Card-brain injury: what you need to know?


  • Causes of brain concussion
  • What's happening?
  • How to recognize?
  • What to do?
  • Diagnosis of brain concussion
  • Treatment

  • All brain injuries are divided into open and closed.
    Open injuries in which soft tissues are damaged
    Heads (leather, subcutaneous fiber, fascia) and skull bones. Closed
    Injuries — somewhat less dangerous, but still unpleasant. Them in their
    The queue is divided into a concussion of the brain, his bruise and compression.
    Among all the injuries of the brain, the concussion occupies the first
    a place. And, by observing traumatologists, women occur
    more often. Although, maybe they simply turn to professional
    Assistance more often.

    Causes of brain concussion

    Concussion of the brain
    may occur as a result of blows, bruises and sharp movements:
    Accelerations or decelerations, for example, when falling. Reasons of concussion
    Typically, road accidents, household, sports
    and production injuries, as well as injuries resulting from
    Street Drak.

    What's happening?

    What exactly happens in
    The result of concussing with our brain, doctors are hampered yet
    Definitely reply. After all, if you explore the injured brain with
    using computed tomography, then practically no
    Organic violations to identify will not succeed. Most likely, in
    The result of a concussion arise certain problems with the work of the nerve
    Brain cells. It may deteriorate their nutrition, easy
    displacement of the layers of cerebral tissue and tolerate the connection between some
    Brain centers.

    From heavy concussion can break
    Blood vessels, seriously injured certain parts of the brain.
    Home Danger in Cerebral Injuries — intracranial
    bleeding because the flowing blood is able to squeeze and soak
    Brain structures violating their work and viability. Besides,
    injury can lead to another formidable complication — Brain edema.
    Brain injuries complicated by shock, and injury proceeds,
    affecting the brain barrel where breathing and blood pressure are regulated.

    How to recognize?

    Card and brain injury: What do you need to know?
    The injury gained often loses consciousness. It can last
    from a few seconds to a few minutes. Time spent in this
    condition, can be one of the gravity of the concussion.
    Extreme degree of loss of consciousness — coma.

    With a concussion of the brain
    a person often does not understand where he, what happened, and hardly finds out
    surrounding his people. Another important feature for which you can
    To judge the severity of brain damage, is the loss of memory: remembers whether
    man moment injury, and if not, how much is a big piece of time
    Before the injury fell out of his memory. The more memory failure, the more serious

    When the victim comes to himself, it can be sick and
    tear. Often he pale, he spins and hurts his head, noise in
    ears, it is difficult for him to focus, breathing becomes frequent, and
    Pulse jumps. In the first hours after the brain concussion from the victim
    Expanded or narrowed pupils — Card and brain injury of any degree
    gravity leads to a violation of the nerve paths responsible for the work
    eye. Surely in the movies you have ever seen how when inspecting a person,
    unconscious, doctor directs a lantern beam in the eyes
    victim. It is done to determine the reaction of pupils. At easy
    Shocking the brain pupils react to light, but sluggish, and when heavier
    The reaction is absent at all. In this case, the expansion of only one of the pupils
    and the lack of reaction in the second is a formidable symptom and may
    talk about serious damage to one of the hemispheres of the brain.

    What to do?

    suspicion of concussion of the brain must be provided to the victim first
    help. First you need to provide a person full of peace, lay it
    On the bed in a quiet darkened room. Head is better to raise slightly.
    Very helpful to apply cold compresses to the head. Many drinks
    brain concussion is not recommended. If the victim torments thirst,
    Cook him sweet tea. Alcohol him strictly contraindicated!

    Of course, be sure to call the doctor because it is possible that
    Brain damage is heavier than it seems at first glance. If
    The patient is shocked, after the arrival of emergency closely follow
    his breathing and pressure. In case of emergency, start doing
    Artificial Breathing and Indirect Heart Massage.

    Diagnosis of brain concussion

    Brain shake need to contact a traumatologist. He will examine I
    Increases the patient, check the reflexes, prescribes a skull radiography and
    When suspected more complex damage to the brain will send
    Consultation to neurologist. There is a patient waiting for a full-scale check:
    Electricencephalography (EEG), echohetephalography, computer or
    Magnetic resonant tomography of the brain, doppler of the head vessels
    brain, spinal points. To eliminate problems with
    Spine, may require magnetic resonance tomography


    Patients with brain concussion should
    Observe bed regime for at least a few days. In this case, it is impossible
    Read, listen to loud music and watch TV. Necessary
    perform all the directions of the doctor, carefully taking the assigned to them
    medicine. By shaking the general condition of the victims usually
    normalizes for the first, less often — second week after injury.

    remember that a person who has suffered even a slight brain concussion,
    Pastramatic neurosis or other, more serious
    Complications, for example, epilepsy. Therefore, after some time after
    recovery should be visited by a neuropathologist and go through
    Electroencephalography. Treatment of more serious brain injuries
    Depends on their severity. In some complicated cases may
    Support to help neurosurgeons.

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