Concerned about the joints? Do not tighten the survey!


  • osteoarthritis

  • osteoarthritis

    Concerned about the joints? Do not tighten the survey!Many people do not realize that, consoling himself with the words, they miss serious disease of the joints that affects up to 80% of middle-aged and older - osteoarthritis.

    If you have observed recurrent pain (afterload, evening or night, worse under the influence of weather changes) joints "crunch" movement hindered until the impossibility of motion due to the sharp pain, you can suspect it is a disease. And it should not be afraid - it must be time to begin to heal, to maximally preserve joint mobility and performance. Because osteoarthritis is dangerous not only to the difficulty of movement, but also by the fact that, starting in one joint, it can spread to others.

    What happens to the affected joint? To understand this, we must remember that every joint is a joint bones, covered with cartilage. Cartilage provides good mobility of the joint. Due to the peculiarities of the joint cartilage is moving "smoothly", the joint surfaces as it slides relative to one another. In osteoarthritis the cartilage begins to break down and smoothness of motion is violated.

    If you are diagnosed with "osteoarthritis", it isnot a sentence, although the disease and refers to chronic. Today has developed various methods of prevention and treatment of osteoarthritis, aimed at the function of the affected joint as long as possible.

    The most common methods of treatment include:

    • and physiotherapy and massage. Despite the fact that the movements become painful osteoarthritis, and the disease developed a special set of exercises helps to strengthen the muscles around the affected joint. This helps reduce the burden on him.
    • physiotherapy. When osteoarthritis shows the procedures that contribute to the removal of muscle spasms, improve microcirculation in the joints, helping to keep its mobility. This impact currents and electromagnetic waves, ultrasonic treatment, ultraviolet irradiation, UHF, heat treatments including paraffin baths, peat mud and baths.
    • medications. When osteoarthritis using drugs that reduce inflammation and provide an analgesic effect (in the first place - a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs). Also inject corticosteroids directly into the joint and near joint, in the "pain points." In order to preserve as much as possible cartilage longer apply hondroprotektory (chondroitin, glucosamine, etc.).

    And a few simple guidelines: Watch your weight (obesity - one of the factors contributing to the development of osteoarthritis), lead an active lifestyle, try to avoid injury and unnecessary stress, and this way of life is the best prevention of osteoarthritis. Diseases affecting up to 80% of older people, but ceases to be an active life sentence.

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