How to recognize the first symptoms of varicose?


How to recognize the first varicose symptoms?Someone considers,
that in our life everything is predetermined, and all the events taking place with us,
Subordinates incomprehensible but clear logic. Someone, on the contrary, is sure that our
The future depends only on our ourselves, we own our own actions
Your life way. Whatever it was, but also those and others are completely easily
can catch surprise disease and malaise. After all, some diseases are
Pores before time do not show themselves actively, and we are uncomfortable, only when
The disease has already flourished in lush. However, we have the opportunity to warn in advance
some troubles and helps us in this our body.

The body is distinguished by wisdom and foresight. He has many
signal charts that it uses when wants to notify us about danger.
As soon as the probability of illness appears, the body immediately begins to beat
alarm, sending many signs about what happened. We are accustomed to calling these signs
Symptoms. And our main task — be able to notice them in time and, so
way, determine the disease in the bud, and even avoid it at all.

The very first symptoms of varicose expansion
veins undoubtedly belong to such a job that is extremely important and necessary. After all, varicose varicking is hit immediately in two directions:
health of our legs and according to their appearance, t. E. By their beauty. What a woman
Wanted «flaunt» on the beach with blue «asterisks»? In addition, women
suffer from this attack more often than men. So we just need to be
In fully vessel. Varicose disease is manifested by the expansion of surface (subcutaneous) veins,
What is usually caused by a violation of the outflow of venous blood in the lower
limbs. What symptoms can tell us that we are approaching the zone

  • Pain in the legs.
  • Gravity in the legs
    After a long stay in the standing position or sitting.
  • Eveny,
    Mostly in the evening.
  • Foot cramps,
    appearing during sleep.
  • Changes external
    Skin Views and Leather — it becomes dry, stains can appear and
    «Vascular stars»
  • Cutting varicose veins
    Vienna on the legs.

This is those
The most signs, with the help of which the body signals us, what he needs
help. But what kind of help is? First, you need to seem
Special doctor — Flabogu. Accurate and final diagnosis can only be delivered
he. Secondly, it is worth carefully studying your wardrobe and, if necessary
Refuse close underwear, tough shoes and high-heeled shoes.
This will reduce the load on the veins. Thirdly, you need to pay attention to your image
Life. Bad habits, such as smoking and drinking alcohol, besides
that negatively affects many organs in our body, and very
badly affect blood circulation. Fourth, it is important to follow in your
The diet was enough for vegetables and fruits, vitamins and minerals
which contribute to the strengthening of the vascular wall.

Well, of course, not
We will forget about special medical preparations that can
use for prevention varicose. It is this drug that is antistax®. It is based on the grape red leaves extract, which is
excellent antioxidant due to flavonoids, biologically active substances that improve blood circulation and strengthen the walls of the vessels. Antistax®
Produced in three different forms, convenient for use: These are capsules, gel
and spray. Antistax® In capsules is intended for exchange rate reception (2-3 months), eliminates
Pain in the legs and feeling of gravity, removes swelling, improves blood circulation,
protecting your veins from the inside.

Antistax® Spray
instantly gives the fee of comfort, cool and moisturizes the legs,
Keeping their beauty. Spray is released in a comfortable small canister, which
You can easily take with you to work on a business trip or on vacation. Antistax® Gel
also intended for outdoor use, quickly removes the feeling of gravity and
Foot fatigue, has a cooling effect. You can combine different forms
drug, for example, at the same time taking capsules and daily
Taking advantage of gel. Such a double blow to unpleasant symptoms will allow
Faster to achieve the desired positive result.

So, considering
All of the above, we can conclude that some diseases are better to avoid,
the subsequently do long and not always simple treatment. The main thing —
listen to the signals of your wise organism and do the right on time

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