Hypertensive symphony, or 5 myths about hypertension


  • Myth first: "I have no hypertension, because I do not feel her"
  • Myth second: "Pressure working, and it is not necessary to reduce it"
  • Myth Three: "Good medicine can be chosen yourself"
  • Myth Fourth: "Alcohol removes pressure, and nicotine soothes"
  • Myth Fifth: "Zirconium bracelet saves from hypertension"

  • Myth first: "I have no hypertension, because I do not feel her"

    One famous professor named the hypertension of the drama in two actions: in the first heroes there are no, and in the second all the heroes died. Hypertension, or, more scientifically, arterial hypertension, often not manifests itself to the sad finale. According to statistics, from every 100 heart attacks 68 occur against the background of increased pressure, from every 100 stroke - 75. Stroke, which can be represented as a break of a vessel with subsequent hemorrhage, the main reason has precisely excessive pressure in this vessel.

    Hypertension, however, not always "Mute killer" - Often she signals headaches about themselves, primarily in the area of ​​the nape, dizziness, flies in front of the eyes, rapid heartbeat, numbness of the fingers, pulsation in the head. In addition, there is a medical term "hypertensive". A person who, so to speak, strongly presses blood from the inside, can be found in irritability, stubbornness, throwing from one extreme to another and in general according to some internal tension. However, as it is not difficult to notice, almost all of the described symptoms can be caused by conventional overwork. And hell "Hypertension" may well be in a person with classic "120 on 80", But the costs of bad education.

    According to experts, many people are convinced that they personally, with pressure, everything is in order also because they do not represent the true scale of the disease. The numbers are really impressive. According to the All-Russian Cardiology Scientific Society, "Even in countries with a high level of healthcare, blood pressure is properly controlled in 25-30% of patients". In Russia, which, judging by the quotation, the high level of health does not shine, hypertension is correctly treated with only 8% of patients. And the proportion of women covered by medical control is more than twice the share of men. This is especially strange if it takes into account that the male floor (in combination with a bad - in terms of pressure - heredity and older age) is most susceptible to the natural risk factor of the development of hypertension.

    There are other counts, already in absolute values. According to them, 42 million Russians are hypertension, and only 2.5 million are treated correctly. In 70% of cases, it should be noted, we are talking about moderate hypertension, which does not lead to fatal consequences (or, more precisely, not so soon). However, if a third of the country's population has a pressure problem, you can hardly be completely confident that you are not treated for this third.

    Myth second: "Pressure working, and it is not necessary to reduce it"

    According to the head of the department of propaedeutics of internal diseases RUDN, Professor Zhanna Kobalava, sometimes even patients with experience do not know the elementary things - let's say, which means the numbers in which the pressure is measured.

    Nothing wisdom here is not. When the heart is reduced and blood is thrown out of it, the pressure in the arteries (vessels emanating from it) increases. Accordingly, it falls at the moment when the heart relaxes, filling blood for the next blow-reduction. These two opposite points are recorded inside the arteries (like atmospheric, in millimeters of mercury pillar). Say, B "120 on 80" Top digit means pressure at the moment of reduction of the heart (the so-called systolic), lower - at the time of relaxation (diastolic).

    Like a heart pulse, pressure - a thing changeable. Another thing is that the pulse depending on whether the person is on the sofa or jumps on one leg, it can change at least twice. Blood pressure jumps in the smaller limits: a healthy person - no more than 10 mm mercury pillar. Hypertensive daily fluctuations (when he sleeps or awake, calm or worried and t. D.) can reach 50 mm.

    Not so long ago, doctors began to allocate not only normal and increased pressure - three options were recognized (see. Table.). However, according to the reviews of experts, one of the most common myths about hypertension remains approval of the operating pressure. This is when a person knows that according to the classification, its pressure is considered increased, but says: "Do not treat me, reduce the pressure, I feel normally, it is working for me". In fact, it is approximately like pipes on Valdai: while it was warm, the pressure in them was working. But the pipes and then were bad, which turned out only with the onset of frosts.

    Experts argue: if at least a double pressure measurement showed you no longer than "140 90", it's almost certainly hypertension. Need to go to the doctor to install an accurate diagnosis. Modern recommendations on the diagnosis and treatment of the disease are prescribed to undergo an in-depth examination: in 10% of cases, increased pressure is not a disease itself, but a symptom of another serious illness (say, kidney or an endocrine system). However, even if it was found that hypertension in a patient "by her own", The doctor also analyzes not only pressure numbers, but also the presence of damage in the patient so-called target organs. First of all, at elevated arterial pressure, the brain, heart and kidneys risk.

    Myth Three: "Good medicine can be chosen yourself"

    Hypertensive symphony, or 5 myths about hypertensionThis common opinion is erroneous precisely because often with the same digits of pressure from Mr. N. and Mr. L. It is necessary to treat them quite differently (let's say, one because of hypertension problems with the kidney, with the other with the heart). However, in their mass, people do not understand this, naively believing that if some drug helped a neighbor, it will help us. Meanwhile, no wonder drugs against hypertension are shared by six different pharmacological groups. They affect differently.

