Traditional therapy of urolithiasis and grass treatment


  • Phytotherapy for urolithiasis
  • Treatment with mineral waters with urolithiasis
  • Urolithiasis: Treatment of herbs in the fees
  • Urolithiasis: folk treatment with vegetables and fruits

  • Traditional therapy of urolithiasis and grass treatmentConservative therapy of urolithiasis is aimed at eliminating the spasm of urinary tract, dissolving stones and their elimination, burning inflammation. Treatment is carried out for a long, systematicly using phytopreparations, mineral waters, herbal fees and drugs with antispasmodic, anesthetic effect.

    Phytotherapy for urolithiasis

    With urolithiasis, the treatment of herbs was used for a long time. Subsequently, the natural properties of plants were studied and used in the production of combined phytopreparations. When urolithiasis, they can be used in various violations of metabolic processes.

    • Ciston — Tableted drug, its composition includes dry extracts of medicinal herbs, with urolithiasis is valuable with the ability to dissolve stones, remove the spasm of urinary tract, eliminate inflammation. Medicine has a diuretic effect, contributes to the purification of the kidneys.
    • Cysteneal — The drug appointed to prevent stone formation during the exacerbation of the disease. Extract of the root of the mire of dye, salicylate of magnesium, various essential oils, ethyl alcohol and olive oil in the composition of the drug have a soft diuretic and antispasmodic effect. Against the background of increasing water consumption at urolithiasis, it contributes to the rapid disorder of the concrete.
    • Kanefron — The combined drug made from vegetable raw materials for use in phytotherapy for urolithiasis, contributes to the removal of salts, small concrections, reduces the inflammation of urinary tract.
    • Phytolizin, The active ingredients are saber extract, root root, birch leaves, fennel seeds, grass horsetail, hill, bird and other herbs helps with urolithiasis, output stones and salt crystals, serves to prevent inflammation and stone formation.

    Olimeine, Avisan, Pinabin are used as treatment with herbs with urolithiasis.

    Treatment with mineral waters with urolithiasis

    Sanatorium-resort treatment: water with urolithiasisA rather effective means of urolithiasis therapy are mineral waters. But if, with urolithiasis, the treatment of herbs does not depend on the type of violation of metabolic processes, then the appointment of mineral waters should clearly correspond to the type of consolidation and pH of urine. That is why when urolithiasis «Popular treatment» From discharge «Grandma said to drink water» can bring considerable harm.

    With phosphate stones, the acidic mineral waters of Truskavets, Kislovodsk, Zheleznovodsk, with uland — Alkaline waters of Essentukov, Borjomi, Zheleznovodsk, with oxalate — Pyatigorsk, Essentukov and Zheleznovodsk.

    Water under urolithiasis and acidic urine reaction should have alkaline properties (Borjomi, Zheleznovodsk, Truskavets), acid mineral water (Truskavets, Zheleznovodsk) with alkaline reaction.

    Urolithiasis: Treatment of herbs in the fees

    Herbs with urolithiasis are more often assigned in the rates of effect. Sets recommended with a lot of urolithiasis, we give one of them.

    • Cheering field grass — 10 g;
    • Pigeons of ordinary flowers — 10 g;
    • Lamberry leaves — 20 g.

    A decoction prepare from plant raw materials and take 1 cup in the morning for half an hour before breakfast and in the evening until dinner. Herbs have a soft diuretic, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory effect.

    Keep kidney colic and relieve inflammation will help.

    • Taspberry leaves — 10 g,
    • Highland bird grass — 10 g,
    • Gryzhnika grass — 10 g;
    • corn silk — 10 g.

    From raw materials prepare infusion and accept ¼ glasses 3 times a day, hour after meals.

    Urolithiasis: folk treatment with vegetables and fruits

    Herbs with urolithiasis are part of the complex therapy of urolithiasisPopular treatment of urolithiasis does not boil down to the use of herbs, medications are widely used and from the forest.

    • Watermelon is known for its diuretic properties, consume fresh 2 kg per day with urabular and oxalate stones.
    • White cabbage stimulates diuresis.
    • Cranberry is used as a mix, has a bactericidal diuretic action, acidifies urine.
    • Strawberries of forest berries and leaves have a soft diuretic action.
    • Dill displays fluid from the body, and with her salt, a diuretic effect possess a pear, barberry, melon, gooseberry.

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