Symptoms and treatment of fibromyalgia

A chronic disease in which a person has increased sensitivity, it is worried about pain of different intensity and duration in muscles, tendons, a ligament, called fibromyalgia. These patients complain about problems with sleep, depression, fatigue and nonlands with gastrointestinal tract.

For a long time, such patients visit different doctors, until finally, they will not put the correct diagnosis. How to facilitate the state of the sufferers of mysterious illness, the reasons for which scientists and doctors continue to discuss?

Overview of the disease

Pain in muscles, pain, ligaments, fibrosis, fibromyalgia

Statistics report that more than four percent of the entire planet are suffering from this pathology. Other disease names - fibromyase and fibrosis.

To date, scientists have identified several factors that may well make people vulnerable and more susceptible to the development of fibromyalgia:

  1. Female. It turned out that out of ten sick nine - these are women. And the progression of the disease falls on the period of menopause.
  2. Finding in a tense social and cultural environment.
  3. Elevated emotionality.
  4. Psychological and physical injuries suffered in childhood.
  5. Hereditary predisposition - often the disease is distributed among family members, between the sisters, brothers, parents and children.

Doctors introduced such a term «Juvenile primary fibromyalgia». This type was found in some adolescents, mostly girls, aged 13 to 14 years. And if at this time the diagnosis is confirmed and treatment immediately began, it turns out to be more successful than adults.

And now our site will list the alleged causes of fibromyalgia:

  1. Studies showed changes in brain chemicals. Reducing the number of serotonin, considered by the intermediary of components of the nervous system in the departments of the brain, intestines and other parts of the body. It contributes to the occurrence of deep sleep phases, regulates pain sensitivity levels.
  2. Violations in the axis of the hormonal system called «Hypotalamus-pituitary-adrenal glands», controlling the reaction of the body for stress, as well as sleep. It turns out that patients with fibromyalgia are lower levels of cortisol, norepinephrine. Probably, car accidents or other physical injuries, infections, thyroid disease, emotional bursts, receptions,.
  3. Reducing the insulin-like growth factor-1, abbreviated called IGF-1. The lack of this hormone leads to muscle weakness, energy loss.
  4. Violations in the work of the immune system.
  5. Anomalous perception of pain, top-sensitivity to them, as well as bright lighting intensive smells and loud sounds.

Related symptoms

Pain in muscles, pain, ligaments, fibrosis, fibromyalgia

The universal method of treatment and effective drug from fibromyalgia is not yet. Experts believe that approach to therapy should be comprehensive:

  1. Medicines, improving sleep quality («Persen», «New Passitis», Valerian tincture, Peony, Skipidem, Sonnat, Lunes). Normalization of sleep in patients leads to a weakening of disease manifestations.
  2. If necessary, miorylaxants (cyclobenzrine) and antidepressants (amitriptyline, northriptyline, desipramine), anticonvulsants (pregabalin, Gabapentin) are appointed.
  3. In more serious cases, cymbalt is issued (Duloxetine), Milnacipran, Prognac.
  4. Pearls - Tramadol, Capsaicin Ointment, Long Cream, Nay Gel. At first, you can use Ibuprofen tablets, Brufen, Nimulide.
  5. Physiotherapy (sand baths, hot shower, healing gymnastics in warm water, stounteady, mud appliqués). There are patients who feel better in the treatment of cold (cold shower, cryopackets). You can try laser and Magnetotherapy, Igloreflexotherapy, Tens (transcutaneous electronotimulation), hydromassage.
  6. Muscular Relaxation - to remove the voltage in the muscles. Useful Yoga, Qigong, Tai Chi, Pilates.
  7. Psychotherapy, autogenous training, hypnosis.
  8. The benefit bring meditation, therapeutic massage.
  9. Psychophysical integration of Dr. Milton Trainer, which includes stretching, passive rolling, vibration, light rhythmic concussions.
  10. Phytotherapy. Many doctors believe that natural adaptogenic agents are very effective in the fight against illness, for example, a tincture of Chinese, ginseng or Levze. They stimulate the work of the muscles, tone and restore the immune system.

    In sick places you can rub the penette oil. On 5 parts of the oil, 1 part of the red pepper (ground) is taken.

    You can still make lilac flowers tincture. For her preparation, a tablespoon of dried lilac flowers (white) per 100 ml of vodka is taken. Preparing tincture for 3 weeks, being in a dark place.

  11. Researchers from Austria and Turkey argue that to reduce patients with pain and fatigue, they should be taken Vitamin D. There is also information about the need for reception Antioxidants, such as vitamins C, E.

About diet

Pain in muscles, pain, ligaments, fibrosis, fibromyalgia

  1. There should be many products rich in nutrition Folic acid, vitamin B12, calcium, iron, manganese:
    • veal or beef, chicken meat, fish;
    • Broccoli, Salad leaves, Bulgarian pepper, carrots, cucumbers, legumes, swallow, pumpkin;
    • Whole grain - buckwheat, brown unlipped rice, bran.
  2. The body needs constant arrival of essential fatty acids, which are rich in:
    • Fish fat (it can be purchased in a pharmacy in capsules);
    • vegetable oils (linen, rhyme, mustard, sunflower);
    • Fatty varieties of fish (salmon, sardines, tuna, herring);
    • Walnuts and cedar nuts, almonds.
  3. Muscular and articular pains will decrease, if daily when brewing tea add the grated root of ginger to it (teaspoon per day).
  4. To stimulate energy generation, the body needs malic acid. Therefore, eat quince, green apples of acid varieties, plums, dogwood, cherry, apricots.
  5. Muscles and Nervous System need magnesium, and they are rich - spinach, nuts (cedar, walnuts), oatmeal, bran, cocoa, avocado, figs, bananas, apricots, lentils, beans, whites sprouted wheat.

About physical exercise and sports

Pain in muscles, pain, ligaments, fibrosis, fibromyalgia

Many will be surprised: «The whole body hurts - what are the physical exertion!» Believe me, the state of suffering fibromyalgia improves, if they occupy themselves daily by moderate physical activity. At the same time, muscle atrophy is preventing, mood and self-esteem rises, invigorating endorphins are produced. Forget about pain, malaise is possible, doing:

  • dancing;
  • fast walking;
  • running in water;
  • swimming;
  • aquaeerobics;
  • bicycle walks;
  • Skiing in the Winter Forest.

You can gradually do on a stepper, bike, treadmill.

But a large physical activity is contraindicated. It is impossible to be fascinated by such sports, where not to avoid fast, sharp movements - tennis, heavy athletics, boxing ..

Very hard with pain do some exercises. And yet, daily in the morning try to engage at first 5-10 minutes. Weekly for a week This time you can enlarge, as notice the positive results of such training.

Scientists continue to study this mysterious pathology, hope to get the necessary knowledge that will help to cope with the disease. Upon learning of the diagnosis «Fibromyalgia», Do not catch a disease, «Do not fold legs». Do not conquer pain and death. Keep your mind and thoughts under control. Remember that in your body there are many hidden reserves, you just need to help them disclose.

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