External hemorrhoids - external manifestations


External hemorrhoids - external manifestationsIt is a disease in which people of working age are at risk, and factors in the development of external hemorrhoids are:

  • constipation, which result in increased pressure in the rectum and provoke the blood flow to the nodes already advanced, causing them to grow and fall;
  • a sedentary lifestyle and lack of exercise;
  • pregnancy and childbirth;
  • alcohol abuse.

Progression of the disease is characterized by gradual,when the pain first detected only during defecation, then straining or exertion, heavy lifting, and even when you cough or sneeze. In the initial stages of hemorrhoids can still reduce a muscular effort, and then, when they are permanently located outside the anal canal, are markers of external hemorrhoids with periodic, painful exacerbations chattering. Such a state is accompanied by bleeding, severe itching, pain, and help in this case can only be expected from such a surgery is the removal of external sites.

Treatment of external hemorrhoids

There are several approaches in the therapy ofdisease depending on the stage of development, the severity of clinical manifestations, as well as the presence of other concomitant disease. All these factors determine the ways and methods of successful therapy is not only external but also internal hemorrhoids. The treatment involves conservative medical method of using folk remedies. Among them, especially combating pathological constipation, use and regular use antigemorroidalnyh preparations in the form of suppositories, ointments, gels and creams.

External hemorrhoids treatment of folk remediesRecommended hip baths with broths,infusions, juices, as well as therapeutic massage and herbal medicine at home, where the disease to treat many prefer experiencing false shame and a lot of inconvenience in connection with a visit to the proctologist.

But we should not forget that the conservative methods usually has a temporary nature, and therefore preferred in the treatment of external hemorrhoids should be given maloinvazivnvoy surgery.

Minimally invasive surgery

Today's operations are characterized by low morbidity and low-traumatic, are widely used in the early stages of the disease symptoms:

  • sclerotherapy;
  • infrared coagulation;
  • ligation of hemorrhoids with special rubber rings;
  • ligation of hemorrhoids under ultrasound guidance.

Surgical techniques are used extensively inspecialized clinics, where they successfully treat hemorrhoids is now possible thanks to modern knowledge using high-tech equipment. Reduced length of stay in hospital, and excellent results are increasingly attracting patients where hemorrhoids can be treated painlessly, safely and quickly.

Anal sex and hemorrhoids: benefit or harm?

Anal sex and hemorrhoids: benefit or harm?Many proctologist specialists and sexologistsJust point to the connection between anal sex and the occurrence of hemorrhoids. On the one hand, non-traditional sexual experience leads to the activation of the anus muscles, contributes to their fitness and prevents the appearance of "a difficult disease." On the other hand, while having anal sex in the case of internal hemorrhoids, such sexual contact exacerbates the picture of the disease, provokes serious and dangerous complications, yet not visualized, and does not indicate the specific location where the treat. Hemorrhoids in this case and at this stage has not yet been assigned to the stage and degree, but manifestations of the disease in the form of discomfort, itching and burning are already being felt.
The negative consequences of anal sex andhemorrhoids, which is localized just in this area, may result in damage and inflammation of the rectal mucosa, the development of acute inflammatory processes and, finally, the possibility distribution of urogenital infections. Doctors recommend a manifestation of moderation, and pause between contacts should be no less than one week, because in acute course of the disease such proximity is contraindicated, but at the slightest suspicion of complications recommended immediate access to a doctor.

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