    • The sign of the kitten. Shelter to the homeless cat, you lure desired pregnancy. One "but": the kitten to find your own, when you think you forget about the take.
    • True signs of pregnancy - the dreams of children, fishing, received a gift in jewelry and milk.
    • To quickly conceive a child, you want to invite to the wedding pregnant. To enhance the effect of the bride on the wedding day should hold the baby on her lap.

    Signs of prosperity in the family

    • Husband and wife need to wipe the face of different towels - then there will be quarrels.
    • Christening clothes firstborn should be dry and noDo not erasing, hidden in a secret place. All subsequent children should be baptized only in the same shirt - then the family will be peace and happiness, and children will always live easily and freely.
    • Get home Spathiphyllum. It is no coincidence that the plant is popularly named "woman's happiness." The first sign that not all is smooth in the family will leaves a bad feeling (of course, if for flower care properly).
    • Put on the shelf at home figurine kissing birds - cranes and pigeons. This talisman will bring you a strong marriage, fidelity and love.

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