Traumatic brain injury: what you need to know?


  • Reasons concussion
  • What's happening?
  • How do you recognize?
  • What to do?
  • The diagnosis of concussion
  • Treatment

  • All head injuries are divided into open and closed.
    Openly called injury, in which the damaged soft tissue
    head (skin, subcutaneous tissue, fascia) and the bones of the skull. closed
    trauma - somewhat less dangerous, but still unpleasant. They are in their
    turn, are divided into brain concussion, contusion and its compression.
    Among all brain concussion injury occupies the first frequency
    a place. Moreover, monitoring of trauma, in women it occurs
    more. While it may be that they simply seek professional
    help more often than men.

    Reasons concussion

    It may occur as a result of blows, bruises and sharp movements:
    acceleration or deceleration, for example, in the fall. The causes tremors
    usually traffic accidents, household, sport
    and industrial injuries, and injuries resulting from
    street fights.

    What's happening?

    What is happening in
    by shaking our brain, doctors still find it difficult
    a clear answer. After all, if the injured brain to explore
    computed tomography, practically no
    Organic violations can not be identified. Most likely, in
    result of concussion, there are certain problems with the nervous work
    marrow cells. This may worsen their nutrition, appear light
    offset layers of brain tissue and the relationship between some disorders
    think tanks.

    From heavy shock may break
    blood vessels, seriously injured certain parts of the brain.
    The main danger with traumatic brain injuries - intracranial
    bleeding as blood leaked able to squeeze and impregnate
    brain structures, disrupting their employers and vitality. Besides,
    injury can lead to other severe complications - cerebral edema.
    Especially hard to occur brain injury complicated with shock, and injury,
    affecting the brain stem, which regulates breathing and blood pressure.

    How do you recognize?

    Traumatic brain injury: what you need to know?
    injury resulting person often loses consciousness. It may take
    from a few seconds to several minutes. Time spent in the
    condition can be one of the indicators of the severity of concussions.
    The extreme degree of unconsciousness - coma.

    When concussion
    People often do not realize where he was, what happened, and hardly know
    the people around him. Another important attribute that can be
    to judge the severity of the brain damage is the loss of memory: Do remember
    man the time of injury, and if not, how big chunk of time
    before the injury fell from his memory. The more memory failure, the more serious

    When the victim comes to life, it can and vomiting
    tear. Often it turns pale, he turned and headache, noise in
    ears, it is difficult to focus the mind, breathing becomes frequent and
    pulse jumps. In the first hours after concussion the victim
    dilated or constricted pupils - traumatic brain injury of any degree
    gravity leads to disruption of the nerve pathways responsible for the work
    eye. Surely in a movie you have not seen, as in the human inspection,
    unconscious, the physician directs the beam of a flashlight in his eyes
    affected. This is done to determine the reaction of the pupils. In mild
    concussion pupils react to light, but the slack, and in severe
    no reaction at all. The extension of only one of the pupils
    and the lack of reaction in the second symptom is a formidable and can
    talk about the heavy damage to one hemisphere of the brain.

    What to do?

    suspected concussion is necessary to have affected the first
    help. First you need to ensure complete peace man, put him
    on the bed in a quiet darkened room. His head lifted slightly better.
    It is very useful to apply cold compresses to the head. Many drink at
    concussion is not recommended. If the victim thirsty,
    cook it sweet tea. Alcohol is strictly contraindicated in him!

    Of course, be sure to call your doctor, because it is possible that
    brain injury more serious than it seems at first glance. If
    the patient is in shock, to watch closely the arrival of Emergency
    his breathing and pressure. In an emergency, start doing
    rescue breathing and chest compressions.

    The diagnosis of concussion

    concussion need to go to the doctor-traumatologist. He will examine and
    will interview the patient, check reflexes appoint skull radiography and
    with suspected brain damage more difficult to send
    consult a neurologist. There's a patient waiting for a full-scale test:
    Electroencephalography (EEG), echoencephalography, computer or
    Magnetic resonance imaging of the brain, the cerebral vascular Doppler
    brain, lumbar puncture. To avoid problems with
    spine may require magnetic resonance imaging


    Patients with a concussion should
    comply with bed rest for at least a few days. This is not
    read, listen to loud music and watching TV. must
    follow all instructions of the doctor carefully to take their assigned
    medication. When you shake the general condition is usually affected
    normal during the first, at least - two weeks after the injury.

    remember that a person who has had even a slight concussion,
    may develop post-traumatic neurosis, or other more serious
    Complications, such as epilepsy. Therefore, some time after
    recovery sure to visit a neurologist and undergo
    electroencephalography. Treatment for more severe traumatic brain injury
    depending on their severity. In some complicated cases can
    need help neurosurgeons.

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