7 reasons for prostatitis


7 reasons for prostatitis

Reason number 1. Hall


Urology patients today are often young people,
preferring too active or extreme sports. Who
scuba diving, surfing, canoeing and skiing. All
These types of recreation require significant physical exertion and associated
and hypothermia organism. On vacation you do not notice, and
then the problems begin.

Reason number 2. Sedentary lifestyle

Also prostatitis are most susceptible to residents of large cities leading
busy but sedentary lifestyle of the car - the computer, from
computer - on the sofa, with the result that in the pelvic organs
deteriorating blood circulation and stagnation occur.

Reason number 3. nedolechennaya inflammation

In the development of prostatitis guilty and chronic inflammatory diseases
organism - bronchitis, for example, and focal infections - tonsillitis, sinusitis
and even uncured caries. Pathogenic bacteria with blood
fall into the prostate, and it opens the inflammatory focus.

Reason number 4. Stresses

Prostatitis overtakes the young age of those who spare themselves a little:
too intense workout in the fitness club, pushing iron,
enough sleep, eats irregularly, sitting at work from dawn to dusk.
General physical and mental strain tends to reduce security
forces of the body, and all the "dormant" infection raise their head.

Reason number 5. Diseases Sexually Transmitted

And, of course, those at risk of prostate health, who does not deny himself
in the joys of unprotected sex, and picks up an infection. nedolechennaya
gonorrhea, for example, 80% gives a complication of inflammation

Reason number 6. Long Abstinence

According to statistics, men who have sex at least 2 times per month,
suffer stagnant prostatitis 3 times more often those who betrayed
amorous pleasures 2-3 times a week. With long-term abstinence
stagnates secret prostate, prostatitis and pathogens are activated.

Reason number 7. «Dormant» Infection

Status of kidney health, bladder and prostate tightly bound. TO
example, finished the cure cystitis and pyelonephritis (by the way, men inflammation
the bladder is not less than that of women) are a constant
the source of infection in the pelvis. A prostate - a very sensitive
body susceptible to infections.

And sometimes cause inflammation of the prostate ... herpes virus.
Herpetic prostatitis can occur both on the background of genital
herpes, and the fault of the "conventional" cold on the lips, if reduced work
immune system.

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