Return to Life: The progressive method of treatment of avascular necrosis of the femoral head (ANGBK)


Return to Life: The progressive method of treatment of avascular necrosis of the femoral head (ANGBK)Life is motion! Only a man devoid of happiness easy movement without pain or assistance, is able to understand the deep meaning of this statement. If the daily overcoming pain and hip stiffness becomefor you to bounce back, to go with each passing day becomes more difficult, and you began to think seriously about purchasing canes, this information will undoubtedly be useful for you. Today we are glad to tell you about a real breakthrough in the field of medicine - high-tech non-surgical method for the treatment of severe, leading to disability of the musculoskeletal system diseases of man, namely, aseptic necrosis of the femoral head (ANGBK).

The head of the femur, forming compoundfemur to the pelvis is very closed compartment of the body. This compartment need a plentiful blood flow to maintain the functions and is extremely sensitive to a slight reduction in blood flow. Any short-term (for example, after injury, stress) or prolonged disturbance of blood flow in the femoral head leading to starvation bone restructuring it, fractures, necrosis and destruction. Causes of ANGBK may be, at first glance harmless: an excessive load on the joint, excess body weight, smoking, drinking alcohol and taking certain medications. Disease contributes to a decrease in bone strength as a result of leaching from it of calcium (osteoporosis age) and the weakening of the joint due to injury, inflammation, or other processes.

Return to Life: The progressive method of treatment of avascular necrosis of the femoral head (ANGBK)Quiet hip disease(ANGBK) - a disease in which there is destruction and necrosis of the femoral head. The disease develops gradually and the patient often refuses to notice his initial manifestations. "Well, joint aches. Well, I worked a little more than usual. It happens to everyone? "- He thinks, and tries to get rid of unpleasant feelings with the help of available funds. Meanwhile, the disease comes into its own. Pain is increasingly concerned, not allowed to sleep at night, and then, finally, when it becomes difficult to walk, the sick, the lame, goes to the doctor. Yes, unfortunately, doctors often face ANGBK advanced cases, when help a person not so simple.

What does the modern medicine for the treatment ofANGBK? The choice is wide enough funds. Usually therapy begins with conservative measures, using only drugs. But, despite all the advances of pharmacy, drugs are not able to restore bone, they only slow down the process of destruction and reduce pain. Operation and radically solve the problem quickly. Replacing a joint or part of surgeons for several months putting the patient on their feet and return it to normal. It would seem, what more is needed? But not all so rosy as we would like.
Any prosthesis, as a foreign body, hasnegative effect on the human body. Despite the development of new technologies and all the efforts of scientists, we have not yet managed to create a design that would not cause necrosis in contact with her bone sites would not wear out, do not break and did not stagger, requiring repeated complicated and expensive procedure.

So really in a patient with no hope of ANGBKrecovery? Today, at the junction of classical Western medicine and science of healing the East, a new non-surgical approach to treating intractable diseases of joints and bones, which is based on deep scientific thought about the bone's ability to heal itself.

Return to Life: The progressive method of treatment of avascular necrosis of the femoral head (ANGBK)In Moscow, founded in 2006, specializedCentre for non-surgical treatment ANGBK. The method used in the center, developed and first introduced the practice of the Director of the Beijing specialized clinic for the treatment of femoral head necrosis, professor KeQin Huang today successfully applied in Russia. On the affected joint affect electrical impulses passing through the applicators of herbs and stimulating active points of the growth and repair of bone tissue. Unique bioactive vegetable preparations made according to the recipes of Chinese doctors, in combination with medicines and vitamins, traditionally used in Western medicine, improve blood circulation to the bone, provide it with the necessary materials and accelerate its recovery. Individually chosen set of physical exercises, massages, baths and other physiotherapy treatments increase joint mobility and promote the recovery of the patient.

The path to the attainment of health is long enough,Treatment takes from 3 months to 2 years. But the desire of the patient to change themselves and their way of life, his hard work and the help of competent, caring physicians are able to bring back the joy of motion without pain and full life.

Pain in the hip joint - it is an occasion forimmediate examination. Learn more about the symptoms of diseases of the joints can be on the site. There you'll find all the information about the non-surgical method of treatment ANGBK and ask painful questions and get competent answers.

Movement is life! Acquire the ease of movement, and with it a sense of freedom, return of life!

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