Quantum medicine: laser treatment of heel spurs


  • Who and why there is a heel spur?

  • The laser therapy can help with the heel spur?
  • How is laser therapy session heel spurs?

  • Quantum medicine: laser treatment of heel spursPlantar fasciitis heel, - the name,conventional medicine. Heel spur as bony overgrowth is a result of inflammation of the plantar (plantar) fascia at the point of attachment to the heel bone. Wide soles ligament that supports the longitudinal arch of the foot, the most frequently injured and inflamed, making actually occurs heel spurs. Constant microfractures stimulate ossification process by which the body tries to strengthen the "weak" place, but in parallel with the formation of bone increases pressure on the soft tissue and the risk of injury by bone growths.

    Who and why there is a heel spur?

    Plantar fascia is constantly experiencinghuge load and exposed to micro-breaks. Particularly at risk of injury fascia people over 45-50 years, body tissues in which the age-old lost elasticity and the ability to heal itself. The situation is exacerbated by the presence of flat feet, postural disorders, joint function and lower limb blood flow. The disease is more common in women who are overweight, prefer high heels, which generally does not like medicine. Heel spur - a disease of athletes whose heels are forced to endure daily shocks, shocks and bumps, dangerous, despite the use of special shoes.

    The laser therapy can help with the heel spur?

    Effectively the treatment of heel spurs laser?The main symptom is pain of heel spurs,caused by inflammation of the plantar fascia. Pain is sharp and piercing in nature is described by patients as a feeling of "trying to drive a nail in the heel hot" laser therapy is prescribed to deal with it. Treatment of heel spurs medical laser allows to activate blood circulation in the problem area, improve lymph flow, eliminate swelling, to stop inflammation. Regardless of why there calcaneal spur, several courses of laser therapy are able to soften it and cause resorption, if the disease is not running and the on-site portion of the inflamed connective tissue does not form a solid bone outgrowth, subject only to the X-ray beam or a hand surgeon.

    Along with radiation exposure, which offersquantum medicine, heel, plantar fasciitis involves an introduction to the problem area of ​​drugs that have analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect. The active components of the ointment applied to the heel, actively enter the skin using laser beams.

    How is laser therapy session heel spurs?

    Effectively laser treatment of heel spurs and how it is carried out?Laser treatment of heel spurs is carried outusing special devices - sources of low-intensity quantum radiation corresponding to a certain frequency. It is completely painless and does not cause unpleasant sensations. The session is strictly limited to the timing and means exposure for 15 minutes on the plantar surface of the calcaneus, the back and sides of the Achilles tendon.

    Due to the sale of miniaturequantum radiation sources for treating heel spurs laser can not apply to the medical institution and the treatment carried out at home. The condition is the creation of peace for a "sick" heel for a period of 2-3 weeks, followed by wearing orthopedic insoles and soft liner with a hole in the calcaneus.

    In most cases, regardless of whetherwhy there is a heel spur, after 4-5 sessions of laser therapy patients report significant improvement. At the end of the treatment course, and it includes 10-15 procedures, 95% of the pain completely docked, a repetition of therapy a month allows you to fix the result.

    To prevent exacerbation of heel spurs is recommended:

    • to normalize body weight;
    • to live an active lifestyle;
    • use special footwear for sports;
    • wearing orthopedic insoles with soft pads under the heel;
    • solve the problems with my back, joints undergo treatment for poor circulation in the limbs;
    • If discomfort in the heel area, to start laser treatment that will help to stop inflammation in the beginning.

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