Myocardial dystrophy


  • What is myocardial dystrophy
  • Symptoms and diagnosis of myocardial dystrophy
  • Prevention and treatment of myocardial dystrophy

  • What is myocardial dystrophy

    Dystrophic syndrome - one of the most often diagnosed forms
    Chronic overvoltage of the cardiovascular system in athletes.

    «Myocardial dystrophy» Takes the beginning of the teaching g f.Langa. Since this
    The diagnosis is made exclusively on the basis of ECG data, namely,
    changes of the ultimate part of the ventricular complex that can
    develop as a result of various pathogenetic processes,
    Near the Specialists are invited to use instead of the term «dystrophy
    Myocardia» term «Violation of myocardial repolarization».

    Often myocardial dystrophy meets athletes, whose
    Training are aimed at predominant endurance.

    Symptoms and diagnosis of myocardial dystrophy

    This is
    There may be athletes who do not complaints having a high
    Special and overall performance and showing good sports
    results. Others have no complaints, but there is a decline
    Sports results. Part of the athletes have complaints and
    There is a decrease in sports achievements.

    Quite often, people with chronic overvoltage of the cardiovascular system detect chronic infection. Changes to the teeth of tie play a major role in diagnostics; Changes in the ST segment - auxiliary.

    Myocardial dystrophy
    each form of violations can be observed both exacerbation and
    Leveling ECG changes in response to physical exertion and
    Pharmacological effects.

    With myocardial dystrophy I degree
    The hyperaderergia is noted (increased daily excretion of adrenaline and
    norepinephrine), and in the II and III - hypadrenergia (reduced daily
    The excretion of adrenaline and norepinephrine).

    To identify reasons
    The dystrophic process in myocardium is of great importance
    Pharmacological electrocardiographic samples and samples with physical

    The concept is introduced «Powder of myocardial dystrophy», under
    which understand the individual volume of physical exertion, which
    accompanied by a recurrent disease. In the process of rehabilitation threshold
    myocardial dystrophy should increase progressively. To achieve very
    High threshold of myocardial dystrophy may be needed for several months.

    Arrhythmia is a very frequent phenomenon in our lives. Perhaps cardiac I
    Extraqardial origin. In this regard, the identification of any
    arrhythmia requires a thorough examination. Only installing the absence
    Heart lesions, as well as the lack of extracardial causes
    (chronic foci of infection, gliste invasion, osteochondrosis of cervical and
    thoracic spine and other.), you can associate violations
    cardiac rhythm with inadequate exercise.

    and alcohol intake on the background of physical exertion can provoke
    Various heart rhythm violations up to atrial fibrillation.

    Relatively safe arrhythmias require medical practice
    Special alertness, because during exercise, they
    able to provoke the development of severe disorders up to fatal.

    Prevention and treatment of myocardial dystrophy

    Dystrophy and myocardial arrhythmias are built on the elimination of the main reason,
    its causing and concomitant risk factors to which
    Violations of labor, recreation and nutrition, acute and chronic
    Diseases. It is necessary to reserve the foci of chronic infection,
    normalize day mode, lengthen sleep up to 10 hours per day, protect
    patient from unwanted psycho-emotional impacts (including
    Listening to loud music), make him throw bad habits (smoking, alcohol).

    Drugs are prescribed taking into account the pathogenetic mechanisms of violations on ECG. IN
    cases when the myocardial dystrophy is not alone, but
    Several pathogenetic mechanisms apply combined
    treatment. In all cases, the use of metabolic preparations

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