    It is easy to understand by presenting the problem of increased pressure on such an abstract scheme: the pump (heart) is driven by pipe fluid (arteries), which are closed into a single system with a tank (total amount of fluid in the body). The fluid pressure inside this system can be reduced differently: to force the pump to pump is not so intense, or increase the diameter of the pipes, or reduce the total amount of liquid in the tank. Each drug, by and large, makes something from this and is appointed only by a doctor based on the nature of a specific hypertension.

    Begin by arbitrary reception of drugs that reduce pressure, it is impossible in particularly severe moments of the disease - with hypertensive crises. During such a condition that can last about a day, the pressure jumps to critical numbers, a sharp headache and vomiting often occurs. To reduce pressure in these cases before calling "Emergency" You can take an extraordinary dose of only that drug, which usually takes the patient.

    Pharmaceuticals, actually, are the main and practically the only therapy of hypertension. Requirements for modern drugs - so that they reduce the pressure smoothly, without jumps. As a rule, one tablet should act a day.

    Not only is it unacceptable to prescribe these medicines yourself - you need to know that these drugs can not drink courses, or only during bad well-being (let's say, during magnetic storms), or stop acceptance when the pressure indicators are normalized. On trying to take pressure medicines by courses One professor said that it would do it, as if a single-legged exchange rate was used by the crutch. If hypertension is revealed - it is now, alas, yours "forever and ever". Cases of wonderful healing from chronic illness unknown. Another thing is that in the initial (but not in the deployed) stages, the disease is easy to keep in the ultrasound and to live a full-fledged life to deep old age, without avoiding physical exertion and in general the joys of life. Modern drugs whose dose is balanced by a doctor, you can take decades without special side effects. It should also be noted that in Russia now, according to experts, you can buy the same pills as in the West. Hypertension, which is treated with the most expensive pills, can cost 1.5-2 thousand. rub. per month. There are, however, the storubluic options for generics and domestic drugs.

    Myth Fourth: "Alcohol removes pressure, and nicotine soothes"

    Do not peck on advertising biodasters, which normalize blood pressure: with a developed illness, only pharmaceuticals can be made. However, a non-drug side, that is, a healthy lifestyle is also of great importance. People with overweight suffer from hypertension three or four times more often fellow citizens with normal weight. Patient food contributing to atherosclerosis helps and hypertension. These two diseases are generally in fraternal relationships (a biodowder can be useful from the point of view of balance of nutrition). Plus Night shifts, stress, urbanization. Special studies have shown that the aborigines of the New Guinea and the islands of the Pacific Ocean deprived of these horrors, the increased pressure is not observed.

    Finally, in the fatherland phrase "Something I have pressure" It is often the best and fairly common explanation for his appearance in front of his wife with a bottle and a glass in hand. Alcohol, they say, expands vessels. Cigarette is often lit to calm down. With Nicotin, everything is unambiguous: it immediately causes pressure increase. Alcohol is somewhat more difficult.

    Recently, the scientific center of narcology held such a study. 12 Men volunteers of different ages drank alcohol in doses causing intoxication. The experiment was carried out in four stages: consumed beer, gin tonic, vodka and just water (as a placebo). During scientifically substantiated drunkenness and a day after each test, the pressure was measured by the sensor fixed on the body. Important moment: all volunteers were healthy - in the sense of pressure - people.

    Vladimir, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Head of the Laboratory of Toxicology of the Scientific Center of Narcology: In the process of consumption of alcohol of large blood pressure surges, there was no. However, this study and a number of previous people suggest that the pressure is seriously rising the next morning. Among the patients with alcoholism suffering from a hangover, the percentage of hypertensive is much higher.

    Professor Zhanna Kobalava: I believe that at least a third of the whole hypertension in men in Russia is caused by excessive consumption of alcohol.

    Myth Fifth: "Zirconium bracelet saves from hypertension"

    "With hypertension and hypotension, skin diseases and diseases of the musculoskeletal system",- Slogan teleclammes sounds even more prayer with the fact that it is determined by any scientific data with a healing effect of zirconium metal, which "For a long time used only in closed industries", not confirmed.

    Professor Jeanne Kobalava: From the point of view of a doctor, this advertisement is simply criminal, especially if you consider that bracelets advertise popular people.

    The danger of advertising myth, according to specialists, is that hypertension patients are unreasonably convinced of the possibility of alternative treatment - and even so fashionable and elegant way, like wearing bracelet.

    Obviously, the success of the business on the bracelet, unexpectedly boring the fame of the Chepetsky mechanical plant in Udmurtia, has psychological roots. It hurts a boring disease, hypertension. Tablets on the clock, healthy lifestyle. All consumer aspect - in choosing a good therapist or cardiologist, as well as a home tonometer for regular pressure control (electronic devices of leading firms in pharmacies cost 1.5-3 thousand. rub.- Dear models can remind the owner when you need to measure pressure or take a tablet). Against the background of such a life, many do not mind to give $ 100 for a thing to the cost of ten times less, if, because of her, Sergey Nikonenko is ready to play lieutenants, and Vakhtang Kikabidze - come to friends, like, in his own words, "Bandera on two legs".

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