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  • Every morning in the Nuta family began equally.
    - Anya, ascent! Time to go to school.
    - Well, mommy, five more minutes.
    - Nic «five minutes»! Get up quickly, breakfast on the table.
    - Okay, I get up, but I will not eat - I will not!

    The girl did not eat for breakfast not only the notorious manna porridge. It also categorically refused from cheesecakes, boiler, bananas and yogurt. Anya could not have breakfast so early. But on an empty stomach «to study hard» not very easy, and breakfasts in the school dining room did not awaken her appetite. So every morning mom broke her head over what to give his passive daughter to school. Put her in a briefcase sandwich with sausage? So she will eat bread and sausage «Skorph» Boys from class. Chocolate cheek? He will turn on the road to the pellet. Maybe the grandmother's cake with cabbage is suitable - it seems to be His, it still eats?.. And here is a small schoolgirl on the go drinks a cup of tea, grabs the package prepared by my mother and rushes to gain knowledge.

    Early in the morning

    How to get a full-fledged nutrition that he just needs?

    Each mother knows that she loves her son or daughter. So try to offer a schoolboy for breakfast anything useful and tasty. Explain to him why it is so important to eat before school.

    Food for breakfast should not be «Heavy», Oversaturated firals. Let it be a fish, boiled egg or omelet, cutlet, cottage cheese, porridge. And necessarily - some vegetables. Complete the tea menu, cocoa with milk or juice.

    What should a student's diet

    School food one. Fruit or juice (before classes).

    2. Breakfast: Dairy porridge, cottage cheese casserole, omelet, pancakes, egg, sandwich with cheese or sausage (all sausages must be certified «For school food»), tea with lemon or cocoa.

    3. Dinner: vegetable vegetable salad; Vegetarian soup or (no more than one or two times a week) Soup welded on clipping with pieces of meat, must be supplied to the bean and pea soups; chicken, meat, fish; One piece is usually served with beef (only clipping!) or chicken, pork must be used exclusively in the cutlets. Portion - 50 - 100 g; Potato mashed potatoes, pasta, porridge, cabbage rolls, stewed cabbage, vegetable stew (150 g); Compote from dried fruits and fresh-frozen berries.

    4. Afternoon person: Fruit, Juice, Kefir, Yogurt, Casserole, Fritters, Pancakes, Gingerbread, Bun.

    Note to parents

    Home Menu - Tips for doctors from the Institute of Nutrition of the Academy of Medical Sciences.

    The child should eat at least 4 times a day, and better - 5 times. Now in schools are often introduced additional extracurricular activities, the Institute of Food Rams has developed a new diet of schoolchildren - not two-, and a three-time: breakfast, lunch and afternoon snannik. However, in the morning your schoolboy must have breakfast house. Experts argue: if you want the child to fully fill in school, teach it to a variety of food at home.

    On a change

    You can go to school with boiled meat sandwich, sausage or cheese. You can offer a child to take yogurt, baked at home or purchased in the store Rogly, Pies, Buns. For a variety Prepare your small student cheesery, casserole. Now - autumn, time rich in fruit and vegetables. Therefore, do not forget to put apples, pears, cucumber or carrots in the portfolio.

    Usually, in schools children give milk or juice. But if your child does not drink what is offered at school, give him a compote, juice, tea. A flask or a bottle in which you will install them, must be thoroughly washed.

    When cooking school breakfast, it is important to consider what time it will be eaten: after the first lesson or after the third. After all, the optimal storage time products in the portfolio is 2 hours from the date of preparation. Meat products are especially quickly spoiled. Keep in mind: Stretch boiled sausage only hurt the stomach kid. This topic is especially relevant for the cold season, when heating includes heating, and the products deteriorate faster.

    Hot lunch

    «School sandwich» can not replace a full dinner. So try to be children, especially those who remain after the lessons on «Prothenka», at the school ace «Hot». If your child is in class up to an hour or up to two, and then go home, make sure that there is a full-fledged lunch there.

    Generally, I advise you to feed the children fractionally, that is, more often, but in small portions. Then the mother's sandwich will be useful, and in the dining room appetite will not disappear.


    It has a great importance how you pack a school breakfast, and in what conditions the child will eat it. You can use plastic Sudbs (whether it is worth saying that they should be perfectly clean) or food film. Food does not lose its primary form in Sudiechki, does not blur textbooks. But breakfast, packed in the film, from the point of view of nutritional hygiene is safer and more convenient.

    After all, it is no secret that schoolchildren do not always wash their hands before eating. In such a package you can bite the sandwich and at the same time do not touch it, keeping only for the film. True, it does not mean that the child does not need to take care of the purity of the hands. Parents must tell a little student about the importance of personal hygiene for his health.


    In all schools there are lunches. But maybe such food is undesirable for medical testimony. What then to make parents?

    Recently, in schools introduced special free lunches for children with digestive disorders. In such cases, food is preparing taking into account the requirements of a gentle diet, without sharp and fried dishes. In order for the child to receive dietary lunches, parents need to put the baby to take into account the gastroenterologist, pass the relevant commission and get the necessary references.

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