Symptoms and diagnostics of egg water



Symptoms and diagnostics of egg waterWatering eggs, or hydrocel, (from Greek. Hydor - water, liquid and kele - swelling) - this is a disease at which excessive education and fluid delay in egg shells. The volume of fluid accumulating in the corresponding half of the scrotum may vary from several milliliters to 1-3 liters (in exceptional cases). This disease occurs quite often and is observed both in children and in adults. In adults, this disease occurs more often aged 20-30 years.

Distinguished congenital (more often in children) and acquired (mostly in adults) forms of hydrocel, having different pathogenesis. Congenital hydrocel can be reported and simple.

The causes of the acquired water membranes of eggs are most often inflammatory diseases of the appendage of eggs and his injury, congenital - the incoming of the vaginal abnormal process after omitting the eggs in the scrotum. According to an unexplosed vaginal process from the abdominal cavity, and partly from the endothelial cover of the vaginal process is assembled by liquid in the cavity of the enemy's own shell. With acute inflammatory processes in the testicular and his appendat often occurs reactive, «symptomatic» Locking egg shells, which passes as the main disease eliminates.

Until the beginning of the 20th century, the most frequent cause of the acquired water eggs was gonorrhea. Nowadays, the hydrotole is more often manifested after injuries, but usually such minor, that a person does not pay attention to them. 2-3 weeks after such a injury in one of the half of the scrotum, a painless tumor occurs, which slowly increases. The main role at the same time is given to the violation of lymphottock. The process can go for several years, without pain and any disorders - such a yachka is called chronic. Only on the achievement of the hydrocel of large sizes (in an exceptional case - to the size of the child's head) there are difficulties in urination and sex disorders.

Locking eggs can manifest itself as a complication, for example, after the operation of the kidney transplantation or the treatment of varicocele.

Acute (reactive) egg yarba is often manifested against the background of another, more serious illness: gonorrhea, tuberculosis or inflammation of the appendage of eggs (epidididitis).

Water fluid transparent, light yellow color, sometimes with blood admixture (hematocele) or purulent liquid (pyochele), which, unlike hydro and hematocele, does not shine. Hydrocel adversely affects spermatogenesis and can determine infertility.

Signs of watering eggs

Wiring manifestations depend on the form of the disease. The main manifestation for all forms of the disease is an increase in the sizes of the affected half of the scrotum. With congenital water, the volume of fluid increases during the day and decreases after sleep. Acquired chronic waterfront has a constant volume and, as a rule, does not cause painful sensations. Acute Wedwoman occurs during acute inflammatory diseases of the scrotum organs. In this case, there is a sudden increase in the corresponding half of the scrotum. Patient may experience acute pain and body temperature.

The cluster of the liquid in the shells of the eggs forms in the scrotum swelling of the pear-shaped form, facing the base of the book. The top of the swelling is limited by the inguinal channel; Sometimes swelling penetrates the groin canal, forming a waterflock type water or multi-chamber water.

Locking shells Eggs develop without pain and without any disorders. The accumulation of fluid proceeds slowly and imperceptibly, sometimes jumps. The increase in the scrotum may be small, but sometimes it reaches the size of the goose egg and even the head of the child. When watering the shells of the eggs of very large sizes there are difficulty when urination and sexual act. Hydrocel has a smooth surface and a dense elastic consistency, painlessly during palpation, the fluctuation is determined. Screaming leather freely takes. The egg usually fails, and only with a small water can be determined at the bottom of the swelling. During diaphanoscopy, there is a transmission of all education.

The symptom of translucent is negative only in cases where the membranes of the eggs are sharply thickened, there are hematocele or pyrocele (blood or pussy in egg shells), or a tumor of eggs. Hematocele - hemorrhage into the cavity of the water membranes of eggs, which may occur as a result of injury, with hemorrhagic diattes, after unsuccessful puncture of the hydrocel.

Water shells of eggs need to be distinguished from gentle or inhabric-scrutal hernia, egg tumors. Differentiation of the hydrothele with patching grooming does not cause difficulties, since the latter will go into the abdominal cavity. When percussion, the hydrotole is detected by stupid sound.

How hydrocele is diagnosed

Ilock shells of eggs do not cause difficulties in diagnosis or treatment. In determining this disease, the doctor conducts a primary inspection of genital men. The most informative in the diagnosis of hydrocel is an ultrasound examination of the scrotum organs, which allows the measurement of the water fluid, and also estimate the state of the egg and its appendage.

So, to establish the correct diagnosis, it is necessary to produce a number of studies that include:

  • inspection and palpation of external genital organs;
  • diaphanoscopy (translucent scrotum);
  • Ultrasound examination of the scrotum organs.

In some cases, additional research methods may be required. With a timely appeal to the doctor's outcome of the disease, in most cases favorable.

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