Natural treatment for osteoarthritis


  • Relieving pain in osteoarthritis
  • Prevention of osteoarthritis
  • Diagnosis of osteoarthritis
  • Other treatment options
  • Prospects for the treatment of osteoarthritis

  • Natural treatment for osteoarthritis Patients with osteoarthritis often do not even knowabout his condition, as the symptoms of the disease manifest themselves gradually, and osteoarthritis is diagnosed only at a late stage, when the joints are swollen, and movement cause discomfort and pain.

    Osteoarthritis or degenerative inflammationjoints - the joints wear a disease that usually occurs in older people (usually older than 60 years). Most often it affects the knee osteoarthritis, hip, elbow joints and spine.

    Modern methods of treatment of osteoarthritislimited by the absence of drugs that can prevent or retard the process of wear of the joints. In most cases the diagnosis of osteoarthritis, the doctor prescribes a treatment that helps to reduce the pain and stop the progression of the disease.

    However, do not despair - modernmedicine offers a means to reduce pain in osteoarthritis (wear of the joints) and in revmotoidnom arthritis (joint inflammation) and gout (accumulation in joints excess uric acid).

    Relieving pain in osteoarthritis

    Although there are effective medicationstreatments for osteoarthritis, natural products safer and not less efficient. The combination of glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate - a great tool in the fight against pain in osteoarthritis; These drugs increase joint mobility, reduce pain, and form the basis for the growth of cartilage.

    Silicon can prevent joint wearand accelerate the healing of cartilage. Sources of silicon, strengthens bones - whole grain cereals, oatmeal, barley and root vegetables. Alternative medicine, home remedies, liniments, gels and creams can also help relieve the pain of osteoarthritis.

    Prevention of osteoarthritis

    Prevention of the disease can be effective. If osteoarthritis is hereditary, and from this disease suffer from several family members, the best prevention - maintaining a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise. Take the medicine should only be after diagnosis.

    Athletes are more prone to the risk of developingosteoarthritis, because they have higher specific load on the joints. In addition, activity in some kind of sport involves repetition of exercises that can eventually lead to joint wear.

    Diagnosis of osteoarthritis

    Do not attempt to self diagnose. Feeling pain in the joints, immediately consult a doctor, but not self-medicate. There are various types of arthritis, each of which requires its own treatment.

    For the diagnosis of osteoarthritis, your doctor mayuse one of several popular methods. For example, for the diagnosis of osteoarthritis of the knee need examination and medical-pathological examination of the joints above and below the knee, including hip joints, as well as the study of posture and gait.

    Other treatment options

    When the disease becomes severe, you may need hip replacement, helping to relieve pain and improve joint mobility.

    Prospects for the treatment of osteoarthritis

    According to American scientists, the rapid growththe rate of the disease means that in twenty years from osteoarthritis will suffer 20% of the US population. To prevent this disaster, doctors recommend natural remedies treatment of osteoarthritis.

    It is not 100% safe and effective treatment for osteoarthritis is found, natural remedies are the best hope of all who suffer from this debilitating disease.

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