What to do with adenoid?


  • What is adenoids?
  • What should alert parents
  • Without scalpel
  • And if there is still an operation?
  • After discharge

  • What is adenoids?

    Adenoids are located where the nasal strokes and Eustachiev. If they are inflamed and increased, nasal breathing is blocked and laid ears. The child does not complain, but his condition is reminded of what we feel during takeoff or landing.What to do with adenoids?

    Hearing impairment Parents are usually written off to scattered: after all, the word «Chocolate» The child is perfectly heard. But this is just explained: when adenoids deteriorates mainly the perception of high frequency sounds — that is, hissing consonants. A Word «Chocolate» recognizable and without the first letter.

    Another sign of inflammation of litty almonds — The child is constantly ate. Normally, the air must go on the nasal ways, where it warms and cleans: bacteria together with dust settle on viscous nasal mucus. If the kid breathes his mouth, cold air together with all bacteria flies straight into the trachea and bronchi.

    That is why a child with enlarged adenoids is completely sick. Parents of the adenoid child may notice that he hardly gets up in the morning, and in the afternoon it also pulls to sleep — Because due to the difficult breathing, less oxygen comes to the brain.

    Adenoid child will calculate both by how he says: born fabric does not give sound to resonate in the apparent sinuses and it turns out to beten. For the same reason, adenoid children are susceptible to sinusitis (sinus inflammation). Once a chronic inflammation of adenoid called «Pale idle». The diagnosis was instantaneously, from one view on a small patient: a limp-off mouth, smoothed nasolabial folds, painfully elongated face...

    What should alert parents

    • Gnusavit — consonant «M» Pronounces as «B» («Baslo» instead of «oil»);
    • constantly squints his nose, often sick;
    • Sleeps with open mouth, snoring (healthy children do not snore!);
    • complains of headache, constantly asks for;
    • Merges in bed, grimacing, often capricious.

    How things are going with a nasal breathing, a simple test will show: bring a piece of the blatant to one nostril of the child, and press the other slightly with your finger. Ask to raise your nose, and at the movement of the Village will immediately see how well the air passes.

    Ensures staging and facilitates breathing with a furacilin nose, weak tinpolis tincture, chamomile decoction, green tea or sea salt (1 teaspoon on a glass of water). How to conduct a procedure. The child stands a little tiping his head forward. You dial into the scripting solution, enter the tip in the nose and ask the baby to do. At this moment, carefully pour medicine, and then ask him to suck out. Procedure Repeat 3–4 times. Adult children can be asked to pull the solution with a bow from a flat bowl.

    Without scalpel

    What to do with adenoids?

    The smaller the child, the more necessary for the adenoids (not even very prosperous): because this is part of his immune system. Children under three years operate only in exceptional cases. The doctor's treatment program always selects individually. Someone help binders of collargol type, which are buried after thoroughly washing the nose.

    Other suitable homeopathic preparations (echinacea, lymphomyosis, tramel). Third feel better after physiotherapy procedures (ultraviolet irradiation, laser therapy, electrophoresis). Such things undoubtedly help wait for a happy point when adenoids will begin to decrease by themselves.

    And if there is still an operation?

    If the doctor said «delete», have to go to the operation. Indications for the removal of pelvis almonds — Full absence of nasal breathing, ridiculous hearing, frequent otitis and hymorites. The operation lasts a few minutes and is executed, as a rule, outpatient — not in the hospital, but in the clinic. Local anesthesia for this procedure is quite enough, but because for a child any operation — Stress, adenoids can operate under general anesthesia.

    Alternative to the traditional scalpel — cryosurgery. You can burn adenoids with cold, simply refrigerated frost. This is a significantly less painful and traumatic procedure. Narcosis is not needed, no bleeding, and the wound heals faster. During the week, the swelling of the mucous membrane can persist, and at that time the child still breathes his mouth. But edema eventually falls, then the nose begins to breathe.

    After discharge

    According to the habit of the baby, most likely continues to breathe mouth, reducing the results of treatment. Play with it: press one nostril and ask to breathe deeply to the nose, and then breathe sharply. Ask pronounced sounds «M» and «N» with mouth closed and push the air through the nose together with the sounds «B», «NS», «D», «T». Together with the baby, try performing exercises from Gymnastics Strelnaya — Multiple, many tested.

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