Sore joints? The best way to get rid of pain for a long time ...


Sore joints? The best way to get rid of pain for a long time ...Joint diseases belong to the agediseases of the musculoskeletal system, developing as a result of degenerative and metabolic processes in the cartilage and bone tissue. This group includes such common diseases as osteochondrosis, and sciatica, arthritis and arthrosis. In recent decades, articular pathology is often diagnosed in young and even children.

The development of diseases of the joints accompanied bythe emergence of joint pain of varying intensity, motility disorder, swelling, and eventually deformity often develops. All this reduces the quality of life of the patient, limits its motility. Treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system is conducted for a long time using therapeutic, and in the absence of results, and surgical methods of treatment.

Sore joints? The best way to get rid of pain for a long time ...In a sanatorium "Ob stretches" It uses a unique method of treatment of jointswith broth antlers red deer. Pantotheraphy denies anti-inflammatory, regenerating, anti, anti-aging and analgesic effect in the treatment of joints. Application Pantotheraphy has a beneficial effect on the whole body. After a course of therapy improves overall health, it increases the reactivity of the immune system. Procedures using broth antlers held in cedar barrels, tubs, carried packs, wraps and hand massage.

The "Ob reaches" was developed and used forTreatment of patients with diseases of musculoskeletal system treatment program "Healthy joints". The program is designed for 12 days. After a course of treatment is reduced or completely stopped the pain in the joints, increase mobility and range of motion in the affected joints. Carrying out the treatment shown in radiculitis, arthrosis, arthritis, and osteochondrosis.

Sore joints? The best way to get rid of pain for a long time ...The program includes a visit to a physical therapistinitial reception and appointment procedures and monitoring treatment outcomes. Patients take daily mineral water 300 ml for half an hour before a meal. Balneotherapy is performed taking turpentine and coniferous-pearl bath, underwater shower-massage and foot baths with ozone. In the affected joints are appointed by the mud baths, which alternate every other day with antlers and bishofit compresses. Physiotherapy effects on the musculoskeletal system is carried out using magnetic therapy, laser therapy, and pulsed currents. The patients for physical therapy visit ozonterapiyu, parouglekislye bath, hypoxic and gym.

After treatment program "Healthy joints"patients reported a significant improvement in the general condition and the positive changes in the affected joints. The result of treatment is maintained for a long time. Repeat courses shown not earlier than after 8-12 months.

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