Pulmonary atelectasis: causes, symptoms, treatment


  • The causes of lung atelectasis
  • Manifestations and diagnosis of lung atelectasis
  • Treatment and prevention of lung atelectasis

  • lung Atelectasis - a condition in which ina result of blockage of the bronchi and the subsequent dispersal of the air space below the blockage occurs spadenie lung tissue, usually a large part of the lung and seal it.

    The causes of lung atelectasis

    Atelectasis may also develop as a result ofcompression of the lung tissue outside of the liquid accumulated between the walls of the thoracic cavity and easy with the inflammation of the pleura. The reason for the blockage of the bronchus may be a tumor, foreign body, an enlarged lymph node, as well as the viscous secretion of the bronchi with pneumonia, bronchitis, bronchiectasis. The emergence of atelectasis sometimes contributes to surgery on the abdominal organs, which takes place under general anesthesia.

    Manifestations and diagnosis of lung atelectasis

    Pulmonary atelectasis: causes, symptoms, treatmentQuite often patients may be signs ofinitial lung disease. When people suddenly arisen atelectasis large area may feel chest pain, new or worsening shortness of breath.

    Others may notice a slight cyanosisskin, uneven movement of the chest during breathing. Furthermore tachycardia, blood pressure drop may occur. If the sleeping areas of inflamed lung - fever.

    Often, however, when the gradual development of atelectasissmall size and its features can be expressed only slightly, and atelectasis is determined only on radiographs. To clarify the causes of atelectasis sometimes have to undergo imaging, Bronchography.

    Treatment and prevention of lung atelectasis

    If atelectasis is important to try to get rid ofits cause, i.e. remove that occludes the bronchus. Often surgery is required for this. After that, usually mild straightened itself. If you can not eliminate the cause, antibiotics are used to in the collapsed lung is not developed inflammation.

    Prevention of atelectasis is important mainly in patients undergoing surgery. They are forced to breathe deeply, actively expectorate sputum, appoint expectorant and mucus thinning agents.

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