Your child has worms?


  • What are the main symptoms of this disease?
  • Enterobiasis (pinworm infestation)
  • ascariasis
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  • The most common parasitic infestation (presence of worms), a child is diagnosed as a result of the medical examination. But attentive mother herself can suspect the presence of her baby worms.

    What are the main symptoms of this disease?

    Look for your child: if he likes to nibble biting nails and whether there is a habit of sucking her thumb, keep it in the nose, if he likes to chew a pen, markers, used by the school? Please note if your child forgets to wash their hands when they come from the streets, before meals or after losing a beloved cat. The presence of these habits is a prerequisite for infection with worms.

    And when the worms enters the child's body, it actually develops the disease.

    Most often this manifests change in appetitechild. Mom says that a certain period of her child begins to eat poorly, even favorite foods. At the same time there is an inclination to excessive consumption of sweets, especially chocolate, which did not exist before. Such children may complain of small periodic aching pain in the abdomen, usually near the navel, sometimes - nausea, especially in the morning. There may also disturb the headache and the sensation of pain in the leg muscles, joints. The child appeared bruises under his eyes, it becomes less resilient during exercise, gets tired easily. Children can sleep in the teeth grinding, which is caused by skin itching in the anus area. Periodic cough at night, too, should alert parents, because it may indicate the presence of Ascaris.

    If you notice your child have these symptoms, contact your primary care pediatrician, talk about their observations. Fecal help clarify the diagnosis.

    Enterobiasis (pinworm infestation)

    Pinworms - are small (about 1 cm), white worms with a pointed rear end.

    Infection with this disease results from ingestion of eggs of intestinal worms, which may be under the nails, on clothing, linen or house dust.

    Oral eggs reach the intestine, where they appear the larvae, which mature within 12-14 days. After that the female is capable of laying eggs already.

    At night, when the muscles relax, the female crawlsfrom the intestine and lays around the anus large number of eggs. During this skin irritation occurs, which is accompanied by severe itching. When a child is combing the place, the eggs fall under the nails, then toddler he carries them in all things, which touches - blankets, toys, food. Within 6 hours of each egg small larvae appear that viable for 20 days. Pinworm eggs are resistant to the action of disinfectants, but die quickly when exposed to ultraviolet rays of the sun. Another condition is that the unsanitary conditions for children are reusable possibility of infection because the immune system is not developed after suffering enterobiosis.

    There are no specific clinical manifestationsno disease. itching occurs most often in the anal area, especially in the evening and at night, sleep disturbance. Sometimes pinworms can penetrate into the appendix (appendix bowel), causing inflammatory changes in it, there are cases of worms hit in the genitals and the urethra in girls, which can also lead to inflammation.

    Diagnosis is confirmed by the detection of eggs or isolated from the feces of worms. If this happens, it is necessary to conduct a survey of all family members, including adults.


    This type of helminth infections is particularly common. According to preliminary data from ascariasis in the world affects about 1 million people. Most often affects children of preschool and early school age.

    In appearance resembles an earthen Ascarisworm. Adults reach a size of 15-20 cm (males) to 20-40 cm (female). Ascaris is a prolific worm. During the day she can lay up to 200 000 eggs. These worms live 1-2 years. roundworm eggs with feces infected person get into the soil. Unwashed, contaminated soil hands are one of the main sources of infection. Most of Ascaris eggs enter the body with fruits, vegetables, contaminated ground or flies. When a person ingests the eggs of Ascaris, they reach the intestine. Of these larvae that penetrate through the gut wall into the bloodstream. They then migrate to the lung alveoli, and then from a large small bronchi and trachea. Reaching the pharynx, the larvae are swallowed with the saliva or food, and again fall into the esophagus, stomach and settle in the small intestine. There they continue to grow, to lay eggs. The duration of the cycle just described - from 10 to 11 weeks.

    Your child has worms? Symptoms depend on where inCurrently there is a parasite. If he is in the light, in children there is a dry cough, sometimes tingling, or pain in the chest. baby's body temperature is normal or slightly increased (37,2-37,5 degrees), there is a general malaise, decreased appetite. In some cases, evidence of infection of Ascaris pneumonia or bronchitis, which occur very difficult: high temperature (38-40 degrees) for a few days, a sharp discomfort, shortness of breath, cyanosis around the mouth, cough with sputum mixed with blood.

