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  • nocturnal enuresis

    Urinary incontinence during sleep - is an uncontrolled, involuntary upuskanie urine during the night.

    Usually detected nocturnal enuresis, since 5 years. With age, usually enuresis frequency decreases and recovery occurs.

    In 5 years enuresis affects about 15-18%8-10% of boys and girls to 10 years in enuresis retained only half of them. By puberty (13-14 years) continue to suffer from enuresis only 2.5% of children, and after 15 years, only 1.5-2%. The forecast recovery is better at primary enuresis. Therefore, if the aged 5-7 primary enuresis is 75-80% of cases, and secondary - 15-20% of cases, after 12 years of their frequency aligned.

    Nocturnal enuresis may first occur in the elderlyage - he detected in approximately 3% of women and 1% of men aged over 65, more common in patients with heart failure or regularly taking sleeping pills.

    enuresis Causes

    What is nocturnal enuresis
    Nocturnal enuresis can be primary or secondary.

    Primary enuresis occurs from birthallegedly caused by delayed maturation of the urinary system regulation. Secondary enuresis is called, has developed a few months after birth. In patients with primary enuresis often celebrated family history. If both parents suffer from enuresis, the likelihood of the development of the child up to 80% when enuresis suffered only one parent - 45%.

    Secondary enuresis is often associated withpsychological stress or frequent soputstvuyuschimimi diseases. The cause of secondary enuresis can also be zabolevaenie urinary tract abnormalities of the spinal cord development. Enuresis is more common in children with low birth weight, delayed psychomotor development, mental retardation.

    In general, see as nocturnal enuresiscondition arising from the interaction of multiple genetic, psychological, neurological, urological, endocrine factors, the proportion of which is different.

    Manifestation of enuresis

    In some of the children with enuresis celebrated unusualdeep sleep, but in general, nocturnal enuresis is not associated with the depth of sleep, or a particular phase of sleep. Nevertheless, nocturnal enuresis often it is combined with night terrors and sleepwalking. Sometimes enuresis preceded by a brief revival, but most do not.

    Traditionally, much attention is paidmental, emotional state of the children, but no specific psychological abnormalities in patients with enuresis is not detected. Psychological problems often are secondary and are reactive. Intellectual development of the vast majority of patients with enuresis is correct.

    enuresis Treatment

    Universal potential treatmentnocturnal enuresis there. Keeping a diary in which the child says "dry night" evening limiting fluid intake, fruits and vegetables that contain a large amount of water required urinate before going to bed, a favorable family atmosphere (without excessive fixation on the defect), the use of a special device ( "alarm") which wakes the child when the first drops of urine, often contributes to the gradual cessation of enuresis. Suitable training exercises voluntary control over urination.

    If necessary, use drugs (desmopressin, driptan, antidepressants).

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