hemorrhoid disease: stage of disease and diagnostic methods


hemorrhoid disease: stage of disease and diagnostic methodsThe disease is chronic and acute hemorrhoidscharacterized by the pathological expansion of hemorrhoidal veins located in the anal canal, with possible complications: thrombosis and bleeding. According to official figures 10-15% of Russia's population suffers from this disease.

This is the disease of sedentary way of lifeUnlike animals, where gravity acts uniformly on the entire body and blood does not stagnate in the veins of the pelvis. This is why hemorrhoids - is an occupational disease of people with sedentary work: drivers, accountants, programmers, as well as women who have to experience the incredible strain and stress during pregnancy and childbirth.

A doctor treating hemorrhoids is a surgeon or a proctologist, it defines the basic methods of treatment:

  • conservative - candles, ointments, baths, physiotherapy, diet;
  • surgery - excision and ligation of hemorrhoids, sclerotherapy, ligation and other vacuum.

"The sooner - the better" - the basic principle of treatment

In the course of the disease marked 4 stages:

  • The first stage: nodes somewhat enlarged and can not act until the rectal lumen. Their unpleasant appearance significantly only during defecation, and much discomfort is not present. Principle: "The sooner - the better" comes into force, and requires recourse to the doctor treating the initial stage, because hemorrhoids at this stage is still amenable to conservative medical treatment.
  • The second stage is characterized by lossenlarged hemorrhoids from the rectum during defecation and physical activity, but their reduction is still possible to carry out on their own with the help of muscular effort. At this time, it begins to appear a feeling of itching and burning in the anus. A doctor at this stage uses infrared coagulation, ligation may take several sessions, but the result lives up to expectations, as the disease at that time very quickly progresses.
  • The third stage - this is the outer manifestation ofhemorrhoids under the influence of even minor physical exertion, accompanied this process by severe itching and pain. Self-treatment of the disease at home at this stage is not possible, a conservative already inefficient, and can only be surgery, which means that the faster you will find yourself at the surgeon, the better.
  • The fourth stage - when already advanced nodesdoes not reduce a self even manually but this falls outside intestinal mucosa, having ulcers, thrombosis and bleeding from the nodes. During this period, the disease severely weakened sphincter, perhaps involuntary discharge of gas and loose stool.

Methods of diagnosis of the disease hemorrhoids

The treatment of hemorrhoids of 1 stageAccurate diagnosis - a reliable weapon in the hands of doctor, treating hemorrhoids, and the main methods are:

  • digital research;
  • sigmoidoscopy;
  • anoscopy - research ampoule intestine via anoscope (rectal mirror);
  • colonoscopy - endoscopy of the rectum;
  • barium enema - a study by X-ray;
  • coprogram - feces analysis on the composition, ie, on the inherent properties, the remnants of undigested food, mucus elements;..
  • the presence of fecal occult blood;
  • a blood test for the presence of anemia and iron content.

The treatment of hemorrhoids of 1 stage

How to cure hemorrhoids at homeIt starts immediately after the fingerinvestigation and detection of small internal nodes. Hemorrhoid Treatment not only 1, but 2 steps possible without surgical intervention by drug therapy with agents that help treat and sometimes cure hemorrhoids at home.

By applying medical conservativeTherapy is usually solved several problems: the elimination of acute pain and inflammation, improving blood flow in the expanded vasculature, stop bleeding. In the early stages of the nodes is fairly easy to reduce a, and the patient seems to cure hemorrhoids nodes in the home is not difficult, but it must be remembered that at any stage is not easy to cure. Hemorrhoids home contraindicated hot bath, heavy exercise, constipation, and, of course, alcohol.

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