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    hands-off policyWhy are young parents should notfear of all that is hidden under the word "operation"? This was made possible thanks to new techniques, which appeared some time ago at the disposal of pediatricians and surgeons. Obviously, it happened for a reason, and for a reason: for many years, surgeons have dreamed literally look inside the patient to actually see and evaluate the condition of internal organs.
    However, neither the X-ray, ultrasound or even failedto help them in this. Only inventions in video turned the dream into reality: experts constructed a miniature video systems and surgical tools through which the doctor is not making the cut, can view the internal organs, accurate diagnosis and, if necessary, - the operation!
    This amazing technique is calledEndoscopy. Soon it drew the attention of doctors all over the world, in which, of course, is not surprising: the true experts evaluated the benefits of endoscopic surgery in relation to traditional. Now doctors in different countries continue to work on improving the method. Needless to say, most important new discoveries and developments for the area of ​​surgery that deals with children. For example, now, thanks to a specially invented microtools (ranging in size from 2-3 mm) physicians have the opportunity to assist the newborn. As for the older children, they are also ready to help surgeons: a range of great tools and allows you to handle patients up to 14 years.

    Do not forget that afterEndoscopic surgery child spends in hospital is not as much time as before. On the one hand, it is good for the baby, because there is nothing more unpleasant strangers walls and strangers, and on the other - and for parents: rather than a small return home from the hospital, the calmer they will have on the soul.

    A New Look

    The first endoscopic surgery, doctors began to carry out in the 90s
    last century. Of course, the first results of their efforts were very
    modest and invisible, can not be said about today's achievements
    - Now these manipulations are popular precisely because,
    that is obtained in the end. Moreover, in those days, endoscopy
    intended for adults only, but gradually it began
    interested and pediatric surgeons.

    Most often need specialist help such a child in the event that
    if it starts to hurt the stomach. And when you consider that define
    cause ailments in the area and make the correct diagnosis
    it is sometimes quite difficult (especially when it comes to very
    small), here comes to the aid of doctors endoscopy.

    What is the principle of endoscopic surgery?

    • First, the surgeon pierces
      anterior abdominal wall in a safe place special tube diameter
      3.5 mm, which is called a trocar.

      • Through a tube into the abdominal
        cavity doctor injects carbon dioxide, in order to slightly increase
        it in size: it will be more convenient to the doctor to inspect the internal organs.

      • After
        through the same trocar administered optical system including
        a special video camera that transmits the image to 1 or 2
        big screen. Since the picture of what is happening increases 10-15
        time and becomes clearer, the surgeon and assistants clearly see their
        actions and the entire course of the operation.
      • When keying safely
        comes to an end, the doctor removes carbon dioxide, and in those places where
        punctures were made, it puts a patch or a small seam.

      It is worth noting that the study and the surgery itself are always under
      anesthesia, which means that the baby is not in pain and feel
      during the procedure well.

      It is quite possible that after a while endskopicheskie operation
      do not be a surgeon, but ... specially trained for this purpose
      robots. For example, in France there are already four such machines, however,
      and use them to operate adults. But how can you be
      confident that literally tomorrow they will not be invited to work in
      Pediatric Surgery? By the way, this year it is expected that such a robot
      go to the University Hospital Center of Nantes (France). If
      Numerous tests are successful, most likely in the future
      electronic employee expects great success.

      some pros

      • After endoscopic surgery
        little patient almost does not feel unpleasant sensations that
        usually appear in the cut, the remaining from the traditional
      • The kid does not need to take a huge amount
        drugs relieve pain. In addition, the course of antibiotics
        shortened to 3-5 days, because during the manipulation of doctors can
        better wash operated area and thus avoid inflammation.
      • Across
        a few hours after surgery, the child quietly moves, sits, and
        the next day, he can walk without pain and discomfort.
      • On the 2nd-5th day, the baby is discharged home, and the district pediatrician monitors his recovery.
      • After
        surgery on the child's body does not remain a trace of the cut, and only two or three
        barely visible point at the puncture site. This circumstance does not delight
        Only parents of young girls: Traditional scar often becomes
        cause of postoperative adhesions, which in turn can
        lead to unpleasant complications.

      Error-free hit

      Again, the first step of any endoscopic surgery - Update
      diagnosis. When it comes to abdominal pain, 1-2 additional
      trocar (diameter about 3 mm), the doctor inserts instruments that
      allow gently push the bowel loops and open access to all
      abdomen. The surgeon inspects the interior
      space, which, incidentally, allows him to discover other violations,
      which is not made themselves felt. After further diagnosis
      the doctor proceeds to operation (of course, if circumstances so require).

      What can be done with the help of endoscopy?

      • hands-off policyRemove the appendix
        (Appendix cecum), if the child has begun
        inflammation or even developed peritonitis - the so called state when
        the infection progresses to the peritoneum. Given that such problems
        occur in children quite often, well, that is now very small
        You do not need to do complicated traditional operations. Besides,
        endoscopic method can not only safely and accurately
        remove the appendix, and peritoneum wash saline
        to remove the pus.
      • Save the child from the intestinal
        obstruction, remove a cyst or a benign tumor. A is
        if the baby happened spleen injury, or liver
        pancreas, endoscopic surgery will quickly
        stop the bleeding or to take other measures.
      • Run
        the so-called elective surgery, for example to remove the gall bladder,
        spleen, kidney broken. And maybe help a little
        patient, in the case of congenital disorders in the structure of the esophagus,
        stomach or intestine.
      • Make a surgery for inguinal
        hernia or operate on the boy with cryptorchidism (condition where
        testes themselves do not dropped from the abdomen into the scrotum - usually
        It occurs immediately after the child's birth).
      • Run
        operation when the baby started having problems with the organs of the chest cavity: a
        These include, for example, removing part of the lung, or cysts
        benign tumor. It is believed that the effects of the traditional
        manipulation, that is a pain in the incision area, children suffer much
        worse than the operation itself. With the advent of endoscopic technique, surgeons
        could start to operate even infants, kids, hurry up
        the birth or born with low weight. And all because
        now little patient no problems with the breath, and after
        it almost does not feel pain in the incision area.

      • To help your child when it comes to the treatment of the joints in the case of inflammation or injury.

      After endoscopic surgery child recovers quickly
      forces, in fact, it almost does not feel pain in the puncture,
      which were made during the procedure. It is known in the art
      cases where the baby after major surgery on the gall bladder through
      three days playing as if nothing had happened!

      Our achievements

      In Russia, problems of endoscopic method that is gentle child
      surgery, experts are engaged for more than twenty years. Many
      large Russian clinics develop and implement modern
      endoscopic surgery, helping children of all ages. Concerning
      one of the main tasks of modern endoscopy - source detection
      problems in recent years, Russian surgeons have achieved in this area
      almost 100% accuracy.

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