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  • Where the problem?
  • What is useful and what is harmful?
  • Recipe from nature: the healing plantain
  • "Right" medicine: let's deal with your doctor
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  • Where the problem?

    SRK: let's seeProblems arise in the intestine including the people who are watching their diet and can not afford anything extra. Where is the problem?

    Malnutrition or violation of his habitualmode, for example, with the onset of summer, trips or travel, of course, one of the main, but not the only reason that can lead to disease. In the bowels tangible influence neuro-psychological, psycho-emotional disorders, stress, sedentary lifestyle.

    This may be due to endocrine disorders,such as obesity and diabetes. And women may be associated with the menstrual cycle and pregnancy, and menopause, and some gynecological diseases. I think you need a specialist guidance primarily to identify the cause of the problem, and then decide how to get rid of it.

    What is useful and what is harmful?

    When troubled intestines most importantly - the right diet. But diets are now so many that just right to get lost. What is really useful and what is harmful?

    Distractedly really not surprising, given thatthat the literature on nutrition is now experiencing a real boom. What you can advise? Do not trust blindly any literature, guided only by specialists. General principles of food with irritable bowel developed for a long time, they just need to learn once and for all.

    • First. Effective so-called "elimination diet" that does not contain caffeine, lactose, fructose, vinegar, alcohol, pepper, smoked - all that causes excessive flatulence.
    • Second. It is necessary to take into account what mostly is accompanied by disease - pain and bloating, constipation or diarrhea. The approach here might be just the opposite.
    • Third. Actively use the products and dishes thatcontain astringent tannins. This broths and jelly of dried blueberries and raspberries, berries, cherry, pear, dogwood, quince juice and rind decoction of pomegranate, viburnum juice, strong tea. Assist dishes, enveloping the intestinal mucosa - for example, decoctions of cereals, pureed oatmeal, mucous soups. It reduces flatulence, and therefore relieves pain infusion of fennel seeds. This is something that has long been known and time-tested.
    • Fourth. Drinks and meals using only the form of heat. Prohibited food with a temperature lower than room temperature.
    • Fifth. Since disturbed intestinal microflora, necessarydairy products, as well as a small number of well-pureed fruits, berries and vegetables. In normal tolerance can advise apple, vegetable and fruit diet.
    • Sixth. Due to the high losses of protein, vitamins andmineral substances with diarrhea of ​​their content in the diet should be somewhat higher than normal - mainly due to the boiled meat and fish, cheese, egg dishes. To enrich the diet and multivitamin preparations.
    • Seventh. When you eliminate flatulence beans, cabbage andother products containing carbohydrates legkosbrazhivaemye. It is necessary to limit the consumption of beer, apple and grape juice, bananas, nuts, raisins. Flatulence and sorbitol helps to add to the diet products and medications. It should be remembered that an excess of plant fibers leads to flatulence, but it usually takes a few days after the body gets used to the diet.
    • Eighth. Overeating in people with the syndromeirritable colon, diarrhea, and promotes the development of spasms. You will feel better if you eat smaller amounts of food or split into several stages. This is especially true of those whose diet consists primarily of foods rich in carbohydrates - pasta, rice, white bread, vegetables.

    Recipe from nature: the healing plantain

    SRK: let's seeIt is known that constipation is very good plantain. How to take it?

    First you need to undergo a full examination andfind out the cause of constipation. Then I have to pick up the medication. Regarding plantain, then an effective means. Now on sale a special preparation based on psyllium - mukofalk. Take it inside 5 g 2-6 times a day. Before use, the contents of the sachet are poured into a glass that slowly fills with cold water, then stir, and drink immediately washed down with another glass of water. The day must be not less than one and a half liters of fluid. This drug can be taken even to pregnant women. Only need to remember that in the early days there may be some increase in flatulence and a feeling of fullness in the stomach. Then all will go back to normal.

    "Right" medicine: let's deal with your doctor

    Can I get rid of irritable bowel syndrome medication way? Which drugs do you recommend?

    This again depends on what prevails -pain and bloating, diarrhea or constipation. When the pain and flatulence is considered optimal assignment pinoveriuma bromide. But now it appeared the newest drugs - so-called agonists, antagonists and adrenergic agents. To understand them, help the doctor.

    With diarrhea loperamide is effective - it is safe,no side effects and is therefore included in the group of non-prescription medications. Now a new form of the drug - not the traditional capsules, a small, fast-dissolving tablets in a language that does not even need to drink water. They will also help with nausea, vomiting, swallowing disorders.

    Well established itself and combinedpreparation containing both loperamide and simethicone. With the prevalence of constipation, if not help diet, try poprinimat laxatives. Among them, the best proved to lactulose and magnesia milk.

    Saline funds that were oncepopular, best avoided - they may increase the pain. Do not interfere as dietary supplements containing plant fibers. In addition to medication, can not do without additional treatments. This could be physical education, physical therapy, hypnosis and group treatment in special schools and clubs for patients with irritable bowel syndrome.

    In harmony with oneself

    Can I get rid of irritable bowel syndrome, all without resorting to drugs? It is believed that in the treatment of IBS is the main thing - to achieve harmony and peace. Is it so?

    This is a very important point. Irritable Bowel really very often accompanied by irritable mood. And if the disease has not yet reached a critical state, try to cope with it the force of his character. But this, however, does not exclude bowel examination, proper diet and lifestyle.

    The effect often depends not so much on doctors,modern equipment and new drugs, but on faith in all this. Try to create a sense of inner harmony, peace and joy, does not focus on the pain, and to a pleasant sensation somewhere in the other organs. And then these pleasant feelings like "multiply" and spread throughout the body. It's quite simple and effective way: it is possible the whole day feel quite comfortable.

    When irritable bowel syndrome is necessary to observe the correct diet. Equally important is the psychological mood of recovery.

    For your information

    SRK: let's seeCan you recommend a simple and effective recipes of traditional medicine?

    • When colitis constipation useful porridge of millet andpumpkin pulp. Prepare as a decoction of pumpkin peduncle. To do this, 15 to 20 g of chopped stalks need to cook for 15 minutes in two cups of water. Dose - for one day.
    • Carrot juice - a good remedy for enteritis,accompanied by diarrhea. At the same time it is used, and constipation. Fresh juice with pulp is recommended to drink on an empty stomach at 150-200 ml. Young children give one tablespoon in the morning and evening. Take no more than 7-10 days. Juice should only be freshly prepared.
    • fresh potato juice inhibits the secretiondigestive glands, so it is used as an antacid agent. It contributes to the cessation of heartburn, nausea and vomiting, reduces pain in the stomach and intestine. For juice washed and peeled raw tubers mince or grate. From this mass to squeeze under the weight of the juice drain. Cooking only once.
    • Cabbage juice helps to reduce and sometimesthe disappearance of pain, to stop vomiting, nausea, heartburn and constipation. Is it in the form of heat for one glass of 4 times a day for 45 minutes before eating. The course of treatment - from 20 to 40 days. To obtain fresh cabbage juice to grind and pound in non-oxidizing dish, then squeeze. You can use modern juicer, made of non-corrosive materials.

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