Bronchial asthma


    Asthma refers to a chronic
    lung disease, the disease is an inflammatory character, manifested as seizures
    choking, shortness of breath and cough. Violation of normal breathing in asthma is due to
    airway constriction due to swelling and large amounts of bronchial
    mucus produced in response to stimulation. Often, asthma in children, but with age it can "grow": about half
    children with the right treatment recover.

    Accepted provide the following types of asthma:

    1. Bronchial asthmaAtopic
      asthma. This type appears in children and young people aged up to 20 years. Disease
      inhaled irritants cause non-infectious human nature (disputes
      molds, dust mites, animal fur and food components - preservatives
      beer and wine). She is often accompanied by rhinitis and dermatitis.
    2. On
      background of chronic airway inflammation develops
      infectious and allergic asthma. This type is typical for people over 35 years.
      Alien bacteria (if not finished the cure bronchitis, tonsillitis, and sinusitis) violate
      bronchi immune system, leading to an asthmatic attack.
    3. The result
      use of certain medications can become drug
      (Aspirin) form of asthma. This kind of disease is a result of
      are hypersensitive to aspirin or other anti-inflammatory drugs.
    4. Asthma
      physical effort. There is a few minutes after physical
      load associated with the inhalation of cold air.


    Asthma can develop in humans
    any age and to achieve any degree of severity. It has paroxysmal
    character, so it is bright signs are asthma attacks. But there are
    cases where such attacks are not observed, and there is a constant dry cough.
    This property atypical of asthma, which can easily be confused with bronchitis, it is important to
    good deal with bronchial asthma symptoms and get tested.

    Symptoms of asthma, asphyxia addition are:
    shortness of breath and wheezing, frequent cough, which may be affected
    at night, shortness of breath with difficulty. Acute respiratory infections and
    exacerbation of chronic bronchopulmonary pathologies contribute to more frequent attacks

    Treatment and
    Help with asthma attack

    Bronchial asthma
    Bronchial asthma, which is a chronic
    inflammation, can not be cured completely, but it can be well-controlled.
    People with asthma, with the exact fulfillment of medical prescriptions can lead
    normal and active lifestyle, travel and sports.

    For successful treatment of asthma, avoid
    contact with an irritant that causes an attack, and regularly visit an allergist.
    To track the disease monitor the performance of maximum speed
    expiratory ( "peak flow"). The medication is used fast
    drugs aimed at emergency care at an attack, and prevention.

    In the case of asthma attack need
    stop contact with the irritant, take a bronchodilator in
    prescribed by the doctor dose, and remain at rest for an hour to normalize breathing.

    First aid in case of attack:

    • provide
      access to fresh air;
    • give
      smell the ammonia;
    • can
      bend his arms and legs in the elbow and knee joints to relax the muscles;
    • make
      massage of the upper body to the back of the head and chest.

    In assisting adults can use
    Fast inhalers ( 'Salbutamol', 'Berotek "et al.), and in case
    asthma attack in a child is better to use drugs such as "Eufillin", "Solutan"
    or drip in a nose solution "Ephedrine".

    You must remain calm, not to
    provoke additional stress in the patient.

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