• Beautiful legs are not available to everyone
  • Varicose as a cause of infertility
  • "Rear" problem in the first place
  • From varicose veins can die
  • Is it possible to avoid varicose veins?

  • Illustration siteAnd if the initial symptoms of varicose veins on the legs themselves are nonlethal, it really varicose veins of the stomach or the esophagus - a direct threat to human life.

    Beautiful legs are not available to everyone

    The vast majority of people goodaware primarily of lower limb varicosity. Still, after the slender smooth legs - is the dream of every woman and in a certain sense, the dream of every man.

    However, only a few representatives of the fair sex live to old age, not owning a markedly bulging veins on the legs.

    Incidentally, so-called "star" does notnecessarily indicative of varicose veins - it's just intradermal vessels, the expansion of which is due mostly to the hormonal state of the body. Therefore, their presence may depend, for example, by receiving unsuitable for your body's oral contraceptives.

    Varicose veins is called a manifestation of the syndromeweak connective tissue, and comprised of a vein wall. Most often it is a misfortune gets you inherited. So if one of your parents suffered from varices - Get ready, you are likely to encounter this disease.

    Varicose veins - exclusively human problem,tribute acquired during the evolution of upright posture. The blood in our veins is moving against the force of Earth's gravity, and this process is regulated by special semilunar valves - they interfere with the movement of blood in the opposite direction.

    However, in our body there are places whereblood pressure in the veins is increased, which leads to accelerated wear of veins in particular, the laws of physics, are most vulnerable veins of the legs. As a result, the valves begin to gradually worse work stretched vein wall, the blood stagnates and varices are formed at these locations.

    Launched varices leads to the formation of venous ulcers, as well as to thrombus formation on the walls of the damaged veins.

    Varicose as a cause of infertility

    Varicose veins of the lower limbs in women occursmore often, however, it is not necessary on this occasion to complain about their bitter fate and envious glances at passing males. Everyone has their own priorities. If varicose veins aptly effort on what is most important for women - for their beauty, the men have their known vulnerability.

    Almost half of male infertilityIt is a consequence of varicocele - varicose veins of the spermatic cord and testicles. Translated name of the disease sounds like "a tumor of venous knots."varicosity

    And indeed, when the system fails to workvenous valves in the veins of the scrotum, the blood in the vein starts to make so-called "pendulum movement" gradually stretched vein walls, and in the worst case the egg is completely surrounded by blood vessels.

    And for sperm production requires morelower temperature than the rest of the body. And what kind of a low temperature may be involved in such a stokes braid? Formulation stops sperm, which is in this case the cause of infertility.

    "Rear" problem in the first place

    Varicose veins are the cause of moreOne extremely common disease - hemorrhoids. And this disease is also the prerogative solely of our species due to the ability to walk on two legs. Additional risk factors are stress, increase intra-abdominal pressure and, accordingly, leading to disruption of blood flow.

    Therefore, hemorrhoids so common inpregnant women and men engaged in heavy physical labor. By the way, it leads to increased blood flow and excessive love of hot and spicy dishes, coffee, tea and alcohol.

    With equal success, you fall into a risk group,if you conduct an inactive sedentary lifestyle - the stagnation of blood in the pelvic area also leads to the development of hemorrhoids. Therefore, this disease is considered to be a professional for computer users, drivers and others.

    What if this happens? The colon walls are arranged special cavernous veins that when filled with blood can be very stretched. Stagnation of blood in them leads to the formation of hemorrhoids, which put pressure on the tissue lining the intestines. On the walls of the intestine appear gaps and cracks, and eventually develop inflammation, accompanied by bleeding.

    From varicose veins can die

    But, in the end, or hemorrhoids, or fromtrophic ulcers, or even more so for infertility no one has died. But from cirrhosis die, and in 70 percent of cases it is due to the internal bleeding of the esophagus or stomach. The cause of the bleeding is the esophageal varices or stomach - and sometimes of both combined.

    In cirrhosis of the liver cell death occurs -hepatocytes, and in their place, developing connective (fibrous) tissue - formed a kind of "scarring of the liver", which leads to disruption of blood flow. But the liver is suitable to one of the major blood vessels of the body - the portal (portal), Vienna. Blood through the portal vein from the digestive organs to the liver and then travels to the heart.

    Liver cirrhosis damaged, can notpass through a required amount of blood at the required rate, and blood coming from the stomach and esophagus, it stagnates. There is a state of portal hypertension - high blood pressure in the portal vein. This leads to varicose veins of the esophagus and stomach.

    But if on the legs varicose knots are formed andThey grow under the skin, in the case of the internal organs of the situation is much more serious. The gap thinned the wall of the stomach or esophagus veins causes internal bleeding that leads to more than half of the cases to the death of the person.

    Is it possible to avoid varicose veins?

    So, to get varicose veins in a particular location can be almost any of us. The question is, how can this be avoided?

    There are a number of recommendations, which are easy to follow, it would be a strong desire to avoid the above problems in the future:

    • It should be possible to avoid prolonged standing in one place and to diversify their locomotor activity - jogging, swimming or simply walking more foot;
    • you can regularly carry out simplegymnastic exercises designed to work the calf muscles. And during the holidays to give the best feet elevated position (putting his feet on the pillow or ottoman) and it is advisable not to sit foot-on-foot. Not bad also regularly arrange his feet douche;
    • do not abuse alcohol and too sharp and savory;
    • expectant mothers should adhere to a number of restrictions in the food and beverages - can not be helped, the situation requires;
    • and, finally, a classic, but it is very important tip - once a year, it is desirable to undergo examination by a doctor-phlebologist.

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