    At the same time, the skin may appear in a variety of rashes, blisters or red spots that disappear quickly.

    The analysis detected increased blood eosinophils, sometimes elevated white blood cell count.

    Stay ascarids in the intestine manifestedproblems with the digestive system, as evidenced by nausea, vomiting, abdominal discomfort or pain attacks in the navel area. In young children there are pale skin, vomiting, cyanosis under the eyes.

    Almost all babies have symptomsdamage to the central nervous system: irritability, poor sleep, fatigue, feeling of heaviness of the head, apathy. Quite often there are behavioral: kids are capricious, scattered, suffering from night terrors; memory and attention deteriorate.

    When a large number of worms in a childinterweaving them into a ball may occur. This could cause bowel obstruction or blockage of the bile duct. In this case, there is a severe abdominal pain, vomiting of bile, fever, jaundice appears occasionally.

    Confirm the diagnosis of ascariasis possible the detection of Ascaris eggs in faeces, although in some cases they can not be found, despite the fact that the parents have seen roundworm in a child seat.

    Drug treatment of helminthic invasion conducted by a doctor. Depending on the species of helminths certain drugs used. The dose and duration of their application determines the pediatrician.

    In addition to medicines, traditional treatments are widely used, who mostly have an auxiliary effect.


    Pinworms can be absorbed in the female genital organs,causing girls vulvitis, vulvovaginitis. Hit the worms into the urinary tract contributes to bedwetting, the development of cystitis. Pinworms often fall into the appendix, causing acute inflammation of it, and as a result - surgical treatment of appendicitis.

    As we have said, with a large numberascarids may interweaving them into a ball, which causes the child mechanical intestinal obstruction. Most often it is observed in children 1-6 years. The literature describes cases of defeat Ascaris upper respiratory tract (nose, throat) Eustachian tube (which connects the inner ear to the nasal course), and even sudden death from suffocation tangle of Ascaris.


    The main preventive measure -personal hygiene. And here, undoubtedly, the main role belongs to parents, educators, teachers - all those around the child. We, the adults, we must remember that only verbal plants are inefficient. Disease prevention should be a personal example of adults, and continuous monitoring of the implementation of our baby tips, guidance.

    It is necessary to monitor the purity of the hands before eating,after the street, going to the toilet (regardless of whether the child after it has or not), the mandatory washing of fruits and vegetables with hot water before use.

    Was contaminated with worms promote the habit of children to suck his fingers, nail biting, picking his nose.

    To prevent re self pinworms need to perform certain actions:

    • at night be sure to wear tight-fitting tights or shorts (to helminth eggs are not echoed on the bedclothes);
    • in the morning to wash the anus;
    • pants after washing ironing with a hot iron;
    • you need to treat all family members.

    With regard to the prevention of the ascariasis, except for the above, it should be remembered that the main source of infection is human faeces.

    Use feces to feed the soil can beonly after composting to destroy the eggs of Ascaris. Eggs their ability to store and reproduce several months transferred chilled (5-10 degrees) in the soil for two years.

    Due to the fact that in the summer especially increased incidence of infection with worms, it is recommended to spend 1-2 courses of treatment of worms folk ways prophylactically.

    From traditional medicine most often used these recipes:
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    • Peeled pumpkin seeds through a meat grinder(or chop in another way). Take 2 tablespoons, washed down with warm milk. You need to do this in the morning, on an empty stomach (before meals). After an hour, take a laxative. Used to remove pinworms.
    • Five cloves of ground garlic with a glass of boiled milk will help get rid of roundworms and pinworms. Two hours after taking the mixture, you need to take a laxative.
    • 20-30 grams of Wallachian leaves nut pour 1 liter of water. Boil. Drinking on an empty stomach (in the morning) and 1/2 cup before each meal.

    The recipes are indicated dose for adults and childrensenior 15 years. Depending on the age, the dose is changed as follows: up to 2 years - to appoint 1 / 10-1 / 8 adult dose; 2 years - 1 / 8-1 / 4; 3 to 4 years - 1 / 6-1 / 4; from 4 to 7 years old - 1/3; from 7 to 14 years - 1/2; from 14 to 16 - 2/3 dose.

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